Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Candace Dye


AB_Radio_icon2***This is a rebroadcast of an interview first aired on Entrepreneurial Women Radio***
Apriori Beauty’s favorite business coach and mentor Sharon Michaels visits Apriori Beauty Radio to guest host and speak with Founder and Executive Director, Candace Dye.  What do you think of when you hear “Customer Service?”  How do you feel when that one employee goes the extra mile with assistance, leaving you feel extra special as a customer?  As Consultants, it’s important to make Clients aware of how appreciative we are of them and be there when they need our help or have a question.  In this special episode, Candace examines the significance of exceptional customer service and how it’s become the cornerstone for her successful Apriori Beauty business.

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Power Builder – Candace Dye

Recognizing Strong Team Leaders Who Have Embraced the Power of Team Building

CandaceDyePicCandace Dye, Founder & Executive Director from California
Total Downline = 52, 4 levels deep
Personally-sponsored = 30

Tried & True Formulas for Creating Your Own Success
Success comes to those who work focused with consistency. It’s that simple! Here are my formulas and tips for working to build a strong, successful business … or anything you want to accomplish in life!

Goals + Focus + Consistent Actions = Successful Habits

GOALS:  What do you want to achieve? Write them down and place them where you can see them throughout each day.

FOCUS:  Create a timeline for each goal to be accomplished. Write out a plan for monthly, weekly, and daily steps to get you there.

Morning – Start by visualizing your day filled with success, before you open your eyes. Express gratitude for your abundant blessings, and the opportunities to come. Make allotted time each day for communication to your Clients, and Team. Be consistent – every day. During the day, check off what you’ve completed and still have on your To Do List.

Evening — Communicate some more – emails, texts, phone calls. Reassess your day’s accomplishments. How will you close out your day — inspirational reading, journaling successes, etc? Plan for the next day’s focus to achieve your goals of the week. Revise your To Do List. Visualize what tomorrow’s success will look like. Express gratitude for the abundant blessings in each day.

Successful Habits + Time = Success
Time gives you strong, long-term relationships, as well as a reputation for success and respect as a professional. Giving up is not an option. Never be satisfied – always be looking for ways to improve or innovate. Study your product information regularly. Then study some more. Learn what and where your resources are. Reach out to your leaders and the Home Office.

Consistent Excellence + Cultivating Relationships = Superb Reputation for Success!

Now enjoy the results and Celebrate Your Success!

Aesthetician Series 1. — Carleen McIlveen

In this business, you have to have a strong belief in the products you represent, and belief usually goes hand-in-hand with results. The same goes for Aestheticians … they have to have a strong belief in the efficacy of the products they use on their Clients. As skincare professionals, their reputation depends on results. So, it’s a great testimony to Apriori Beauty that more and more Aestheticians are joining as Consultants to Use, Love and Share the products.

This is the first in a series of interview testimonials with Apriori Beauty independent Consultant Aestheticians …


Carleen McIlveen

  • Apriori Beauty Independent Sr. Consultant from North Branford, CT
  • Carleen is a make-up artist, skin therapist and photographer

Her dream is to help women by enhancing their natural beauty with make-up and good skincare and capturing it through photography. She was also a territory sales manager and educator for a cosmeceutical grade skincare company. Her philosophy … everyone deserves to find their best, natural beauty. She focuses her efforts on helping women through the use of good skincare products and supplements, custom make-up, and skilled facial treatments.

Her intimate knowledge of skincare in the physician dispense business and her roll in educating and training the physicians, aestheticians and staff makes her selection of Apriori Beauty’s products significant.

Here’s why she chose Apriori Beauty, how she integrates it into her practice and how her Clients are loving it …

“I selected Apriori Beauty to use in my personal business for several reasons …

“I was searching for a peel that would deliver results while offering a blend of salicylic and glycolic acids but was also mild for a first time client or someone with sensitive skin. 

“That’s when I discovered Apriori Beauty. I was impressed with the ingredients, but became more impressed with the safe philosophy of the company, including manufacturing skincare that is free of harsh or toxic chemicals and those that are controversial, such as parabens and sulfates.

