Power Builder – Candace Dye

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CandaceDyePicCandace Dye, Founder & Executive Director from California
Total Downline = 52, 4 levels deep
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Tried & True Formulas for Creating Your Own Success
Success comes to those who work focused with consistency. It’s that simple! Here are my formulas and tips for working to build a strong, successful business … or anything you want to accomplish in life!

Goals + Focus + Consistent Actions = Successful Habits

GOALS:  What do you want to achieve? Write them down and place them where you can see them throughout each day.

FOCUS:  Create a timeline for each goal to be accomplished. Write out a plan for monthly, weekly, and daily steps to get you there.

Morning – Start by visualizing your day filled with success, before you open your eyes. Express gratitude for your abundant blessings, and the opportunities to come. Make allotted time each day for communication to your Clients, and Team. Be consistent – every day. During the day, check off what you’ve completed and still have on your To Do List.

Evening — Communicate some more – emails, texts, phone calls. Reassess your day’s accomplishments. How will you close out your day — inspirational reading, journaling successes, etc? Plan for the next day’s focus to achieve your goals of the week. Revise your To Do List. Visualize what tomorrow’s success will look like. Express gratitude for the abundant blessings in each day.

Successful Habits + Time = Success
Time gives you strong, long-term relationships, as well as a reputation for success and respect as a professional. Giving up is not an option. Never be satisfied – always be looking for ways to improve or innovate. Study your product information regularly. Then study some more. Learn what and where your resources are. Reach out to your leaders and the Home Office.

Consistent Excellence + Cultivating Relationships = Superb Reputation for Success!

Now enjoy the results and Celebrate Your Success!