Summer Solutions

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

In the midst of long sunny days and lounging at the beach, it’s easy to get distracted from your business and focus on the now: graduations, family vacations, and summer events.  Instead of letting your Apriori Beauty business fall into the summer slump, take advantage of the fact that everyone else is.  Your competition is already cut in half because their busy as well.  By getting into this mindset, you’re preventing your business from slowing down.  This year, kick-start your summer, don’t shut it down.

There is always going to be a reason why someone is too busy to hear you.  Especially in the summer with irregular schedules and kids out of school, the excuses stack up even higher.  Be prepared to challenge their excuses.  If someone can’t speak to you because their kids are home all day, ask her if she’s available to talk after the kids go to bed.  Be understanding of your prospects and Clients but don’t give up.  If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.  Treat your Apriori Beauty business like your ideal business you want it to be and you will be paid like it.

Just because you’re kicking your Apriori Beauty business into high gear, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer as well.  Come prepared where ever you go.  Carry business cards with you in case you run into someone at the grocery store, beach, or even your vacation getaway spot!  You never know when you’re going to meet that ideal team player. The more people you talk to, the greater chances you’ll find that person sooner.

The perfect product to advertise this summer is none other than ViViD Hair Therapy!  Everyone needs shampoo and conditioner, and with long days in the summer heat and swimming in the pool, it’s the perfect conversation starter.  Make a remark about how you’ve managed to keep your hair healthy from the chlorine with ViViD.  There’s numerous Apriori Beauty products that are perfect summer sales, including the Celloxylin® Day Defense Plus and the Nothing to Hide™ Pure Perfection Protection.  The products speak for themselves, it’s up to you to start the conversation.

With these practical and useful tips, you’ll be able to grow your business while enjoying your summer at the same time.