Right Now Retailer – Beth Chernosky

BethChernoskyBeth Chernosky, Senior Consultant | Portland, ME
Joined: September 2010
Has 88 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 5 times
Top 10 Retailer, February 2011

Right now my business is part-time (in addition to my full time job), so it’s very important for me to keep track of what I’m doing to build my Apriori Beauty business. Being self-employed, I am frequently running through long to-do lists and time can easily slip by if I’m not organized with my business-building activities.

For me, having visual reminders front and center every day help build my overall volume! I have a 2 week blank chart that I fill-in with my bi-weekly goals and then every day, I write in what I did to build my Apriori business. I keep track of how many samples I’ve shared, how many people I’ve registered as clients and how close I am to my volume goals. And, just as important — if I haven’t done anything in a day to work my business — I put a big zero! This is a very big motivator for me because I don’t like seeing those zeros during the week and I certainly don’t like to see multiple zeros in a row! It’s very easy to let a day or two slip by when life gets busy and next thing you know, a week has passed. With my weekly chart, I can see exactly what I’m doing each day. Keeping track of my daily activities and weekly goals has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track.

When I first meet a potential new Client, my number one objective is to establish a certain level of trust and rapport. It’s very important for me that someone feels comfortable and knows that I am there to help them with their skincare needs — not just sell them skincare products! I try to ask questions about what they’re currently using as far as products, what product line, and then I want to know what their interest level is in a skincare regimen. Based on their answers, I like to take a collaborative approach in creating the perfect skincare regimen for them.  It’s important to start with the basics:  the Celloxylin® Crème Cleanse and the Day Defense.  Beyond those two, I will suggest products based on what the client is looking for in regards to a specific skincare concern. If someone is only using a cleanser, I’ll sample them with the cleanser, probably the Day Defense and then an Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub sample as a “treat.” I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed with products they’re not accustomed to because we can always add more to their regimen later on. But, for someone who loves skincare products, I’ll provide the entire sample strip and the Micro Scrub. It’s all dependent on that initial conversation.

I’ve met my Clients through a variety of ways: networking events, friends, family members of friends and just by letting people know about my skincare business. I’ve found that conversations I had six months prior, or even a year ago, have eventually turned into an inquiry.  A seed was planted and I didn’t even realize it.

Once I’ve sampled someone, during my follow-up, I ask if I can register them to receive Apriori Beauty’s monthly newsletter and highlight the fact our company does a wonderful job of not filling email in-boxes with endless amounts of emails. I also highlight our frequent 1-day sales events and monthly product specials. We really do have a lot of wonderful things to offer our Clients and I make an attempt to share this from the get-go.

Creating that level of trust, providing skincare knowledge and sharing amazing products have been key elements in creating my Apriori business. I’m so happy to have joined this company and am committed to building my business as a long-term venture.  It’s so exciting to think where we will be in the next 20 years!