“I was also drawn the Derma Firm Illuminator™ (skin machine) and the concept of the Nutrient Reservoir

“The fact that every product in the line has a combination of ingredients that addresses the 4 core influences of aging is unique. I also think Apriori Beauty is advanced in discovering ways to include endocrine system modulators to support the effects of hormone changes, as well as including longevity gene support to prolong the life of healthy cells. These two influences of aging are widely ignored by the majority of skin care manufacturers in current products on the market today, and Apriori Beauty addresses these, in addition to oxidative stress and cellular mitochondrial efficiency, in each and every product offered.

“I am very pleased with my choice to bring Apriori Beauty into my treatment room.  My most sensitive clients can use it and I never worry about performing a treatment on someone who comes in with sensitive skin issues, even rosacea.  I use Apriori Beauty for my Signature Facial and include a treatment with the Derma Firm Illuminator.  Most see instant results, and many of my clients have purchased the products.

“The best part from a business perspective is that I don’t need to inventory a specific quantity, or any product at all!  I can order my clients products to drop ship right to their homes.  They can shop any time on my Apriori dedicated site and they can’t find Apriori in a retail store or another mass marketing website.

“Apriori supports my business by sending my registered clients monthly emails with product specials, and I get paid my commission from online sales weekly.  Best of all, my skin has never looked better and I am often mistaken for being much younger because of it!

“Apriori Beauty is truly the best decision I made for my skincare business.”

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Summer Sensations …

June 2012 Top 10 Consultants

Congratulations to the following Consultants for their leading sales and sponsoring achievements in June:

Top 10 Consultants in Retail Sales from personal Client orders


  1. Linnea Wilson | Chico Aesthetics, Manager — Chico, CA
  2. Paula Yudelevit, Sr. Consultant — Mc Henry, MD
  3. Andrea Sellers-Reichardt, Manager — Wimauma, FL
  4. Jami Taguchi, Sr. Consultant — Calabasas, CA
  5. Libby Jason & Co, Manager — Coto de Caza, CA
  6. Patricia Daidone, Sr. Consultant — Frankfort, IL
  7. Beverly Sage, Sr. Consultant — Miami Beach, FL
  8. Tricia Baumgardner, Founder & Silver Director — Laguna Niguel, CA
  9. Mary Sharkey, Sr. Consultant — Norfolk, MA
  10. Stacey Oberzan, Manager — Olathe, KS

Top 10 Power Builders with the highest paid Power Bonuses for new activity on their first 3 levels


  1. Cathi Almquist, Platinum Director — Parker, CO
  2. Kim Kearns, Platinum Director — Naperville, IL
  3. Beverly Sage, Sr. Consultant — Miami Beach, FL
  4. Susan Shaheen, Gold Director — Greenville, SC
  5. Lisa Smith, Silver Director — Miami, FL
  6. Karen Fishman, Manager — Palmetto Bay, FL
  7. Jacqueline Agostinelli, Exec Director — W. Palm Beach, FL
  8. Louri Boilard, Manager — Manchester, NH
  9. Paula Yudelevit, Sr. Consultant — Mc Henry, MD
  10. Karen Crosby-DiCenzo, Exec Director — Andover, MA

Top 10 Consultants in Personal Group Bonus Volume — PGBV = downline volume from Consultants and their Clients, down to a Manager.


  1. Karen Fishman, Manager — Palmetto Bay, FL
  2. Susan Shaheen, Gold Director — Greenville, SC
  3. Louri Boilard, Manager — Manchester, NH
  4. Kim Kearns, Platinum Director — Naperville, IL
  5. Beverly Sage, Sr. Consultant — Miami Beach, FL
  6. Jamie Robb, Exec Director — Boise, ID
  7. Karen Crosby-DiCenzo, Exec Director — Andover, MA
  8. Candace Dye, Founder & Manager — Irvine, CA
  9. Catherine Babusiak, Manager — St. John, IN
  10. Linnea Wilson | Chico Aesthetics, Manager — Chico, CA