Power Builder – Angela Neifert-Kraiser

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A.Neifert-KraiserPicAngela Neifert-Kraiser | Manager from Colorado
Joined: November 2011
Total Downline: 22
Front Line Consultants: 13

When I first heard the statement “you can’t fail unless you quit” at Apriori Beauty’s Making Life Beautiful conference back in 2012, something in me just clicked. I love this statement because it keeps me moving and pushing through with my business. Being part of a fun company and watching it grow from the ground up has been an incredible joy for me. I love the fact that I’m not only experiencing personal and professional growth, but that I’m also helping in changing peoples’ lives. Whether it’s improving their skin or growing their business, there’s a bigger picture … it’s not just about me.

When it comes to Apriori Beauty, I keep it simple. First and foremost, I love and use the products, which in turn makes it easy to share them. I’m constantly sharing Apriori Beauty everywhere I go and only hand out samples if the prospect I’m sharing with is willing to give me their name, email, and phone number so I can follow-up with them. When I give them a sample, I always include my business card and say, “I would love to share this incredible sample with you, but I will need your contact info so I can follow-up with you and see how much you love them.” In addition, I inform them that they’ll be added to my e-newsletter list so they can get the inside scoop on monthly specials.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid this, I break my goals into daily activities. I’m usually up before the sun rises, so I take full advantage of this time to structure and set my plans for the day. I begin by checking my Sample list to see if I need to follow-up with any prospects. I know I can’t call someone at 4:30 am, but I can send them an email, planting another Apriori Beauty seed and inquiring about their results with the samples I gave them. Then, before I leave the house for my Corporate J-O-B, I make sure I’m armed with samples and business cards in case the opportunity to share arises during the day. A lot of times, I utilize my lunch breaks by making follow-up calls or sneaking in training, such as reading a Sharon Michaels’ book or listening to a webinar of hers. The beauty of working a full-time job and having a FUN Apriori Beauty business is that I can fit both into my busy life. It might only be a five minute conversation with someone, but every little bit counts when it comes to growing my business.

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your business or are a seasoned owner, know that being an Apriori Beauty Consultant is an incredible gift because you’re not only earning extra income, you’re working toward your dreams. The one thing I didn’t expect when I first started was that I’d constantly be learning about who I am and what I’m capable of. You’ll surprise yourself about what you can accomplish when you refuse to quit. Apriori Beauty is not a get-rich-quick business; it’s a people business, and for me, it’s about building relationships and having fun! I don’t sell, but rather, I share because it’s about giving people the opportunity to know and love the products. I’m not in a race, nor am I competing against anyone. Instead, I am working my business slow, steady and consistently to fulfill my own business and personal dreams!

Right Now Retailer ~ Angela Neifert-Kraiser

Angela Neifert-Kraiser PhotoAngela Neifert-Kriaser | Broomfield, CO
Joined: October 2011

You can’t fail unless you quit”

I meet clients everywhere I go.   As a wife, mother of a combined family of 7, grandmother of 18, and full-time employee at my “day job”, I fit in my Apriori business every chance I get.  Whether I’m in the checkout line at a store or running errands, I keep my eyes and ears open for business prospects.  I like to joke to others that Apriori is my own personal retirement program and protection plan against the economy, but it’s true.  Building my own business has allowed me the freedom and ability to plan for the future.  Instead of being afraid of what’s to come, I’m planning on where I want to vacation next!

My favorite go-to product is the Derma Firm Illuminator, I just love saying it.  Whenever I introduce it to others, I say it really fast and laugh, which leaves prospects even more intrigued.   When I meet potential clients, I’ll give them my business card and invite them to a 30-minute demonstration and product sample.  I prefer meeting with people one-on-one rather than following-up with them on the phone.  It’s more casual and personable, plus I love meeting and hanging out with new people, it’s one of the reasons I joined Apriori.  If I had to give one tip of advice, it would be to not give up.  Back when I first started (October 2011), I shared some samples with my co-worker.  I would occasionally ask her if she had tried them and was always given the same response, “not yet”.  Well, last month, she finally tried them and bought the 30-day set.  It may take weeks, months, even a year but never give up on the samples you give out.  People will surprise you.

Apriori has not only helped me, it’s helped my family.  Living in Colorado, we have to deal with dry, itchy skin.  My husband, who works for the post office would come home from work burnt and uncomfortable.  I shared the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Celloxylin Day Defense Plus lotion with him with hopes it would help.  Well, it did more than that.  Not only does he use both products daily, but he also can’t stop talking about how amazing they are!   In addition, for the past year, we’ve both been taking our morning shots of the Cellular Defense Elixir together.  A few months ago, he went in for a check-up and his cholesterol level had decreased 100 points.  100 points!  The only thing he changed in his diet was the Elixir.  Without a doubt, he is my walking advertisement of how great these products really are.  In fact, he tells all his customers about it and sends them my way to buy products!

Apriori has helped me keep in touch with my friends and family who are scattered about the county.  It has become my way of getting out, meeting new women, and making new friendships.  I thank God everyday for bringing Apriori Beauty into my life.