So much of this business is relationship building, and as a people person, I thrive off of meeting new people and hearing their stories


Natalie Walsh | Founder & Manager

As a Founder, I’ve been with Apriori Beauty from the beginning, before there were even any products! I’ve not only been able to see this Company expand and develop, but have also seen the change in myself as well, both personally and professionally. Over the past few years, I have come to learn a lot of successful business tips, all which have been instrumental in growing and maintaining a steady retail business.

So much of this business is relationship building, and as a people person, I thrive off of meeting new people and hearing their stories. Whether I’m developing a personal relationship or sharing something I love about Apriori Beauty, the first step in getting there is to just start the conversation. Instead of pre-judging those I come across, I look at everyone as an opportunity, who I can talk and share Apriori Beauty with. With this mindset, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! It’s common for me to introduce myself to strangers just about everywhere I go and I like to begin every conversation with a compliment. Who doesn’t love hearing something nice about themselves? I know I do, plus it poses as a natural segue into skincare and health. When meeting and talking to others, you first need to be confident and believe in yourself. You wouldn’t be interested in learning about and purchasing products from someone who appeared to doubt what they were saying, would you? Of course not, which is why it’s imperative you not only know what you’re talking about, but also believe in it 100% (easy to do when sharing Apriori Beauty).

As if starting the conversation isn’t daunting enough for some, I’ve heard a lot of people ask, “what do I say?” when speaking with new and potential Clients. If I’m meeting someone for the first time, I share a product that relates to our conversation. For example, if it’s flu season, then I focus on our incredible Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir. If the weather is changing (hot to cold / cold to hot), I introduce the Celloxylin® Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Lotion. For every conversation topic, you’re likely to find a product you can bring up in the conversation. When I’m sitting down with a new Client, I make a point to pull out my Apriori Beauty catalog and go through it with them, showing the various products and benefits each product provides. If you’re stumped for words or unsure of how to introduce the products into your conversation, rely on your own personal experiences with Apriori Beauty. Your best selling point is your testimonial. People can hear lists of ingredients and facts, but when it comes down to it, they want to know why you use and love Apriori Beauty and what it’s done for you.

If someone brushes you off or says they’re not interested, don’t take it personally. Chances are, they’re saying “no” because they’re unsure of switching skincare or possibly unaware of the many benefits Apriori Beauty can provide their skin, health, and even financial situation. Don’t let their “no” paralyze you. Instead, make a note to reach out to them in a month or two and casually bring up Apriori Beauty into the conversation. People’s lives and situations change and it’s possible that whereas last month wasn’t right for them, they’re now in a different place and open to hearing about and trying Apriori Beauty.
Regardless of how and where you share Apriori Beauty, always be consistent. I’m committed to sharing at least one product sample a day and following up 3 days later. In addition, referrals have played a significant role in gaining new Clients. I always ask for referrals because networking is the key to success. I love to reward my Clients; they’re the foundation of my business. I offer Clients a $25 gift card for every referral of theirs that places an order of $100 or more. Clients are my priority and I check in with them frequently by sending out personal ‘Thank You’ cards or sometimes a gift card for being a loyal Client. I appreciate their continuous support and love for the products. Without them, I wouldn’t have a business.

On days where you’re feeling unmotivated to work your business, keep in the mind the weekly paycheck and additional perks you can receive just by talking about Apriori Beauty with someone new. I love getting paid every Friday. It’s rewarding because it allows me to help support my family and do extra special things for my kids. Last year, I surprised my three boys and husband with a trip to Hawaii, which was funded by my Apriori Beauty income. I look forward to treating them to another fun activity this spring. Along with being able to surprise my family with gifts, my Apriori Beauty retail business has become a steady income, where I’m able to be there for my family without working long hours. Having the freedom to make my own hours is ideal because I have three active boys, whom I’m constantly driving to sports games and practices. I love what I do and I love sharing Apriori Beauty with others. I’ve hosted Beauty Bars out of my car at football games and even at the airport. This business allows me to share anywhere, anytime. I feel blessed to be part of this incredible Company and am excited to introduce it to even more people!

