Mind Your Mind

The end of the year is almost here, which means it’s time to Mind Your Mind. Where’s your mindset for ending the year? As an entrepreneur, if your thoughts are not in the mindset you need them to be to end the year with enough momentum to propel you into the new year, you need to change your mind. Mind Your Mind, than change your mind to thoughts that create action toward your goals.


Mindset is everything. With the right mindset, you can achieve anything!

With the right mindset, you’ll be ready to set your goals for the new year … to strive for the business that works for you, and if you choose, to attract the team that has the same ambitions, thoughts and goals!

To help you get into the right mindset, here’s a few things to think about …

GROWTH — Every journey will always have obstacles and challenges. Instead of judging experiences in terms of success or failures, frame them in the positive light that all of them help you to grow … to become a better person. When you’re in a “growth” mindset, you are more open to possibilities and are more likely to challenge yourself, which will push you to greater achievements.

TAKE RISKS — Try pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone every once in a while to make your mind more nimble. With each stretch and success, you’ll learn to push yourself to new heights. The most successful achievers are those who take the risks that others don’t. If fear is keeping you back, the saying is true … the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD — Part of growing and taking risks is learning from your mistakes. Learn and move on. If you stop to dwell in the past, about what could or would have been, you’ll never have a future. When you’re forward thinking, you’ll always be moving forward.

NEVER STOP LEARNING — A thirst for knowledge should never be quenched. Having an endless supply of curiosity is key to seeing beyond what’s in front of you. When you’re open to learning something new, you’ll be exposed to things you never knew existed. With new doors opening in front of you, you’ll also have endless options and opportunities for new adventures and achievements.

ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL — When you focus on the things you are grateful for, you’ll always be in a positive mindset. Great things come out of being positive. Nothing great is ever achieved from being negative.

PLAN OF ACTION — Take the time to think through what you want to achieve, and the steps that can be taken to get there. When you know and focus on what you want, the actions to achieve it will naturally happen.

Open up to new ways of thinking and you’ll achieve the positive mindset critical to success.

Dream Big, Hit it Big

With lottery excitement hitting fever pitch across the nation, it’s a good reminder to always Dream Big with your business.

Remember the last time you bought a lottery ticket? It was more than likely just the other day. If you’re like most people, you probably tucked the ticket away in a safe place, then you started to daydream about what you’d do if you won! You thought about …

  • The moment you figured out you were the winner …
  • What you would buy first …
  • Who you would help …
  • The places you would go …
  • The fun you would have …
  • The financial security you would feel …
  • Who you would tell first …
  • How it would feel to accept the “Big Check” …
  • How exciting it felt to Dream Big!

Now take those same thoughts and think similarly with your business. When you share the opportunity with enthusiasm and potential, it can evoke in others the same thoughts and feelings as a lottery ticket!


When you share all that you love about the products and your excitement for what the opportunity means to you, others will get excited about:

• What they can buy with their new source of income
• Who they can help by offering the opportunity to others
• The places they will go (i.e. incentive trips)
• The fun they will have with their new found friends
• How financial security will feel when they achieve their goals
• Who they want to tell first about their new adventure
• How it will feel to earn the recognition they desire
• How exciting it is to dream big and to see the possibilities and potential in themselves!

Evoke emotion. Sharing the opportunity is like giving someone a lottery ticket. You’re giving them a chance to dream big and to feel good about their future. It also just might be the fuel they need to strive for bigger possibilities in their life.

Help others to Dream Big and you might just Hit It Big yourself with a thriving, growing team and network marketing business!

Ask and You Shall Receive

The saying is true … to get what you want, you have to ask for it. No one is going to just give it to you. Ask and you shall receive. In network marketing, that means sharing the products you represent and then “Asking” to take the next step …

Ask questions to build rapport

When meeting with one person or many, always ask the person or people you are meeting with to share something about themself. Ask questions, then listen to what people are sharing about what they like or don’t like, want and desire. Connect with the person or people you are sharing with to build rapport.

Ask for an opinion about the samples you shared

Always, always, always follow-up after sharing a product sample or doing a product demo. The biggest mistake marketers make in this business is to assume that if someone likes the sample shared, they’ll contact you. Don’t wait for a call, call or contact them after a few days to ask their opinion of the sample or product shared. You may just find on this call that they haven’t even had the chance to use the sample yet. They’ll appreciate the call to remind them to try it. After they’ve had a chance to try the sample, ask what they liked or didn’t like, then listen to learn what they are looking for to see if you can meet their needs or solve a problem with the products you represent.

Ask for the order

Surprisingly more often than not, we share the products and our experience using the products and we end the conversation there. The last step to close the sale is to “Ask” for the order. Ask which product or products could they see themselves using. Ask if they would be happy if a product shared could solve one of the problems they expressed bothered them. Share any specials being offered to help them get the best deal possible on the products they show interest in to close the sale.

