Great Start Consultant – Barbara French

BarbaraFrenchBarbara French | Sr. Consultant from California
Joined: April 2015
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 1

I am the mother of 4 grown children, stepmother of 2, with a total of 12 grandchildren, and am a retired Corporate Credit/Customer Service Manager of 25+ years. Always eager and enthusiastic of my kids’ activities, I spent a lot of time on softball, baseball and soccer fields and was even softball manager for my daughters’ teams and team mother for my son’s baseball teams. During these last few years, I’ve started doing things I’ve always wanted to do (like oil painting), but couldn’t because I was too busy being Mom and businesswoman. I had always planned to take it easy after retiring, but fate stepped in and had far more exciting plans for me.

I attended my first Apriori Beauty Bar at my friend Robin Whitney’s house back in April 2015. I was just expecting to have a social evening and possibly buy a few products in support of my friend. What I experienced instead was a group of very professional, congenial and delightful businesswomen who were all excited about their products and expressed enthusiasm and support for their fellow associates at Apriori Beauty. I was so impressed by these women, the products, and the business model and structure of Apriori Beauty (with their goal of supporting, encouraging and empowering women), that I eagerly joined that very night. I’m happy to be part of part of a Company that offers a myriad of tools including fantastic products, a free personalized website full of information and knowledge, flyers, brochures, as well as training videos and conference calls. Apriori Beauty gives us everything we need to be successful in this business. Did I mention the incentive programs and monthly bonuses? Social networking and building relationships with delightful and motivated women only proves that this new retirement plan is far better than my original one.

I cannot say enough about my amazing Consultant sponsor, Robin, who has been instrumental in my involvement with Apriori Beauty and is always supportive and encouraging. She has guided me from the beginning, showing me different ways to “share” these one-of-a-kind products and even organized my first Beauty Bar a Beauty Bar that I co-hosted with my daughter and Apriori Beauty Consultant, Cindy Blake! Through Robin’s encouragement and confidence in me, I gave my first presentation at my Beauty Bar and plan to do more in the upcoming months. Robin is so generous with her time and knowledge, which is typical of the selfless people who make Apriori Beauty the outstanding organization that it is. From her invaluable coaching, I’ve learned that consistency and follow-up is key to success and to always keep my goals in sight. One of my goals is to be a supportive and effective sponsor as Robin has been for me.

I cherish meaningful relationships and having the opportunity that being an Apriori Consultant provides, allows me to continuously meet new and interesting people on a regular basis. I love the “Use, Love, Share” attitude and am looking forward to getting to know all my Apriori Beauty friends on a deeper level while building my own successful business and contributing to the growth of Apriori Beauty as a company.

Turning Dreams into Family Memories

Natalie and family enjoying the surprise of a lifetime in Hawaii
Natalie and her family enjoying the vacation of a lifetime

“A few years ago, I decided to surprise my family with a vacation to Hawaii, paid for with my Apriori Beauty earnings. I established weekly and monthly goals and it paid off! I had been keeping it a secret from my husband, because I wanted to surprise him first. On Valentine’s Day, I shared the exciting news with him – the whole family was going to Hawaii over Spring break and it was already paid for! He was so happy and proud of me, which made it even more special. We waited until the morning of the trip to share the news with our two youngest sons that not only were we leaving to go to Maui, but that their older brother
Mitchell, who lives away from home for school, would be joining us. My family and I were so happy to be reunited on a beautiful island, where we had the opportunity to enjoy being all together as a family. It was one of the most memorable vacations we’ve ever had and I’m incredibly grateful to Apriori Beauty for helping me achieve this dream. I truly love what I do, Using Loving and Sharing Apriori Beauty, and am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference for others. With Apriori Beauty, dreams really can come true!” — NATALIE WALSH, Founder & Manager from CA

Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Robin Whitney


AB_Radio_icon2When you open the door to opportunity, endless possibilities arise.  Just ask Robin Whitney, one of Apriori Beauty’s successful Executive Directors from California, whose open door policy has brought Consultants from different downlines together and formed true, authentic relationships.  Whether she’s hosting a brunch or offering a visiting Consultant a place to stay, Robin’s selfless and attentive business practices far exceed your typical entrepreneur’s.  Tune in to Apriori Beauty Radio as Robin shares with Susan Twellman how despite location differences, you can effectively sponsor and mentor Consultants, and why it’s important to be supportive and involved with your team.

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Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Susan Shaheen



AB_Radio_icon2Platinum Director Susan Shaheen joined Apriori Beauty back in February of 2011 and came to us with over 30 years of experience in direct sales.  A continuous top retailer and business builder, Susan has played an instrumental part in not only introducing Apriori Beauty to numerous Consultants, but helping them start and expand their own businesses.  In addition, this past year, Susan Shaheen has taken on the role of Apriori Beauty Trainer and Mentor by visiting various locations in the U.S. where she has assisted local Consultants in hosting Beauty Bars and has led Consultant Trainings.  Join us as Susan discusses the 3 main components of her Apriori Beauty business: Retailing, Sponsoring, and Business Building.

