Share, Don’t Sell

S.TwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

Recently I was on the phone with a new Consultant, Sari.   As we started talking, I asked her why she decided to join Apriori Beauty.  She replied, “I didn’t join to sell the products, I joined because I love the products!”  Just by listening to Sari, I could tell that her business approach was based on passion, not numbers.  There’s that word again, “passion.”  You’ve heard me say it before and most likely, you’ll hear it from me again.  Passion is what drives us and is the monumental factor in steering our business.  Apriori Beauty consists of passionate Consultants, not sales representatives.

The idea of selling is daunting to most, which is why I urge you to share, not sell.  When outlining your approach to business building, first remember why you use Apriori Beauty.  What is it about the products you love?  Why do you use these products and not others?  Share what you use and love, and others will want it.  By sharing, you’re relieving yourself of the unnecessary pressure of “I need to sell a product.”  Instead, your mindset goes to “I love X product and I want to share it with everyone I know!”

So, now that you know to share what you love, how do you go about sharing?  First, give your Clients samples to try and share with their friends.  When I asked Sari what her approach was, she relayed that when she gives out a sample, she asks them to take a before picture and to try the products for three days.  If after three days they don’t see any results, they’re instructed not to call her.  Bold!  Handing a sample to a potential Client and saying, “if you don’t see results in three days, then don’t call me,” shows you believe in the products and want to help them, not yourself.  Apriori Beauty may not be the skin solution for some, but for 95%, it is.  And by the way, Sari said that she has yet to hand over a sample with no results.

Your business stems from passion, but it’s utilizing the retailing tools that will help develop and expand your business.  There are only so many people in your immediate circle you can share with, so once you’ve tapped out of that circle, start focusing on referrals.  Give your friends Turn Back Time Capsules to share with their friends and let them know that if their friend places a $75+ order, you’ll give them a $25 gift card for their next order.  You’ll not only gain a new Client, but ensure a second order from an existing Client.

Second, take advantage of the 3-Gets-1 Free Set options.  There’s two popular ways you can utilize this deal.  You can purchase all three products (get one free) and sell all 4, thereby gaining 47.5% in commission, instead of the usual 30%!

Celloxylin Eye+Lip Age Erase 3G1F set
Item #004F, retail value = $180 (4@45 each)
You purchased all four items for $135 ($94.50 after rebate)
You sell all four items for $45 each (Total Sales $180)
$180 – $94.50 = you make $85.50 (47.5% commission)

Or, you can reward your Client with the 3-Gets-1-Free Sets.  Do you have a Client who would love a free 30-Day Celloxylin set?  Propose this: “If you introduce me to 3 friends who purchase a 30-Day set, I will give you one for FREE!”  Who doesn’t want the opportunity to win something for free?  Create a fun, creative way for everyone to experience the products.  Hosting a girls day and sharing what you love is a lot more effective than locking someone in your car till they place an order.

So you’ve shared, sold, and now you’ve signed up a new Consultant.  Now it’s time to focus on your new Consultant by working closely with them for their first 30 days.  By teaching them, they in turn will teach their new Consultants, thus establishing a strong and effective team.  Walk your new Consultant through their Starter Kit and Back Office.  Help them get signed up for their Payoneer card.  There’s nothing more motivating than getting paid!  Lastly, let your new Consultant know you’re there to support them.  Team building starts with support and being a new Consultant, they will need your support now more than ever.

Remember, this is your business and it’s meant to be fun!  Hard work and dedication is a must but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sharing these amazing products you use and love.