Right Now Retailer – Jennifer Christophel

J.ChristophelJennifer Christophel | Sr. Consultant from Maryland
Joined: December 2012
Has 9 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 3 Times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: February 2013

What is your secret for such high and consistent sales volume to Clients?         
I consistently follow-up with my Clients after ordering to gain their feedback and to share in their excitement after experiencing great results. I also share information on the products they enjoy and encourage them to be disciplined with their skincare regimen to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. Whenever specials are offered, I’m also sure to advertise them, as they’re a great way to bring in new Clients!

When you meet a potential new Client, what product do you share with them … what’s your approach?
I always start with the Celloyxlin® Cellular Age Advantage set because I see it as the foundation product for my business, because it creates the most consistent repeat sales for me.  It’s a consumable product that Clients can’t live without once they start using it. I explain to Clients how it delivers results just as good (or better) than high-end skincare lines, plus it is all-natural with no toxic chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. We can look younger and be healthier at the same time!

How do you meet Clients?
I own two Fitness/Pilates studios and I am a professional Ballroom/Latin dancer. With both businesses, I’m fortunate to be around and meet new women all the time. Sharing my love of Apriori Beauty comes up organically in conversations!