Turning Dreams into Family Memories

Natalie and family enjoying the surprise of a lifetime in Hawaii
Natalie and her family enjoying the vacation of a lifetime

“A few years ago, I decided to surprise my family with a vacation to Hawaii, paid for with my Apriori Beauty earnings. I established weekly and monthly goals and it paid off! I had been keeping it a secret from my husband, because I wanted to surprise him first. On Valentine’s Day, I shared the exciting news with him – the whole family was going to Hawaii over Spring break and it was already paid for! He was so happy and proud of me, which made it even more special. We waited until the morning of the trip to share the news with our two youngest sons that not only were we leaving to go to Maui, but that their older brother
Mitchell, who lives away from home for school, would be joining us. My family and I were so happy to be reunited on a beautiful island, where we had the opportunity to enjoy being all together as a family. It was one of the most memorable vacations we’ve ever had and I’m incredibly grateful to Apriori Beauty for helping me achieve this dream. I truly love what I do, Using Loving and Sharing Apriori Beauty, and am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference for others. With Apriori Beauty, dreams really can come true!” — NATALIE WALSH, Founder & Manager from CA

Introducing Apriori Beauty Radio — conversation with Natalie Walsh



AB_Radio_icon2Welcome to Apriori Beauty Radio – where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

AB Radio launches with a conversation with Founder & Manager, Natalie Walsh from California.  Natalie has been with Apriori Beauty since the beginning in 2009, and has built her business slow, steady and strong. She recently decided with her husband to make Apriori Beauty her full-time focus. She shares her excitement for the business and how she’s transformed herself along the way. She also lets us in on a secret surprise she recently shared with her husband, made possible by her Apriori Beauty success.

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Right Now Retailer — Natalie Walsh

JULY 2012

  Natalie Walsh  |  Founder & Sr. Consultant from Pleasanton, CA

  • Joined:  March 2009
  • Has 273 personal Clients
  • Monthly Top 10 in Retail Sales, 5 times
  • Weekly Top 5 Retailers, 3 times, including once as #1
  • Top 15 Retail Consultant so far in 2012

I believe things happen for a reason, and I believe in myself. I am passionate about Apriori Beauty and I love what I do.

I don’t know if I’d call what I do a ‘secret.’ I call it ‘commitment, consistency and follow-up.’ I USE our products. I LOVE our products and want to SHARE them with everyone I know.

“I am committed to making a difference in the lives of so many. When I meet potential Clients, I listen and learn about each individual and make suggestions that meet their specific needs. Building a relationship with my Client is a priority. I ask a few questions about their skin care regimen … what products they use and if they are happy. At the same time, I share my story about how I became a Founding Independent Consultant and my experience using and loving the Apriori Beauty products.

“I am consistent. I give my Clients 110% customer service. I call, email or text to check-in when I feel there may be a need to replenish or try something new. I also reward my Clients for their referrals. I appreciate their efforts and wanting to share our products with others.

“I always follow-up with my Clients. I send a personal Thank You card in the mail, thanking them for their purchase and supporting my business, along with my business card. I send personal emails about upcoming events, monthly specials and tips that relate to their individual needs once a month.

I started sharing my business with my family and friends. I’ve done pedicure parties, fundraisers and opportunity meetings to share what I love. I have participated in silent auctions for local schools and events in our community.

“I carry my silver Consultant Tote everywhere I go, which always seems to lead to good conversation and sharing stories. Everyone compliments my tote, so I usually share my story first, how I became a Founding Independent Consultant in February 2009 for this new company before the product launch. I was intrigued by these extraordinary women starting this business, helping women look and feel beautiful internally and externally with high-end, anti-aging skincare. I believed in the vision for this company and their Mission Statement. I knew it was the right time and place for me. I wanted to be apart of this once-in-a-lifetime, ground floor opportunity!

“I am always open to share my business. I usually start talking about our Celloxylin Face and Treatment products that work with Lifeoxylin. If they seem interested, then I offer them the Turn Back Time Capsule for $5 that is prepared with my business card, sample of our scrub and instruction sheet dressed beautifully with colored ribbon. I explain the easy steps to follow. Sometimes I sell a 30-day set on the spot, other times they order after they’ve tried the products.

“I also carry my Apriori Beauty notebook to write down my potential Client’s name and phone number, what concerns they have. I always let them know that I will follow-up with a phone call in 3 days to hear about their experience. I use this notebook as a daily reminder to build my business and follow-up with my Clients. I create a ‘TO DO’ list for the week. I spend at least two hours each day building my business. In addition, I take advantage of using my FREE replicating website and other social media to share Apriori Beauty products and testimonials.

“I believe things happen for a reason, and I believe in myself. I am passionate about Apriori Beauty and I love what I do. I want to thank Tricia Baumgardner, for believing in me and sharing this wonderful opportunity. You are my inspiration to move forward and build a successful business. It’s been an amazing, fun and rewarding journey thus far. I can’t wait to see what my future holds. Thank you for your continuous support!

“What is my favorite product? I love all of our products, but if I had to choose one, it would be our Day Defense with SPF. I love the way my skin feels when I apply it to my face. It’s the one product that I use the most. I usually reapply 2-3 times daily for extra protection. I love that our products are safe, all-natural and made with Organic ingredients. I’ve never been happier about my skincare regimen. I’m so happy to be apart of this company!”