Great Start Consultant — Beverly Sage

JULY 2012

  Beverly Sage  |  Sr. Consultant from Miami Beach, FL

  • Joined:  April 2012
  • Downline Consultants:  6, two levels deep
  • New Consultants in the last 30 days:  5
  • Her team averaged $2,400 PGRV her first two months and will end June with over $5,400.

“I am a firm believer in Life’s Gifts. Nothing is by chance or coincidence, especially if our hearts and minds are open to see those Gift’s. One of Life’s most important gifts is family. My Apriori journey started with family … Karen Fishman. I had not seen Karen in several months. I heard she was using a new skin care product and her skin was luminous! (Coming from a mother-in-law, those are words of high praise indeed!) Karen and I spoke and the Gift of the Apriori journey began.

“My first statement to her was, ‘I will not sell this product, don’t even talk to me about it! I only want to use it!’ She said that was fine (smiling), and gave me a Turn Back Time Capsule and brochures. The next day, my second statement to her was, ‘I want to be a Consultant!’ That first night, after I cleansed my face and began reading the brochures, my mind went into warp speed, imagining the possibilities in my life with this amazing company.

“Twenty-nine years ago, I was lucky enough to start a modeling agency. As a professional model in the US and Europe, I had made many friends in the Fashion Industry. At that time, I was recently divorced, had two little boys and was about to turn THIRTY! It was a very frightening time for me, until a friend called, who happened to be the Fashion Director of Lord & Taylor. Lord & Taylor was opening for the first time in Florida, they hated the existing agencies in Florida and asked if I would open one! Another Gift! Lord & Taylor helped me start the agency, taught me their standard of professionalism and was my first client. Twenty-nine years later, I am still humbled by that fortuitous telephone call.

“As I read the Apriori Beauty brochures, saw the integrity of the business, the purity of the products and the ease of supply, I recalled the numerous times over the years that I had been approached by skin care and cosmetic companies to endorse their products. I always said no. The quality was never there, there was not one that even came close to the standards I expected if my agency’s reputation was to be involved.

“Apriori Beauty had the quality I was looking for on every level! I knew the product would be great for the models, even though many are still very young and have breathtaking skin, they are exposed to our South Florida sun! Need I say more? We are marketing Apriori Beauty to the models as protection from SUN DAMAGE, as well as aging.

“That first night, as I was forming the marketing strategy for the models, I remembered back to when I was turning Thirty and wondering what to do with the rest of my work life. I remembered the gift I was given from Lord & Taylor and like a ‘Lightening Bolt,’ I thought about all of the models that are about to make that same huge decision of what to do next. Introducing them to Apriori Beauty would at least give them an option for a future that is part of the Beauty Industry – a future where they could have control of their own destiny. There was no stopping my thoughts on this evening of Apriori Discovery!

“It took a few months for me to be comfortable and knowledgeable enough to introduce the products to a test group of models. The results have been beyond extraordinary! We are now planning our introduction party for models in July!

“Even though the agency was my number one business thought, as I read the brochure, my own skin was my first personal priority. As a woman of a certain age, I refuse to give in to the laws of gravity and history. I don’t want to grow old gracefully! I want to fight it every step of the way, as safely and non-invasively as possible. I have tried every product on the market, from the most expensive to the ones recommended by superstars. None worked!

“Another ‘Lightening Bolt’ … aren’t my friends all saying the same thing? I had recently reconnected with a group of my college classmates. We had our 40th reunion on a cruise to the Bahamas and mostly spoke about aging and staying young and never ever looking our age! We are vital, accomplished business women, mothers and grandmothers that never want to be considered old!

L-R: Paula Yudelevit and Beverly

I immediately called Paula Yudelevit, my cruise mate from the reunion, and told her about these amazing products. We had been discussing the possibilities of collaborating on a blog for women our age (I am not going to discuss the blog now, because it is really Paula’s idea). Apriori Beauty would be a natural fit for the blog. It took Paula less than one week to become my first Consultant. Two more classmates have become Consultants since May.

“Speaking of the gift of family, I have to include my thoughts, from that whirlwind of an evening, about my immediate family … my handsome baby brother, who loves the sun way too much … my sister who has a wide circle of friends and constantly states how much she HATE, HATE, HATES wrinkles … my 16 year-old daughter who now loves the Lifeoxylin® elixir and uses most of the products … my two sons who understand the need for skin care … and my life partner who uses all of the products and is constantly being told how great his skin looks. All of my family members are now using the products!

Jeff Waters

“My brother, Jeff Waters, became my second Consultant! He is an art director and is approaching the concept of network marketing with a fresh, even humorous approach. It seems we are turning our Apriori experience into a family business!

“With this small sampling of my life, I very much need to add that Apriori Beauty has enhanced my life. I have regained the joy of business accomplishment by attempting a new venture. I have connected and reconnected with a wonderful group of people and my beautiful skin has given me the joy of defying the odds!

“My advice to all of our new Consultants is to trust your instincts. Turn to your circle of friends and family to gain the needed confidence to then extend beyond them. Trust our products and keep your message simple and truthful. No need for a hard sell ever, the products sell themselves! And most of all, enjoy the whirlwind that we know as Apriori Beauty!

“Thank you Apriori Beauty … This is only the beginning!”

One of the many ads for Facebook created by Beverly’s talented brother, Jeff Waters!