Ask for referrals

Always, always, always ask for referrals. Ask if they can think of anyone else they know that would appreciate the products too. Offer to share samples for anyone they can think of. Ask if they would like to host an event for you with a few of their closest friends at a later date. Be sure to share the benefits to them for hosting for you (i.e. free products or discounts on the products they want).

Ask them to join your team

Always, always, always ask if they would be interested in joining your team! Express how excited you would be to work with them and to build a business together. Share the benefits you’ve experienced doing the business. Share with them “why” you do the business, not how you do it. “People don’t buy what you do … they buy Why you do it,” says motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek.

Bottomline, you’ll never know if someone is interested in your products, in buying from you, in helping you share the products, or joining your team unless you ask them. And if you never ask, the answer will always be “no.” So, just ask!

Team Building Tips

Network Marketing is a people business. So, when you’re ready to build your business beyond yourself, you’ll want to keep these 5, basic team-building tips in mind …


When you’re working with and counting on other, independent people to build and grow your business, things can sometimes get frustrating. To limit those frustrations, you need to manage your expectations, as most frustrations result from unmet expectations.

As a leader, we of course always have high expectations for our team. We want them to be successful. They say they want to be successful. But, their actions don’t always match their words or the goals they say they want to achieve. Save yourself from unnecessary frustration by meeting each person on your team “where they’re at.” Unfortunately, that may not be where you want or need them to be, but it’s where they need to be. Learn to recognize and accept that fact, and you’ll save yourself a ton of unnecessary frustration down the road.


Set each new person up for success by dedicating 30-days to helping them learn the ropes. Teach each new person you add to your team the basics for running their business. Be available to answer questions or to jump on a phone call with a prospective new Client or Consultant. Help them with their launch event. Show them how, than let them show you how.

By dedicating time to each new person you add to your team, you’re not only teaching them how to get off to their best start possible, but you are also showing them how to set the people they sponsor up for success too by doing the same with each person they add to their team.


Teach your Consultants how to do their business, but don’t do it for them. You can show them how, but stop at that. Save yourself from the frustration of having someone always relying on you to do what they need to do, by showing them the ropes, then letting them take the reins and running from there.


Similarly to #1 above, manage expectations by working closely with those who show you their motivation with action. Actions speak louder than words, so pay attention to what people on your team do, not what they say they are going to do. Work with the people that show that they are motivated to grow with business-building actions, and limit your time and energy away from those who don’t.


You add to your team to grow your business, but the true key to growing your business is to help your team grow … personally and financially. Network marketing is also a people “building” business. Personal development will play a key role in your success. Help those on your team who want to help themselves. Recommend books to read, podcasts to listen to … anything that you think will help someone on your team grow past the things that might be keeping them from reaching their potential. Honesty plays a key role here too. Being honest and open with positive feedback will help your team learn what it takes to become the success they want to be.

Personal growth will lead to business growth, which will lead to financial growth. Helping others achieve their definition of success will inevitably help you achieve yours!



Day of Caring

DayOfCaringPicBy Beverly Sage, Executive Director | Miami, FL

The “Day of Caring” was an event focused on uniting people together and promoting breast cancer awareness.  Education played an integral role with seminars and demonstrations being held throughout the day.  To top it off, a spectacular fashion show was put on, which featured breast cancer survivors as models, and famed author Judy Blume was the guest speaker, who gave a phenomenal speech.

I was honored to be invited and demonstrate our beautiful products to over 600 women!
I felt even more blessed after finding out that this event is exclusive to cancer survivors (including those displaying products). Imagine how proud I was to learn that our products had proven to be so pure and safe, that the committee waived their policy and invited us into this special group.

Fellow Apriori Beauty Consultant Sky Palma and I arrived that morning at 6:30am and within less than an hour, we were busy answering questions, handing out samples, serving chilled Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir and sharing our products well into the afternoon. I have never talked so much or answered so many pointed questions in my life. Survivors understand the importance of pure, plant-based products and are extremely wise in their knowledge. We (and our products) passed the test with flying colors.

It was an exhilarating day; a day that neither Sky nor I will ever forget. We cried, we laughed and we said over 600 times…”Welcome to Apriori Beauty.”

Great Start Consultant AND New Manager – Anita Lewis

AnitaMarch 2013

Anita Lewis, Manager | Elmira, NY
Joined: August 2011
Downline Consultants:  6, one level deep

A majority of my career has been an uphill climb; but, through my determination and perseverance, I’ve been able to break against the harsh waves and continue my journey.  I’m currently the Vice President of Community of Donor Relations for the Economic Opportunity Program, an action agency that supports the community through various programs.  In addition to holding my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I am currently studying to obtain my Master’s in Management and will have my degree by the end of 2013.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband of 16 years and two amazing kids, who continuously keep grounded and humble.