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Power Builder – Angela Neifert-Kraiser

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

A.Neifert-KraiserPicAngela Neifert-Kraiser | Manager from Colorado
Joined: November 2011
Total Downline: 22
Front Line Consultants: 13

When I first heard the statement “you can’t fail unless you quit” at Apriori Beauty’s Making Life Beautiful conference back in 2012, something in me just clicked. I love this statement because it keeps me moving and pushing through with my business. Being part of a fun company and watching it grow from the ground up has been an incredible joy for me. I love the fact that I’m not only experiencing personal and professional growth, but that I’m also helping in changing peoples’ lives. Whether it’s improving their skin or growing their business, there’s a bigger picture … it’s not just about me.

When it comes to Apriori Beauty, I keep it simple. First and foremost, I love and use the products, which in turn makes it easy to share them. I’m constantly sharing Apriori Beauty everywhere I go and only hand out samples if the prospect I’m sharing with is willing to give me their name, email, and phone number so I can follow-up with them. When I give them a sample, I always include my business card and say, “I would love to share this incredible sample with you, but I will need your contact info so I can follow-up with you and see how much you love them.” In addition, I inform them that they’ll be added to my e-newsletter list so they can get the inside scoop on monthly specials.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid this, I break my goals into daily activities. I’m usually up before the sun rises, so I take full advantage of this time to structure and set my plans for the day. I begin by checking my Sample list to see if I need to follow-up with any prospects. I know I can’t call someone at 4:30 am, but I can send them an email, planting another Apriori Beauty seed and inquiring about their results with the samples I gave them. Then, before I leave the house for my Corporate J-O-B, I make sure I’m armed with samples and business cards in case the opportunity to share arises during the day. A lot of times, I utilize my lunch breaks by making follow-up calls or sneaking in training, such as reading a Sharon Michaels’ book or listening to a webinar of hers. The beauty of working a full-time job and having a FUN Apriori Beauty business is that I can fit both into my busy life. It might only be a five minute conversation with someone, but every little bit counts when it comes to growing my business.

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your business or are a seasoned owner, know that being an Apriori Beauty Consultant is an incredible gift because you’re not only earning extra income, you’re working toward your dreams. The one thing I didn’t expect when I first started was that I’d constantly be learning about who I am and what I’m capable of. You’ll surprise yourself about what you can accomplish when you refuse to quit. Apriori Beauty is not a get-rich-quick business; it’s a people business, and for me, it’s about building relationships and having fun! I don’t sell, but rather, I share because it’s about giving people the opportunity to know and love the products. I’m not in a race, nor am I competing against anyone. Instead, I am working my business slow, steady and consistently to fulfill my own business and personal dreams!

Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Paula Yudelevit



AB_Radio_icon2Apriori Beauty Radio where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

Join us as we interview retailing powerhouse, Paula Yudelevit – Apriori Beauty Manager from Maryland.  Regularly claiming the top weekly and monthly Retailer spots, Paul’s high and consistent sales earned her Apriori Beauty’s #1 Right Now Retailer award for 2013.  Listen in as she shares how she has grown her business with Facebook and email newsletters; how she works Apriori Beauty into conversations after sharing her age; and how she’s been able to build her business outside of her full-time executive position with Client incentives, product samples, and follow-up!

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Message from the Heart

ShilaAprioriBeautyQueenEncouraging Your Team to Success

By Sheila Morrison, Sr. Consultant and 2013 Apriori Beauty Queen

“Appreciation is thanking, recognition is seeing, and encouragement is bringing hope for the future” – Unknown

Our message is counterintuitive to the Corporate message you receive daily from your job.

Try this. Go into your job tomorrow, approach your boss, supervisor, manager and say with confidence, “I will have your job by the end of 2014.” Then watch the facial expression on the person you are speaking to.

What did you see? Anger. Disbelief. Agreement. Encouragement.

Each of these will cue you how your commitment is being viewed and whether you are considered able to accomplish this goal.

I can say with almost 100% certainty that you will NOT receive encouragement from this person. You will have instilled fear in that person’s heart and mind, even if there should be none. You see, the corporate world operates on fear. Fear of success, yours versus mine. Fear of rejection, your acceptance over mine. Fear of losing, my job, my position, my salary. Fear of next level up. Fear of the boss. Your boss has a boss. Even the top boss has a boss.

The message that we carry goes against most of the corporate message. We carry a message of encouragement. We admonish faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your chosen Company, faith in the products.

