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C. De Croce Profile PicCatie De Croce | Consultant from Haworth, NJ
Joined: November 2012
Has 19 personal Clients
Top 10 Monthly Retailer, December 2012 & February 2013
Top 5 Weekly Retailer, 4 Times

Apriori Beauty has given me another opportunity.  I can have my four kids home sick and still be able to work my business simultaneously.

I often share my story with others because I love how it happened and feel like it completely changed my life.  It was late October 2012 and I had been searching for a new skin care line.  I’d been going to a Dermatologist but none of the products I was being prescribed were working.  One of my sisters (who lives across the street from me) is a Consultant for CAbi and was in Maryland for the weekend, working a show when she met Paula Yudelevit.  Paula had mentioned she worked for a skin care line, in which my sister replied, “my sister was just telling me she needs a new skin care regimen,” and asked Paula to send me samples.  Upon my sister’s return home, Hurricane Sandy hit and with all the commotion surrounding us, my sister forgot to tell me about meeting Paula.  When the hurricane hit, we were without power for eight days; however, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my sister.  My husband just kept saying, “Jen’s skin looks great.”  A few days later, the Turn Back Time capsule arrived, in which my sister told me all about meeting Paula and this new skin care she’d been using, Apriori Beauty.  Without my husband knowing, I started using the samples and fell in love immediately.  As soon as I started using the samples, I fell in love immediately.  Within two days I noticed that my skin tone was even and that my face felt soft, not irritated, which I had become accustomed to.  I wasn’t the only one seeing changes in my skin.  My husband started to notice something was different, telling me, “your skin has a nice glow to it, you look great!”  The minute I stopped using the samples and went to my previous regimen is when it clicked how much I needed Apriori.  Paula was so great at following up with me and introduced me to a product I didn’t even know about, the 20EX Acid Peel.  I ordered the 30-day Cellular Age Advantage Set and the peel.

It was while browsing Apriroi’s website that I came across the “Opportunity” section.  As I read about how I could start my own business, a business that would work with my schedule and income, I became more intrigued.  I’m a mother of four and fitness instructor.  If I’m not attending one of my kids’ games, I’m teaching at a Bar Method studio.  I began to think about the people in my life I could reach out to.  I knew there were women who needed these products, just like I had.  Using the products and being ecstatic about the results had already garnered attention from friends and family.  I found my solution and was ready to share with the world as an Apriori Beauty Consultant.C. De Croce 3

When opportunity knocks, I go for it.  My philosophy is “small steps”.  At night, I reflect on what I can do the next day to reach out to others and expand my business.  Whether it’s sending handwritten thank-you notes or mailing samples, something is done every day.  In addition, I never leave the house without my samples, veil, powder, and product flashcards.  I love the product flashcards because all the information is there.  It not only keeps me up-to-date on our products, but also helps prepare me for Client questions and inquiries.  I’ve shared during my kids’ basketball games, and even during doctor visits.  I’m enthusiastic about the products and love the company, so it’s easy to naturally bring up Apriori during conversations.  I’ve also found that following-up with Clients is extremely important.  If someone has ordered, I’ll wait a week and then ask how they like the products and see if they have any questions.  It’s all about customer service.  Being there for your Client but not overdoing it.

I love Aproiri’s internal and external approach because it’s about treating your entire body.  Every night, I feel like I’m pampering myself when I do my skin regimen.  I’m so excited and proud of the products.  It’s an authentic, great company and there’s still so much potential.  I’ve finally found a natural skin care line that works and that is Apriori Beauty.