Apriori Beauty is my second network marketing company to work with; however, my experience with Apriori has greatly differed from past companies.  I enjoy learning about our healthy products and especially love the incredible results they bring!  My journey to manager was a ride, but from the wonderful support of my upline Jacqueline Agostinelli, how could I not make it to manager?   My determination and excitement to build my Apriori business is a goal that I remind myself daily, one day and one person at a time.  As the popular statement says, “Each one Teach one”.   While working with my team of new consultants, my focus is on supporting them and raising awareness of their Apriori business.  I look forward to expanding my business and achieving more success with Apriori Beauty.  I’m thankful that an opportunity like this exists.  With a team that is constantly supporting me and products that produce remarkable results, Apriori is the business for me.  If my determination and perseverance have proven anything, it’s that I don’t believe in giving up and know that there is always something more I can achieve.

Sheila Morrison – Reconnecting with Apriori Beauty

My trip to Las Vegas for Apriori’s Beauty MLB 2012 was to discover what Apriori was doing and where it was headed.  You see, my upline vanished in June 2012.  My husband asked me why I was going to MLB, and I replied it was because I was on a fact-finding mission.  I needed to see this for myself.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I went to the hotel and checked in to my room.  I met my in-laws for dinner and then headed to the ballroom for the launch of Apriori’s new products.  Walked in and sat at a table with other Apriori gals.  Keep in mind, I was alone.  I had no team members there and basically knew no one. Unfortunately, the gals at the table only said “hi”, and nothing more.  Not a good start! The new products (ProDermalin) blew me away, and I was anxious to get to my room and apply them.  Besides, I was exhausted.  I had left Ohio at 5:50am EST and I was still on east coast time (somewhere around 2:00am EST).  I left the ballroom and bumped into Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck in the hallway. They said hello and I asked them if I could ask them a couple questions.  I didn’t know if they would be able to talk then or would need to make an appointment to talk with me later.  My questions were going to be pointed.  They both agreed to answer the questions then and there.  I told them the story of my upline vanishing and was wondering where that left me and where or who they were going to put me under.  When they answered, I was shocked!  I know I had to have been standing there with my mouth open. Susan said, “Sheila that puts you next to us. You are direct to the Company.”  I get chills just typing this even now.  Ladies, let me reassure you all that Apriori is alive and well.  Susan and Elizabeth are the kind of gals I will follow with the knowledge that we are headed in the right direction and with great leadership!

The next morning I went down to Starbucks to get my morning coffee fix and saw an Apriori gal in the line ahead of me.  I said “hello” and we talked. I told her that I was by myself at MLB and she invited me to walk with her to the ballroom.  We entered and she directed me to a table with a lot of smiling faces.  They all welcomed me with open arms.  One gal in particular welcomed me with open arms and a huge smile – we instantly became friends.  That gal was Martee Nott!  Thanks, Martee, I will always love you for ‘adopting’ me!  These connections never cease to amaze me!  Martee and I talked, laughed, and cried together for the next couple days.  We have this aviation connection; she loves airplanes and so do I.  As we shared over the next two days, it was obvious we would be friends for a long time.  I joined this business for a couple reasons, just like everyone else.  I wanted extra income and I wanted friends.  I am on my way to both. Thank you to all of you for the fabulous MLB 2012 and thank you for taking me into your family of Apriori!!!  Mission accomplished!

Founder Profile — Sue Forster

Sue Forster
FOUNDER  | Lake Forest, CA

“Before moving to California I was a school teacher for twelve years in Illinois. I taught junior high physical education and followed my passion of coaching athletics. I have coached all levels from junior high to college and a variety of sports from volleyball to gymnastics. My love for sports and passion to teach others made every day enjoyable.

“When my husband Tom and I decided to move to California with our first born, I soon became pregnant with my second son. The choice was made to stay home and raise the children. It is not like me to be stagnant in anything and I found a flexible marketing research position that I was able to do while raising my boys. One opportunity led to the next and my marketing experience brought me to Cold Stone Creamery where I did all the marketing for 42 stores for ten years. Once again another opportunity presented itself, never looking back I accepted a position at the San Diego blood bank, where I am still at today.

“My family, the people who know me best, would describe me as an energetic, hard working, driven individual. My self-motivation and willingness to help others is something I take pride in. I have included these characteristics in all aspects of my life and have made a conscience effort to spread my positive attitude on to others.”

“My first Apriori Beauty opportunity meeting came in 2009. I had never before taken a chance in network marketing, but I soon became very intrigued by the presentations made by the three partners. I went home that night and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a new opportunity and a new challenge to take on. On the last day of pre-registration, I decided to join as a Founder. I took this chance before there were products, because I believed in the values of the company and knew it was for me.

“Knowing that retirement was just around the corner, I was intrigued by the thought of running my own business and the freedom that comes with it. Building my own business, while helping others build their own business was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up! If I can share and help someone else, that’s a win-win for me. Whatever I can do to help other people.”

“My Mom inspires me. Growing up as the 4th child of 9, the focus was always about taking care of everyone else. It was never about me. She’s my inspiration for wanting to help others.”

“The Celloxylin Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Eye+Lip Age Eraser are my favorite products. The scrub is just amazing. I love how the sugar melts on and cleans my face. And the Eye+Lip helps my dry skin around my eyes and lips. It’s the perfect product for me.”