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From CorporatAB_Radio_icon2e Pilot to Apriori Beauty Sr. Consultant, Sheila Morrison has worn many hats in the business world. 

Voted Apriori Beauty Queen 2013, Sheila’s popular motto “persistence, not perfection” has not only helped her grow both personally and professionally, but has  also helped her fellow Apriori Beauty Consultants as well.  Coming from the belief that Networking Marketing is about “building relationships” and that we can achieve more together versus alone, Sheila speaks on the importance of having the right frame of mind when building your Apriori Beauty business and “getting paid to do what you love!”

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Message from the Heart

ShilaAprioriBeautyQueenEncouraging Your Team to Success

By Sheila Morrison, Sr. Consultant and 2013 Apriori Beauty Queen

“Appreciation is thanking, recognition is seeing, and encouragement is bringing hope for the future” – Unknown

Our message is counterintuitive to the Corporate message you receive daily from your job.

Try this. Go into your job tomorrow, approach your boss, supervisor, manager and say with confidence, “I will have your job by the end of 2014.” Then watch the facial expression on the person you are speaking to.

What did you see? Anger. Disbelief. Agreement. Encouragement.

Each of these will cue you how your commitment is being viewed and whether you are considered able to accomplish this goal.

I can say with almost 100% certainty that you will NOT receive encouragement from this person. You will have instilled fear in that person’s heart and mind, even if there should be none. You see, the corporate world operates on fear. Fear of success, yours versus mine. Fear of rejection, your acceptance over mine. Fear of losing, my job, my position, my salary. Fear of next level up. Fear of the boss. Your boss has a boss. Even the top boss has a boss.

The message that we carry goes against most of the corporate message. We carry a message of encouragement. We admonish faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your chosen Company, faith in the products.

Have you ever been in a stadium or arena watching someone you love competing or playing on a team? Allow me to use football as an example. Each person has a number and/or their last name on the back of their jersey. That helps you identify YOUR person, the one you are there to watch. Once play has begun, it is easy to lose sight of your player in all the melee. Imagine for a moment that after the play is completed, there is an injured player on the field. Other players gather round the injured player lying on the ground and what do you do? The moment gets a little tense because you cannot find YOUR player. You search for your player by number, height, color of jersey, form of body, anything….to assure you that the injured player is someone other than the player you came to watch.

You have been known to cheer your player, encouraging him, even though we know the chances are slim that he can hear you. We know! But, we continue to yell, expending our energy for our player. When he makes a contribution to the game, we will bump the person sitting next to us, smile, and ask, “Did you see that? That’s my son. That’s my daughter.” We are proud!

We notice when the other team picks up momentum and how that affects OUR player and his teammates. The team loses heart and each one walks a little dejectedly to the huddle. What do we do? We yell, “Have faith!” “You can do this. Come on!” We’ve seen the hours of practice. We’ve seen the play in the backyard with whomever would throw the ball hour after hour. We’ve heard the stories, we’ve heard, “The coach says this, and the coach says that.” We’ve observed how the team is maturing. Each play is becoming accustomed to how each player works, how strong each one is mentally, how each one handles setbacks and victories.

There is NEVER success without defeat. Let me repeat that. There is NEVER success without defeat!!! Without failure we would never know how to measure success. When winning comes easily for us, we get accustomed to winning. Then, when the first roadblock shows up and…we get taken back by it. We are being tested. Now what? Quit, slow down, or keep plugging away at our goal. There is always a choice. What the choice is affects us forever! The choice affects us FOREVER!!! Not just today. It affects us tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.

When our player from the football game loses and comes home after the loss, we can praise him for the part played, the one good play accomplished, pointing out all the good stuff, but the reality remains…his team lost! There is one thing that doesn’t change though, isn’t there? We love that person, the player, and nothing can change that at all!! When the conversation is coming to a close and your player is feeling pretty bad about the results of the game, remind him that you love him, no matter what!! Win or lose, I love you!!!

At your j-o-b where do you find encouragement? Do you have faith in the corporation that owns your company? Are the employees treated with love and respect? Is the love there when failure occurs? Do you feel used at times? The company has a goal. It almost always involves money. A certain percentage of increase over last year’s numbers, whatever it takes to make more. However, the statement about success without defeat isn’t a mantra they like to acknowledge, if at all!

Leading a team with Apriori Beauty, we have to know the message. We have to know that each one of our team members comes with a different mindset and we must be willing to acknowledge that and encourage personal development to help each one on the journey to his/her individual goal. Meanwhile, we experience success along with defeat as we travel together with our teammates.

In the arena of Apriori Beauty, there will be wins and there will be losses; however, our job, yours and mine, will always be to affirm to each person joining this business…have faith! Come on, you can do it! I love you!  This is the message from our heart.

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Persistence is Required, Not Perfection

Instead of sharing my thoughts and insights this week, I would like to post Consultant Sheila Morrision’s essay she wrote, titled, “Persistence is Required, Not Perfection.”  Please take a moment to read through as it’s a powerful essay with key points we can all meditate on and learn from.  ~ Susan Twellman, Co-Founder/Owner, Apriori Beauty, LLC

Persistence is Required, Not Perfection

What an ‘aha’ moment for me this statement was yesterday.  My sister-in-law was visiting for Easter and we were having a conversation about our faith in God, her recent dealings with the youth at her church, and her daily devotions.  She shared one of the authors and opened the devotional book and read the following sentence, “persistence is required, not perfection.”  It was as though I had been struck with a lightning bolt.  Persistence, not perfection.  Persistence, NOT perfection!

