Power Builder – Lisa Adam

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

L.AdamLisa Adam | Manager from New York
Joined: February 2013
Total Downline: 31
Front Line Consultants: 19

You hold the power to turn things around

It’s amazing how my Apriori Beauty business in January turned out considering how it began. From the first of the month, I was sick for three straight weeks, disabling me from giving attention to my Consultants and Clients. I had goals I planned on accomplishing, but with everything going on, it didn’t look like that was going to be happening. There was a certain point where I decided I wasn’t going to let January go wrong – I couldn’t control my health, but I could control what type of month my business was going to have. It was time to make something good come out of the month. With a week left before the start of February, I started reaching out to people I had given samples to but hadn’t followed-up with. Just by making a few calls and reconnecting with others, I was able to drum up business, gain new Clients (and orders), and turn a sluggish month into a successful one. I needed to have one thing in my life I could control and that one thing was my Apriori Beauty business. I started off January sick and unproductive, and left it healthy and accomplished. It goes to show that no matter what, you can turn things around – even if you have less than 7 days till the close of the month.

I’m a firm believer in launch parties to jumpstart your new Consultant’s business. There’s an excitement that ignites in your business and it spreads awareness to your friends and family. Unless you announce that you’re starting a new endeavor, it’s likely others won’t know about your business. When I did my launch party, it changed the way I looked at myself doing the business. I announced my business, and it forced me to be productive, and get things moving. This party provides the platform for you to not only share with friends, family, and acquaintances about your Apriori Beauty business, but potentially have them share with their friends and acquaintances. I’ve had guests come to parties of mine (as well as my Consultants’) who would have never tried Apriori Beauty unless they were at the party, hearing about the products and sampling them – and now they’re amazing Clients of mine, and some even became Consultants! You may have a huge turnout, you may just have one person. Either way, utilize that outcome to your advantage. If someone isn’t able to attend, reach out and ask if they’d like to meet one-on-one or try a sample. Chances are, they’re curious and want to know about the products. Not everyone has to host a launch party, but if you’re serious about your business, I encourage you to consider it.

I’m a fan of parties, can you tell? In addition to launch parties, I love hosting Beauty Bars. Presenting can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a newer Consultant and don’t know everything about the products; however, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I always tell my Consultants: keep it simple. Whether I’m hosting a party or talking to a friend, I speak from personal experience and reference Apriori Beauty’s product catalog and website when necessary. If you begin rattling off facts, people will zone out. They want to hear the results and what the products can do for them. Yes, there will be people with allergies who are interested in knowing the ingredients. When this situation occurs, I pull out my notebook, which includes a copy of every ingredient and which products they’re located in (courtesy of Apriori Beauty’s Science Center) and we go through the ingredients together. It’s become a major resource of mine and I’ve found that people appreciate that I’m prepared and have an answer for them directly from Apriori Beauty’s website. If we can’t locate that specific ingredient they’re inquiring about, it’s because it’s not found in any Apriori Beauty products (i.e. gluten). When you’re prepared, it adds trust to your relationship with that potential Client/Consultant. Remember, it’s about building relationships. Before a person buys the products or the business, they have to buy you first, and that requires trust.

Twenty-fifteen has already started off great and with Apriori Beauty’s Punta Cana Incentive Trip and the new $49 Starter Kit, my team and I are on fire! Living on the east coast with zero below temps and snow storms, all I can think about is laying on the beach in warm weather and relaxing in the sun with my Apriori sisters. I’m going to Punta Cana in November and I’ve declared I’m going there for free, which means between now and September, my team and I will be working together to grow our businesses and earning our way to that sandy beach. I’ll leave you with one question – where will you be in November?

Great Start Consultant – Christina LaDucaCosta

Christina_LaDucaCosta_72dpiChristina LaDucaCosta | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: April 2014
19 Personal Clients

I became an Esthetician because I wanted to help others look and feel good about themselves. People use skincare to enhance the quality of their skin and overall appearance, but unfortunately, there’s so many products allowed in the cosmetic industry that can harm instead of help you. What’s worse is that people have no idea about the side effects because these products are being labeled as healthy when in fact they’re anything but. I had heard about Apriori Beauty from a co-worker, but it wasn’t until a pregnant Client of mine came in and mentioned she was using a specific product, which I feared could be dangerous to her pregnancy, that I felt inclined to take action and become an Apriori Beauty Consultant.

It’s interesting how everything is interconnected; the world is a lot smaller than you think. I first met my upline, Lisa Adam years ago when we worked for the same company. Due to the fact we were at different locations, we didn’t really know each other but were rather just acquaintances. It wasn’t until Lisa’s hairstylist (who works at the same salon as I do), introduced me to her and encouraged me to try Apriori Beauty. There’s some people you automatically click with and feel like you’ve known forever and for me, that someone is Lisa. She gave me a sample, which I tried and I loved! Before I made the commitment to bring the products into the salon, I thoroughly researched Apriori Beauty because I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit. I’m conscious of what goes on somebody’s body, how it’s going to help them, and the effect it will ultimately have on them. With Apriori Beauty, the products contain all-natural, pure ingredients, and they work! Back in December, I was burned on my face, near my eye. Being in the field I’m in, you want to look as good as possible. Clients expect to walk in and see someone who takes great care of their skin. At the time, I was using makeup to cover the burn, which was doing the job, but my skin wasn’t healing. Since I began using Apriori Beauty a few months ago, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Not only has the burned area improved significantly, but my overall complexion now screams radiance. As a fifty year-old, nothing says compliment like someone questioning your age because they can’t believe you’re older than forty!

