Get Motivated for Success

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

Have you asked yourself lately, “What motivates me?”  We’re usually motivated by several different factors; however, there’s always one trigger that stands out amongst them all.  Is it a challenge? Appreciation? Community?  Locate your trigger and utilize it to expand and build your business.

One of my daughters was having difficulties with reading, so she was put into a special reading program and has become a completely different kid since starting.  The whole family has witnessed her hard work and we’re consistently telling her what an amazing job she’s been doing.  She started doing better, and we started acknowledging it more.  The more we praised her, the better she became.  It’s funny how little actions like telling your kid, “I’m so proud of you!” motivates them more than a good grade.  My daughter’s motivation trigger is praise, which has not only improved her grades, but her self-esteem as well.

Along with praise, recognition is a popular form of motivation.  At Apriori Beauty, it’s important for us to recognize all our Consultants, even if it’s something as simple as congratulating them on their Facebook page for their retail achievements.  And it’s not just Consultants getting recognized by Apriori Beauty that motivates them, it’s other Consultants congratulating them on their achievements as well.  Elizabeth Vervynck and I recently had lunch with one of our Consultants, where the Consultant told us that prior coming to MLB 2013, she was questioning whether she should remain with the Company because she felt she wasn’t where she should be business success wise.  She prayed and asked for a sign that she was in fact on the right track and gave herself the three days at MLB to find her answer.  What’s incredible was that not only did she receive a sign the first night of the conference, but she saw several more signs throughout the three days that proved Apriori Beauty was where she was meant to be.  This motivation16Consultant saw that you don’t have to be the leader of the pack or featured on top lists to be involved in a great company and community.  Even if you’re not recognized with prizes or jewels, just being recognized for being you is a wonderful thing.

Are you motivated by a challenge? Apriori Beauty’s “To the Point!” Consultant Rewards Program has been an integral part in expanding our Consultants’ businesses.  They see a challenge and while working towards that prize, they’re automatically increasing their retail volume and expanding their business.  It’s a win-win!

And the natural motivator that we all have is that we’re all in business to become successful and make money. Whether you wish to subsidize your income or make it full-time job, you want to make money – trust me, we ALL do!  There’s no better feeling than getting that email on Friday, saying your Apriori Beauty MasterCard has been loaded.  Every time you see your card with sales commissions, it’s another boost in your spirit, and encourages you to keep sharing your love of Apriori Beauty.

Motivation can be based on a variety of contributing factors. Ask yourself what truly motivates you.  My challenge for you is to locate that trigger and build from it.  Whether it’s a rewards challenge, a goal to make the Top 5 Retailer List, or increase your income, be sure to make a visual of your motivator so you’re reminded of it daily.  Now, let’s go and get motivated for success!