Have you ever been in a stadium or arena watching someone you love competing or playing on a team? Allow me to use football as an example. Each person has a number and/or their last name on the back of their jersey. That helps you identify YOUR person, the one you are there to watch. Once play has begun, it is easy to lose sight of your player in all the melee. Imagine for a moment that after the play is completed, there is an injured player on the field. Other players gather round the injured player lying on the ground and what do you do? The moment gets a little tense because you cannot find YOUR player. You search for your player by number, height, color of jersey, form of body, anything….to assure you that the injured player is someone other than the player you came to watch.

You have been known to cheer your player, encouraging him, even though we know the chances are slim that he can hear you. We know! But, we continue to yell, expending our energy for our player. When he makes a contribution to the game, we will bump the person sitting next to us, smile, and ask, “Did you see that? That’s my son. That’s my daughter.” We are proud!

We notice when the other team picks up momentum and how that affects OUR player and his teammates. The team loses heart and each one walks a little dejectedly to the huddle. What do we do? We yell, “Have faith!” “You can do this. Come on!” We’ve seen the hours of practice. We’ve seen the play in the backyard with whomever would throw the ball hour after hour. We’ve heard the stories, we’ve heard, “The coach says this, and the coach says that.” We’ve observed how the team is maturing. Each play is becoming accustomed to how each player works, how strong each one is mentally, how each one handles setbacks and victories.

There is NEVER success without defeat. Let me repeat that. There is NEVER success without defeat!!! Without failure we would never know how to measure success. When winning comes easily for us, we get accustomed to winning. Then, when the first roadblock shows up and…we get taken back by it. We are being tested. Now what? Quit, slow down, or keep plugging away at our goal. There is always a choice. What the choice is affects us forever! The choice affects us FOREVER!!! Not just today. It affects us tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.

When our player from the football game loses and comes home after the loss, we can praise him for the part played, the one good play accomplished, pointing out all the good stuff, but the reality remains…his team lost! There is one thing that doesn’t change though, isn’t there? We love that person, the player, and nothing can change that at all!! When the conversation is coming to a close and your player is feeling pretty bad about the results of the game, remind him that you love him, no matter what!! Win or lose, I love you!!!

At your j-o-b where do you find encouragement? Do you have faith in the corporation that owns your company? Are the employees treated with love and respect? Is the love there when failure occurs? Do you feel used at times? The company has a goal. It almost always involves money. A certain percentage of increase over last year’s numbers, whatever it takes to make more. However, the statement about success without defeat isn’t a mantra they like to acknowledge, if at all!

Leading a team with Apriori Beauty, we have to know the message. We have to know that each one of our team members comes with a different mindset and we must be willing to acknowledge that and encourage personal development to help each one on the journey to his/her individual goal. Meanwhile, we experience success along with defeat as we travel together with our teammates.

In the arena of Apriori Beauty, there will be wins and there will be losses; however, our job, yours and mine, will always be to affirm to each person joining this business…have faith! Come on, you can do it! I love you!  This is the message from our heart.

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Power Builder – Tricia Baumgardner

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

T.BaumgardnerTricia Baumgardner | Founder & Silver Director from California
Joined: February 2009
Total Downline: 160 – 8 levels deep
Front Line Consultants: 13

I’ve been in Direct Sales since 2001. I quickly found that Network Marketing was where I wanted to be.  It allowed for a flexible schedule, plus I could earn money while building new relationships.  I have a very strong belief in multi-level marketing and was drawn to Apriori Beauty because of the Opportunity, and more importantly, the integrity of its Co-Founders and Owners, Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck.  Before there were any products to sell, I was on-board, not just as a Consultant, but a Founder as well.  I reached out to family and friends who all had experience with Direct Sales, and was quickly joined by many of them as Apriori Beauty Founders and Consultants.

Since signing up in 2009, I’ve built a solid team and expanded my Clientele base.  I believe business building and retailing intersect, both requiring perseverance and a positive attitude.  I love watching my team gain confidence as they begin to grow and promote.  The same with my Clients – when they feel good about themselves, I feel good.  This is definitely a relationship-based business.  Before I approach a prospective Client, I get to know them and build a relationship with them.  For example, throughout the day I’m constantly meeting new people, whether it’s at my kids’ sporting events, or through friends.  I am likely to see those people again so I take advantage of the situation and make it a point to get to know them.  Once I feel comfortable and have an established relationship with them, I ask if they want to try a great product I’m using.  If the answer is “yes,” I hand them a sample and then I’ll either call them (if it’s not certain I’ll see them again in a week) or follow-up in person while we’re watching our kids’ sporting event.  It’s easy to share when you love the products and company, because you’re enthusiastic and people can tell how excited you are about what you’re sharing.  With enthusiasm and a positive attitude, comes perseverance.  It’s up to you to call your prospect.  You can’t just give someone a sample and expect they’ll call you asking to place an order.  You may hear “no” more than you hear “yes,” but don’t take it personally.  It’s not about you or how you’re sharing the products.  Maybe that person is already using skincare they love and it’s working well for them.  Move on and think of who else you can share the products with.

