Great Start Consultant – Chiranda Perez

C.PerezChiranda Perez | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: June 2013
Personally-sponsored Consultants: 5

When I signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant, I didn’t know that much about the Company, except what my sponsor, Nathaly Diaz told me.  I’m a Hairstylist and Nail Technician and was working with Nathaly when I learned about Apriori Beauty.  After listening to her and Lisa Minogue talk about Apriori Beauty’s opportunity, I was amped and ready to get started.  I brought it up to my husband and he told me, “If you want to try it, then I will support you.”  I joined because I was excited about the products and the potential income I could earn.  I have 5 children, so the idea of earning supplemental income on my schedule is ideal for me.  I didn’t start out with a plan; instead, I just went for it and knew that if this was the Company for me, it would work.  I immediately started talking to everyone I came across, sharing this amazing opportunity with them all.  They were just as excited as I was and signed up!

I have been with other companies before, but it was different.  I wasn’t motivated nor did I put in the work and effort with them like I have with Apriori Beauty.  All of them required a lot of time that I didn’t have the energy to give.  With Apriori Beauty, it comes naturally to me.  I love the products and can’t stop sharing them with my family, friends, and Clients.  As a Hairstylist, I always use the ViViD Hair Therapy products on all of my Clients and am constantly uploading “after” pics on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I’m sure some might think I’m obsessed with ViViD, and yes, I probably am, but finding a Hair Therapy line that works on all types of hair and is cost efficient has been hard to find.

My secret for success is simple: if you want to get to the top, it’s going to require hard work and consistency.  Slacking off is not an option or your business will be the result in the same.  Being consistent is key and my goal is to get my business to the point where it’s working on its own.  I’ve learned that if you work, it will work for you!