Aesthetician Series 2. — Shannon Smith

In this business, you have to have a strong belief in the products you represent, and belief usually goes hand-in-hand with results. The same goes for Aestheticians … they have to have a strong belief in the efficacy of the products they use on their Clients. As skincare professionals, their reputation depends on results. So, it’s a great testimony to Apriori Beauty that more and more Aestheticians are joining as Consultants to Use, Love and Share the products.

This is the second in a series of interview testimonials with Apriori Beauty independent Consultant Aestheticians …


 Shannon Smith  Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant from Aliso Viejo, CA

BeautySmith founder Shannon Smith is a California licensed esthetician based in Laguna Beach, CA. A social media powerhouse and top beauty expert, Shannon consults and coaches others on beauty in person and through online relationships. Her clientele encompasses a variety of people: high-level executives, politicians, celebrities, models, actors and many other hardworking people, who like to take care of their skin. “Your face is your business care,” she often says. In addition to her passion for esthetics, Shannon loves technology, in both new media and the spa industry. She reviews spas and beauty gadgets on her site

Q.  As an Aesthetician, you know a good product when you see one. So, what do you look for in a skincare product?

A.  As with everything, my attention is on quality. I look at ingredients, how and where the product is produced, packaging and how it is presented, and most importantly, what are the results I am receiving or my client is receiving from the product.


Q.  So, based on all of those things, why did you decide to represent and sell the Apriori Beauty products?

A.  Amongst the other skincare lines that I carry, I wanted to have Apriori Beauty because it is a natural line with organic ingredients. I also appreciate the fact that Apriori Beauty acknowledges and offers products that help good skin start from the inside out. In addition to the topical products in the skincare line, Apriori Beauty also offers the Lifeoxylin elixir, so I think that is pretty amazing.


Q.  In your practice, do you offer any services that utilize the Apriori Beauty products?

A.  I do. I have a treatment on my menu called the “Apriori Experience.” In this treatment I offer exclusively the Apriori Beauty products, including the Derma Firm Illuminator. I also offer the Derma Firm Illuminator as an upgrade to all of the other facials on the BeautySmith menu, so Apriori Beauty is used quite a bit in my treatments.


Q.  Do you have a favorite product that you use yourself?

A.  I think the entire line is fantastic, but since I am obsessed with beauty gadgets, I’d have to say my favorite product is the Derma Firm Illuminator. I use it the most! It is small, but mighty. It offers the four functions (1. Ultrasound, 2. Galvanic, 3. Far infrared and 4. Vibration therapy). In ten minutes, you can cleanse pores, smooth the fine lines, stimulate collagen and elastin and encourage cell turnover … and the lists goes on. Those are just some of the many benefits the Derma Firm Illuminator offers. I really like that gadget!


Q. So, when you offer the treatments on your menu, and you add on the Derma Firm Illuminator, do you also sell it so the client can take it home?

A. Yes. I do a photo before the treatment or I have them look in the mirror at their skin. Then when they are done, they can see the after … the lift, the toning, how the fine lines are filled in, how everything is stimulated. I talk about it during the treatment, what it does. When a client is interested, they keep asking questions. I keep at least one in stock at all times, so if they are interested, they can buy it right then. Of course, I can also order it from the office.


Q.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with us … with other Aestheticians/Consultants?

A.  Another thing I can add is that, if someone has an existing skincare product that they are in love with and they’re not ready to transfer over to Apriori Beauty, it is easier to sell the exfoliating products … the scrub, the DFI, peel … then once they have a relationship with you and the products that they started with, they will gradually transition over to the entire line. It’s one way to get your foot in the door, especially something as simple as an eye cream. People are always changing their eye cream. And then you can gradually introduce them to the other products.