As a Silver Director, I take leadership very seriously, and constantly make it known to my team that I am here to support them.  To those on my team that want my support and accountability, it’s a team effort.  As I’m asking them what they’ve done this week for their business, they’re asking me the same questions.  Apriori Beauty provides support for our Consultants in various ways: Consultant Trainings, Beauty Bars, and countless tools in the Consultant Back Office.  Because of Apriori Beauty, it’s easy for me to be there for my team.

The bottom line is, there is no secret to success.  With Apriori Beauty, you’re rewarded for your efforts. If you don’t put in the time and commitment, you won’t get rewarded – simple as that.  Believe in what you’re doing, be passionate about the products and Opportunity, and stay committed to your goals.  This business is something you will constantly have to work at, but if you love what you’re doing, it’s worth the time and effort.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s your business and if you want to continue to reap the benefits, you will have to commit to being here for the long haul.  I say this often, but Apriori Beauty is such a young Company that there’s even more Opportunity for all of us in the future.  I look and see the future as bright and positive.  If you continue to believe in yourself and commit to your passion, you’re going to be very successful.

Share, Don’t Sell

S.TwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

Recently I was on the phone with a new Consultant, Sari.   As we started talking, I asked her why she decided to join Apriori Beauty.  She replied, “I didn’t join to sell the products, I joined because I love the products!”  Just by listening to Sari, I could tell that her business approach was based on passion, not numbers.  There’s that word again, “passion.”  You’ve heard me say it before and most likely, you’ll hear it from me again.  Passion is what drives us and is the monumental factor in steering our business.  Apriori Beauty consists of passionate Consultants, not sales representatives.

The idea of selling is daunting to most, which is why I urge you to share, not sell.  When outlining your approach to business building, first remember why you use Apriori Beauty.  What is it about the products you love?  Why do you use these products and not others?  Share what you use and love, and others will want it.  By sharing, you’re relieving yourself of the unnecessary pressure of “I need to sell a product.”  Instead, your mindset goes to “I love X product and I want to share it with everyone I know!”

So, now that you know to share what you love, how do you go about sharing?  First, give your Clients samples to try and share with their friends.  When I asked Sari what her approach was, she relayed that when she gives out a sample, she asks them to take a before picture and to try the products for three days.  If after three days they don’t see any results, they’re instructed not to call her.  Bold!  Handing a sample to a potential Client and saying, “if you don’t see results in three days, then don’t call me,” shows you believe in the products and want to help them, not yourself.  Apriori Beauty may not be the skin solution for some, but for 95%, it is.  And by the way, Sari said that she has yet to hand over a sample with no results.

Your business stems from passion, but it’s utilizing the retailing tools that will help develop and expand your business.  There are only so many people in your immediate circle you can share with, so once you’ve tapped out of that circle, start focusing on referrals.  Give your friends Turn Back Time Capsules to share with their friends and let them know that if their friend places a $75+ order, you’ll give them a $25 gift card for their next order.  You’ll not only gain a new Client, but ensure a second order from an existing Client.

Second, take advantage of the 3-Gets-1 Free Set options.  There’s two popular ways you can utilize this deal.  You can purchase all three products (get one free) and sell all 4, thereby gaining 47.5% in commission, instead of the usual 30%!

Celloxylin Eye+Lip Age Erase 3G1F set
Item #004F, retail value = $180 (4@45 each)
You purchased all four items for $135 ($94.50 after rebate)
You sell all four items for $45 each (Total Sales $180)
$180 – $94.50 = you make $85.50 (47.5% commission)

Or, you can reward your Client with the 3-Gets-1-Free Sets.  Do you have a Client who would love a free 30-Day Celloxylin set?  Propose this: “If you introduce me to 3 friends who purchase a 30-Day set, I will give you one for FREE!”  Who doesn’t want the opportunity to win something for free?  Create a fun, creative way for everyone to experience the products.  Hosting a girls day and sharing what you love is a lot more effective than locking someone in your car till they place an order.

So you’ve shared, sold, and now you’ve signed up a new Consultant.  Now it’s time to focus on your new Consultant by working closely with them for their first 30 days.  By teaching them, they in turn will teach their new Consultants, thus establishing a strong and effective team.  Walk your new Consultant through their Starter Kit and Back Office.  Help them get signed up for their Payoneer card.  There’s nothing more motivating than getting paid!  Lastly, let your new Consultant know you’re there to support them.  Team building starts with support and being a new Consultant, they will need your support now more than ever.

Remember, this is your business and it’s meant to be fun!  Hard work and dedication is a must but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sharing these amazing products you use and love.