Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Kathleen Jones


AB_Radio_icon2At Apriori Beauty, each and every single Consultant brings something unique and special to this incredible Company. We’ve had the opportunity of seeing Consultants start out and develop into strong business leaders, and are in continuous awe of their ever-growing transformation. In addition to watching their business evolve and flourish with success, we’ve also witnessed their personal growth. Once shy and soft-spoken, Sr. Consultant Kathleen Jones has become a visible marker here at Apriori Beauty. From hosting tables at Beauty Bars to sharing her personal story, and even being crowned Apriori Beauty Queen, Kathleen is a constant reminder how personal and business success coincide with one another. Join us this month as Susan Twellman talks with Kathleen about finding her voice through being an Apriori Beauty Consultant and how she’s using that voice to grow her business.

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Giving Back

Kathleen volunteering in Oklahoma after disastrous tornados
Kathleen volunteering in Oklahoma after 2013’s tornado hit

“Disaster Relief has become a passion of mine and a place where I find fulfillment in helping and encouraging others who have lost so much. I’ve had the opportunity to visit different locations and help clean up and fix homes that have been affected by hurricanes and tornadoes. In the past, I have always been on a team, but now I’m ready to lead a team. With Apriori Beauty, I’ve gained self-confidence and belief in myself, stepping outside my comfort zone and walking right into fear and going through to the other side. It’s been scary, but I’ve found joy, excitement, and self-awareness in my new adventures. More importantly, I’ve realized that yes, I am worthy and deserving of achieving and enjoying my success.” — KATHLEEN JONES, Sr. Consultant from CA