Right Now Retailer – Valerie Anderson

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

ValAndersonValerie Anderson | Manager from Connecticut
Joined: March 2009
Personally Sponsored Clients: 1,069
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 10 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 8 times

When I joined Apriori Beauty in March of 2009, there weren’t any products yet. I couldn’t even pronounce its name at first, but I knew that I had to be a part of this Company. From day one, I’ve believed 100% in Apriori Beauty, its Founders, and its mission*. Throughout these past six years, I’ve seen my business grow alongside Apriori Beauty as our product selection has expanded and more people are being introduced to the benefits of using a safe and effective skincare line. I especially love the retailing side of this business because it puts right now money in my pocket every week!

My Kindergarten report card said, “Val is a social butterfly” and to be honest, not much has changed since then. I love talking to everyone I meet and this has been extremely helpful in growing my Apriori Beauty business. People always comment on how good my skin looks and I never fail to make it known that it’s because of our amazing products. When they see first-hand how effective Apriori Beauty is, they’re instantly interested because they know these products actually work and aren’t just false promises.

I never know where my newest Client will come from. It could be someone from the gym, grocery store, a colleague from the school I work at, or even a long lost cousin! I love wearing my Apriori Beauty tees and always take my Apriori Beauty Yoga Mat with me to yoga class. It’s easy to SHARE when people ask you, “What’s Apriori Beauty?” Meeting Clients is as simple as making that connection. But, these connections need to be real and from the heart. Are you more likely to trust a total stranger or someone you actually know and who is genuine? Make it a point to get to know your prospective Clients so they’re not just a random name you handed a sample to, but rather, a real person you can see yourself talking and connecting with on a regular basis.

When it comes to gaining new Clients, one of my favorite things to do is offer a Free Mini Facial. I’ve found this to be the perfect way to help qualify a prospective Client: Are they really interested in that sample? Will they use it? How can I get their information? The answer is the Free Mini Facial! I am guaranteed to get them USING and LOVING the products through this venue. I encourage them to bring a friend or two and advertise it as a ‘Girls Day/Night In!’ Remember, introducing the products to potential Clients is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In addition to getting the products on peoples’ faces, in order for me to maintain high sales, I need to be consistent. This may mean following up with Clients, offering them specials, or even running contests – as long as I’m connecting with my Clients on a consistent basis, my business remains steady and flowing with orders. In addition, it’s imperative you address the needs of your Clients. Not only will your Clients be happy and satisfied, your sales will automatically increase. Stop selling and start serving! At Apriori Beauty, we have something that people need and the better the customer service you provide, the better your business will grow.

*Apriori Beauty’s Mission Statement:

Right Now Retailer – Suzanne Clark

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

SuzanneClark_profilepicSuzanne Clark | Consultant from Connecticut
Joined: April 2014
33 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: May 2014

“You will succeed in anything you believe in”

Four years ago, a lifelong friend of mine approached me about Apriori Beauty. Despite my initial interest, I declined because I felt like it was just another one of “those” companies. You know what I’m talking about – another mlm company solely focused on pushing products on everyone. Time passed and my friend, Val Anderson asked me again if I was interested in sampling skincare products. This time around, I decided to give it a chance and accepted her offer. Immediately upon receiving the Turn Back Time Capsule, I ran to the bathroom and began sampling it. As I applied the products to my face, my excitement and eagerness for them grew. What started off as a trial basis soon became an unforgettable experience as Apriori Beauty proved to be a saving grace for my skin. Having had acne most of my teenage years and into adulthood, I’ve always struggled with skin complexion and marks on my face. Needless to say, I was never a big fan of my face … until now. The next morning, I signed up as an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant and purchased the All-in-One set – I had to try out every single Apriori Beauty product!

My passion and excitement for Apriori Beauty has been the basis of my retailing success. I’ve always wanted to get back into network marketing, but it wasn’t until Apriori Beauty that I felt confident in the products being sold. These are incredible and effective products, which I believe everyone needs to at least be made aware of. My tool for getting the word out? Social Media, mainly Facebook! I like using this type of platform because it allows you to grab a wide and disperse group of people with one single post. Whether I’m “liking” an Apriori Beauty post or others are commenting on my posts, my friends and their friends are seeing the post! It started off with me reaching out to friends and family and has since expanded to their friends and family and even colleagues. Facebook has given me the ability to access Clients I wouldn’t otherwise have met. I’ve gained Clients because they saw a post of mine on their friend’s page! I’m constantly instant messaging or posting on Facebook because it’s free, easy, and highly accessible.

In addition to social media, I’ve been visiting local salons and specialty shops, and introducing Apriori Beauty to them. Whether you’re interested in the ViViD Hair Therapy, Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage line, or Celloxylin Treatment, these products are life changing and have helped so many people, including me. I’ve come across individuals looking for anti-aging products, as well as teenagers battling acne. Apriori Beauty is for everyone and both my daughter and I are true testaments to this! I’m extremely goal orientated and my focus for my business is to expand my downline to 6 Consultants within the next few months and this means finding people with a passion and drive for Apriori Beauty that not only meets, but hopefully exceeds mine. I’m in love with Apriori Beauty and my journey sharing these extraordinary products has only just begun.

Apriori Beauty Radio — conversation with Valerie Anderson



AB_Radio_icon2Apriori Beauty Radio where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

Enjoy this conversation with new Manager, Valerie Anderson from Connecticut.

Val has built her business along side a full-time career as a school teacher. At the beginning of 2014, she set her mind on promoting to Manager and she did just that at the end of March … just a few days after recording this episode. Val shares her “Ah-Ha” moment that set her business on fire with new Consultants and retail volume that propelled her to Manager. Hear how her problem/solution strategy helped her sponsor 6 new Consultants on her team so far this year!

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