Apriori Beauty has proven to be a great partnership. I feel confident in using the products on Clients and sharing with them the importance of a healthy skin regimen. So often, people ask me what they should use on their face, how they should use it, and how often. They need an at-home regimen that will give results. I live by the mantra “Do no harm,” and with Apriori Beauty, I can confidently help others look and feel their best without causing them harm. If it’s anything I’ve learned since joining in April, it’s that the sky’s is the limit, and I plan to get the word out about this incredibly safe and effective skincare!

Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Lisa Adam



AB_Radio_icon2Welcome to Apriori Beauty Radio – where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

Tune in to our special Beauty Bar segment featuring Apriori Beauty Manager Lisa Adam from New York.  Instead of selling a product, why not invite someone to “experience” Apriori Beauty?  It can be as simple as inviting a few girlfriends over to your house for a pedicure or hosting a larger event a local wine bar.  Lisa has hosted Beauty Bars both big and small, at her house and at local vendors, and has found success both ways.  Join us as Lisa goes over her Beauty Bar ‘To-Do’ list with helpful tips on hosting events, as well as follow-up guides to gaining new Clients and even new Consultants!

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Right Now Retailer – Lisa Adam

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

L.AdamLisa Adam | Manager from New York
Joined: February 2013
Has 17 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer in 2013: 4 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer in 2013: December
Top 10 Monthly Power Builder in 2013: June & July

I’m giving the gift of Apriori Beauty

My excitement for Apriori Beauty as a Company, the products, and the Opportunity, has made it impossible for me to resist sharing with others.  The Compensation Plan with right-now cash coincides with my passion for skincare.  My goal is to get people using something that’s healthy on their face.  Before I was introduced to Apriori Beauty, I wasn’t aware of how bad and unhealthy my previous skincare products were.  Now that I’m educated on what it means to actually use effective, yet healthy and natural products, it’s important for me to share with everyone I come across.

For me, every situation is an opportunity to share Apriori Beauty.  Whether I’m going to the bank, grocery store, coffee run, nail salon, or even picking up my daughter from school, I’ve found you can always find a way to bring up Apriori Beauty in a conversation.  I usually have at least 3-4 samples on me (depending on which size purse I’m carrying), and challenge myself to come home with 0.  I strike up conversations, either with fellow customers in line or the person behind the counter assisting me.  Always trust your gut instinct.  Sometimes I look at a person and can tell they put a lot of effort into their appearance.  This doesn’t mean they’re vain, nor is it a bad thing.  Don’t we all want to look and feel fabulous?  I’ll approach them and say something along the lines of “I was admiring your skin and can tell how much care you put into it.  I would love it if you could try this skincare sample and let me know what you think.”  If they say “yes,” I’ll hand over a Celloxylin 6-strip sample with an Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub sample and ask if I can call them in a few days to get their input.  Then, there are times where either the person doesn’t seem too invested in hearing about Apriori Beauty, or I don’t get a good feel for them.  In this case, I don’t cross them off my list; instead, I invite them over to my house for a facial so they can experience the products.  If they really want to sample the products, they’ll take me up on my invitation – if not, my instinct was correct.  It would be a waste just to give a prospect a sample only for them to throw it away or never use it.  I used to just give out samples to anyone I came across, but now I interview, select, and choose.

The key to building and expanding your Clientele base is getting your prospects to sample the products, and one great way of ensuring that is hosting parties.  I’ve found success with parties because they’re a great way for meeting new people in a fun and casual atmosphere while sharing the products with multiple prospects at once.  I start off the party with a mini Apriori Beauty intro, explaining how our skincare is different from others and educating them on different ingredients and which ones to avoid. I know the thought of hosting a party is daunting (it still is to me), but I can’t emphasize enough how great an avenue it is for expanding your Clientele base and gaining new orders.  For those who hate speaking in public and being center stage, you only have to be in that position for 5-10 minutes … max!  Once the guests start sampling, the focus will shift from you to the products.  And as they say, Apriori Beauty’s products speak for themselves.  Offer facials and focus on getting the products on the guests.  If they save on shipping, place one big bulk order and hand deliver the products to them (always provide exceptional customer service).  And, don’t forget to advertise the “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” specials by either offering a free product to the party’s host or informing guests that if four of them want the same product, they can order it at a discounted rate, or purchasing the products yourself and selling all four at the regular price, making over 30% commission – there’s so many ways to benefit from these specials.

