Apriori Beauty Radio — conversation with Linnea Wilson


AB_Radio_icon2As an Esthetician, you’re exposed to numerous skincare products and lines. In the past five years since Apriori Beauty opened its doors and launched ­­­the incredibly unique and effective anti-aging Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage line, we’ve seen a continuous increase of products appearing in spas and Estheticians becoming Independent Consultants. Since joining Apriori Beauty in 2011, Executive Director and Esthetician, Linnea Wilson from California has successfully incorporated Apriori Beauty’s products into her studio, creating signature facials using the Celloxylin® products. Tune in this month to hear Linnea speak on the benefits of using Apriori Beauty and how retailing as a Consultant can help grow and financially increase both your salon and Apriori Beauty business.

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Great Start Consultant – Christina LaDucaCosta

Christina_LaDucaCosta_72dpiChristina LaDucaCosta | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: April 2014
19 Personal Clients

I became an Esthetician because I wanted to help others look and feel good about themselves. People use skincare to enhance the quality of their skin and overall appearance, but unfortunately, there’s so many products allowed in the cosmetic industry that can harm instead of help you. What’s worse is that people have no idea about the side effects because these products are being labeled as healthy when in fact they’re anything but. I had heard about Apriori Beauty from a co-worker, but it wasn’t until a pregnant Client of mine came in and mentioned she was using a specific product, which I feared could be dangerous to her pregnancy, that I felt inclined to take action and become an Apriori Beauty Consultant.

It’s interesting how everything is interconnected; the world is a lot smaller than you think. I first met my upline, Lisa Adam years ago when we worked for the same company. Due to the fact we were at different locations, we didn’t really know each other but were rather just acquaintances. It wasn’t until Lisa’s hairstylist (who works at the same salon as I do), introduced me to her and encouraged me to try Apriori Beauty. There’s some people you automatically click with and feel like you’ve known forever and for me, that someone is Lisa. She gave me a sample, which I tried and I loved! Before I made the commitment to bring the products into the salon, I thoroughly researched Apriori Beauty because I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit. I’m conscious of what goes on somebody’s body, how it’s going to help them, and the effect it will ultimately have on them. With Apriori Beauty, the products contain all-natural, pure ingredients, and they work! Back in December, I was burned on my face, near my eye. Being in the field I’m in, you want to look as good as possible. Clients expect to walk in and see someone who takes great care of their skin. At the time, I was using makeup to cover the burn, which was doing the job, but my skin wasn’t healing. Since I began using Apriori Beauty a few months ago, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Not only has the burned area improved significantly, but my overall complexion now screams radiance. As a fifty year-old, nothing says compliment like someone questioning your age because they can’t believe you’re older than forty!

Apriori Beauty has proven to be a great partnership. I feel confident in using the products on Clients and sharing with them the importance of a healthy skin regimen. So often, people ask me what they should use on their face, how they should use it, and how often. They need an at-home regimen that will give results. I live by the mantra “Do no harm,” and with Apriori Beauty, I can confidently help others look and feel their best without causing them harm. If it’s anything I’ve learned since joining in April, it’s that the sky’s is the limit, and I plan to get the word out about this incredibly safe and effective skincare!

Right Now Retailer – Linnea Wilson

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

L.Wilson PicLinnea Wilson | Executive Director from California
Joined: August 2011
Has 93 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer since 2013: 24 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer since 2013: 12 times

Linnea Wilson was first featured as a Right Now Retailer in May of 2012 and has since achieved Apriori Beauty’s #1 Right Now Retailer for 2012 and #2 Right Now Retailer for 2013.

There is no magical formula or secret to success when it comes to sharing Apriori Beauty. It’s following the simple system that Apriori Beauty lives by: USE LOVE SHARE! I USE our products every day. Actually, I don’t just use but rather, I “experience” the products. The smells, textures, and sensations I feel when each product touches my skin is truly an experience. Plus, the appearance and tone of my skin on my face and body is dramatic. The internal and external approach to caring for the body’s largest organ is brilliant! Can you tell that I LOVE this product line? Since I use and love Apriori Beauty, how can I keep these wonderful products to myself? I can’t. I SHARE with everyone, both inside and outside my esthetician office.

When it comes to sharing Apriori Beauty, my approach has never changed. The samples and tools designed by Apriori Beauty do most of the work for me. When I spoke at our annual Making Life Beautiful conference two years ago, I described my samples as being my salesmen (aka worker bees). Since the products speak for themselves, your job is following up and seeing how your worker bees performed by asking questions, listening to feedback, and inquiring to see if the prospect would like to continue using Apriori Beauty.

As an Esthetician, I use the products in both my treatment room and as a main staple in my retailing. The Derma Firm Illuminator and PSR Next are incorporated into my facial after I do extractions and before I apply masks. My clients love the sensation of the DFI on their skin and tell me that this treatment is their favorite part of the facial. When I’m doing a full body exfoliation, my go-to product is the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub. The Micro Scrub is great to use prior to a spray tan or other applications of self-tanning products because it leaves the skin freshly prepped for tanning products – no oily residue like other scrubs.

I have had people comment that it must be easy to be an Apriori Beauty Consultant because I’m an Esthetician, however, that is not my advantage. My advantage is having the mindset of sharing Apriori Beauty. I believe these are products people should be using if they want healthy, beautiful skin. You can believe this if you are an esthetician or a stay-at-home mom, or an attorney, or a grocery clerk or any other profession. Once you have that belief, then you’ll want to share. I share while sitting in the bleachers at my daughter’s volleyball tournaments, at Bunko, while at lunch with friends, and even when I’m getting my hair done. I believe in our products and want to tell everyone about Apriori Beauty.