I have struggled with network marking for years…YEARS!   I believe in the concept and business model of network marketing and have found the Company with the best management; yet, and I STILL can’t make it work.  Upon hearing that phrase, I felt immediate relief, like I had found the end of the rainbow.  Here was the pot of GOLD!   A burden was lifted, my eyes opened, and I could see my future.  It was bright, sunshiny, beautiful blue skies, birds, singing, flowers everywhere, and…a huge smile on my face.

I went to bed that night, tossing and turning into the early hours.  I woke my husband up and told him what I had discovered.  I thanked him for supporting me through all this and then tried to go back to sleep.  With no luck of sleep, I headed into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and began to write the following:

This business is easy once the light bulb goes off.  Apriori Beauty is so much more than a great line of skin care.  It’s a promise of hope, a guarantee of employment, a community of people striving for the top and pulling you up with them.  Where in corporate America do you get that?  Let me share with you the best of the best, the crème de la crème!

Stop looking for people who ‘need’ the business and start looking for people who ‘want’ this business. That person may be struggling financially, may be living down-trodden by a nasty boss or company, or even looking for something new to accomplish. So, you say, Sheila, how do I find them?  Ask!

For me, it always comes back to two things: questions and choices.  I choose to look for these people and when I find them, I ask questions.  The key is to listen.  What are they telling you?  What do you hear underlying their problems or issues?  NEVER assume you know what they want or need.  Keep asking the questions until you have drilled down to the deepest layer, you’ll know when you’ve hit it.

When you offer the opportunity and you are denied, smile, thank them for their time, and walk away.  Follow-up with them in six months to a year to see what has changed for them (which will probably be just more of the same or worse) and share with them what has CHANGED for you.  Remember this is where we get to choose the ones we work with!

Take the plunge!  What do you have to lose?  Wouldn’t you rather work when YOU want to?   Now hear this, you have to WORK for it. It’s called net-WORK marketing, not net-slack marketing.  This opportunity will give you additional income that comes out of thin air.  Currently, you’re a day-trader.  You trade your hours worked at a company for a paycheck and the company pays you exactly what you’re worth, right?  (Wait for the laughter to subside)  Oh, no?  And that raise you got, wow, you could hardly wait to get home to share that with your spouse and plan what you were going to spend that windfall on, huh?

How’s your retirement/401K/investment account looking these days? Oh, is that a sore subject, too?  Let me ask you this, would you spend $100.00 each month if you knew you were going to get a return on that money that would match your current monthly income from your j-o-b?  Now, don’t look at me that way!  Wonder how many months that would take you to accomplish?  Here’s the alternative.  You sign on to work for your present company for 40-45 years at their offer, making what you currently make, retire at age 65-70 and live on approximately 25% of your current pay. Do those sound like your ‘golden’ years to you?

The sad part is, we’ve been sold a bill of goods here in the US.  We were told to get a good job, work for a big company, and in turn, that company would take care of you for the rest of your life.  Think about that for a minute.  Where did that come from and where has that pipe dream gone?  The good news comes next, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the train bearing down on you.  You have an option, THIS is the option!  THIS business is the opportunity of your lifetime!  The person that brought you here or sent you here is your messenger.  He/she is your harbinger of hope.  Get them to tell you why they came into the network marketing business.  Listen to them. Ask them questions.  Just remember this one thing: it take persistence, not perfection! ~ Sheila Morrison | Consultant from Newark, OH

Sheila Morrison – Reconnecting with Apriori Beauty

My trip to Las Vegas for Apriori’s Beauty MLB 2012 was to discover what Apriori was doing and where it was headed.  You see, my upline vanished in June 2012.  My husband asked me why I was going to MLB, and I replied it was because I was on a fact-finding mission.  I needed to see this for myself.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I went to the hotel and checked in to my room.  I met my in-laws for dinner and then headed to the ballroom for the launch of Apriori’s new products.  Walked in and sat at a table with other Apriori gals.  Keep in mind, I was alone.  I had no team members there and basically knew no one. Unfortunately, the gals at the table only said “hi”, and nothing more.  Not a good start! The new products (ProDermalin) blew me away, and I was anxious to get to my room and apply them.  Besides, I was exhausted.  I had left Ohio at 5:50am EST and I was still on east coast time (somewhere around 2:00am EST).  I left the ballroom and bumped into Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck in the hallway. They said hello and I asked them if I could ask them a couple questions.  I didn’t know if they would be able to talk then or would need to make an appointment to talk with me later.  My questions were going to be pointed.  They both agreed to answer the questions then and there.  I told them the story of my upline vanishing and was wondering where that left me and where or who they were going to put me under.  When they answered, I was shocked!  I know I had to have been standing there with my mouth open. Susan said, “Sheila that puts you next to us. You are direct to the Company.”  I get chills just typing this even now.  Ladies, let me reassure you all that Apriori is alive and well.  Susan and Elizabeth are the kind of gals I will follow with the knowledge that we are headed in the right direction and with great leadership!

The next morning I went down to Starbucks to get my morning coffee fix and saw an Apriori gal in the line ahead of me.  I said “hello” and we talked. I told her that I was by myself at MLB and she invited me to walk with her to the ballroom.  We entered and she directed me to a table with a lot of smiling faces.  They all welcomed me with open arms.  One gal in particular welcomed me with open arms and a huge smile – we instantly became friends.  That gal was Martee Nott!  Thanks, Martee, I will always love you for ‘adopting’ me!  These connections never cease to amaze me!  Martee and I talked, laughed, and cried together for the next couple days.  We have this aviation connection; she loves airplanes and so do I.  As we shared over the next two days, it was obvious we would be friends for a long time.  I joined this business for a couple reasons, just like everyone else.  I wanted extra income and I wanted friends.  I am on my way to both. Thank you to all of you for the fabulous MLB 2012 and thank you for taking me into your family of Apriori!!!  Mission accomplished!