If you’re going to be in this business, take advantage of every single avenue!  You can’t sell something you’re not passionate about.  So if you’re passionate about skincare, healthcare, and/or hair care, share it.  My goal as an Apriori Beauty Manager (and one day Director) is to not only see my team grow, but Apriori Beauty as well.  I want Apriori Beauty to be a household name, known by all.  Until then, I’ll be over here in New York, sharing the products, one prospect at a time.

Great Start Consultant – Lisa Adam

L.Adam_GSC_picLisa Adam, Sr. Consultant | Webster, NY
Joined: February 2013
Downline Consultants: 7 (all personally sponsored!)

It all started with a Facebook message from Lisa Minogue.  We had both worked at a previous Network Marketing company together and Lisa wanted to know if I was interested in trying an Apriori Beauty skin care sample.  For the past year, I had been exploring and researching various skin care companies I might want to join; however, none of them seemed appealing.  At the time, I was open to trying out Lisa’s samples, but didn’t want to get my hopes up in case the skin care turned out to be like the rest I’d be trying: ineffective.

To put it simply, the results exceeded my expectations.  I was squeezing out every lost drop I could get from the Celloxylin 5-step strip.  Immediately, I was noticing a difference and so were others!  My husband commented on how my skin was glowing.  Right after receiving the samples, I had to rush my husband to the ER, who was suffering with a bad case of the flu.  While waiting with my husband to see a doctor, I was on my phone messaging back and forth with Lisa.  “I want the entire set,” I stated and asked, “What’s my best option?”  Lisa mentioned that if I signed up as a Consultant, I would receive a 30% rebate on all the products I purchased.  As she further explained the compensation plan, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It was perfect and unheard of!  How could I say no?  I wasn’t in the business mindset, but knew it could be a valuable option down the road. I was determined to try every single Apriori Beauty product and then I could retail to my friends and family.   It was there in the ER that I decided to sign-up as a Consultant and order the All-in-One set.  I wasn’t going to wait any longer, I’d found my ideal skin care company!

The next few days was like a kid waiting for Christmas, unbearable.  I waited eagerly for my Starter Kit and products to arrive and checked the mailbox every hour.  The day they were scheduled to arrive, I was leaving on a girl’s trip with my friends and our daughters.  I refused to leave without the products and literally chased down the mailman, fearful he would forget to drop off my packages.  I received my products, shoved them in my suitcase and left for vacation.  That night, I couldn’t resist opening up my package from Apriori Beauty and ended up lining up all the products in the hotel bathroom for me and my girlfriends to share.  From there, everyone used and loved it, placing their orders faster than I could open my Starter Kit.  Upon arriving back home, I mailed out samples to friends and family, asking for their opinion.  Even friends of mine who had never ordered from me at my previous company, were now placing orders and asking about Apriori Beauty’s business opportunity.  I honestly wasn’t expecting everything to happen so fast, especially since I had told myself I didn’t want to sell anything till I had tried every single product.  I didn’t realize that just by sharing what I loved, I would not only be helping others by introducing them to healthy skin care, but I would also be growing my business.  It really sunk in when my mom came to visit me and upon trying the Celloxylin samples, told me that she wanted the full set and that I had to share these products with others.

Mid-March, I decided to go full-swing and launch my business.  My sponsor, Lisa Minogue and Nathaly Diaz flew in to help me throw my first product experience.  We didn’t even ask guests if they wanted to order because we didn’t get a chance.  My guests were grabbing brochures and filling out order forms.  I still can’t believe how simple this has been.  All I’ve done is share with others and post new profile pictures on Facebook, which always garner attention from friends, exclaiming, “What are you using?  Your face looks amazing!”   The products do most of the work, all I do is share.   I find it funny that in the two months I’ve been with Apriori Beauty, I’ve been more confident than I ever was at my previous company.  I currently have 60 samples sent out to people all over the country.  I always tell people, “try this, I promise you will not regret it!”  If someone puts the products on their face, they’re going to fall in love.  Whether they place an order now or later is not the point.  I’m more concerned about educating and sharing healthy skin care.  So many people aren’t aware that what they’re using is harmful to their body.  It scares me that most products out there are incredibly dangerous, yet no one knows about it because they’re not informed.  All I can do is share Apriori Beauty and let others make the best decision for themselves.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since being at Apriori Beauty is something my 6-year-old daughter taught me: make the best out of a bad situation.  My daughter’s imagination is as wild as they come and recently, she got in trouble and as a lesson, my husband took away all her toys.  Expecting her to get upset and bored, I was left speechless when I saw her making up new imaginary toys to play with.  I called my husband and said, “you won’t believe this, but she’s created an imaginary world now that she doesn’t have toys to play with.”  We both laughed as we were quickly reminded how it’s impossible to take away our daughter’s imagination.  She made the best out of what she was presented with and turned a bad situation into something good.  We focus on teaching our kids lessons when in fact they’re often the ones teaching us.  On days (or even weeks) when I’m feeling frustrated and that I can no longer grow my business, I think of my daughter and use that positive energy to explore new outlets.  My daughter has quickly become my Apriori Beauty mini-me, sitting next to me on her toy phone and asking, “Would you like the face wash with that?”  I’m definitely raising future Apriori Beauty Consultants!