Great Start Consultant – Barbara French

BarbaraFrenchBarbara French | Sr. Consultant from California
Joined: April 2015
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 1

I am the mother of 4 grown children, stepmother of 2, with a total of 12 grandchildren, and am a retired Corporate Credit/Customer Service Manager of 25+ years. Always eager and enthusiastic of my kids’ activities, I spent a lot of time on softball, baseball and soccer fields and was even softball manager for my daughters’ teams and team mother for my son’s baseball teams. During these last few years, I’ve started doing things I’ve always wanted to do (like oil painting), but couldn’t because I was too busy being Mom and businesswoman. I had always planned to take it easy after retiring, but fate stepped in and had far more exciting plans for me.

I attended my first Apriori Beauty Bar at my friend Robin Whitney’s house back in April 2015. I was just expecting to have a social evening and possibly buy a few products in support of my friend. What I experienced instead was a group of very professional, congenial and delightful businesswomen who were all excited about their products and expressed enthusiasm and support for their fellow associates at Apriori Beauty. I was so impressed by these women, the products, and the business model and structure of Apriori Beauty (with their goal of supporting, encouraging and empowering women), that I eagerly joined that very night. I’m happy to be part of part of a Company that offers a myriad of tools including fantastic products, a free personalized website full of information and knowledge, flyers, brochures, as well as training videos and conference calls. Apriori Beauty gives us everything we need to be successful in this business. Did I mention the incentive programs and monthly bonuses? Social networking and building relationships with delightful and motivated women only proves that this new retirement plan is far better than my original one.

I cannot say enough about my amazing Consultant sponsor, Robin, who has been instrumental in my involvement with Apriori Beauty and is always supportive and encouraging. She has guided me from the beginning, showing me different ways to “share” these one-of-a-kind products and even organized my first Beauty Bar a Beauty Bar that I co-hosted with my daughter and Apriori Beauty Consultant, Cindy Blake! Through Robin’s encouragement and confidence in me, I gave my first presentation at my Beauty Bar and plan to do more in the upcoming months. Robin is so generous with her time and knowledge, which is typical of the selfless people who make Apriori Beauty the outstanding organization that it is. From her invaluable coaching, I’ve learned that consistency and follow-up is key to success and to always keep my goals in sight. One of my goals is to be a supportive and effective sponsor as Robin has been for me.

I cherish meaningful relationships and having the opportunity that being an Apriori Consultant provides, allows me to continuously meet new and interesting people on a regular basis. I love the “Use, Love, Share” attitude and am looking forward to getting to know all my Apriori Beauty friends on a deeper level while building my own successful business and contributing to the growth of Apriori Beauty as a company.

Great Start Consultant – Anita Fusilli

AnitaFusilliAnita Fusilli | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: March 2015
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 3
Personal Clients: 28

My Apriori Beauty journey began back in March of 2015 when I offered to host a “Launch” party for my daughter Olivia, who had just joined as an Apriori Beauty Consultant. It was at the party where I experienced the products and was so impressed by what I was putting on my skin that I signed up that evening as an Independent Consultant and purchased 99% of the products.

Being married, in my 50’s with three children between the ages of 15 and 27, and working part-time as a Pediatric Nurse, I’m around people of all ages who are interested in anti-aging skincare. In building and growing my business, I’ve adopted one of Apriori Beauty’s mantra as my own, Use Love Share. It’s always my opening line and when you use, love, and believe in a product, it’s very easy to sell.

I work in a busy office so I started off by sharing with my female co-workers. I brought in samples for everyone and left catalogs on their desks. Before long, I had everyone using Apriori Beauty. I then hosted a Beauty Bar where I invited my tennis teammates and girlfriends. Again, the products impressed all of them! One of my favorite times is when my daughter Olivia and I joined forces and brought in lunch for the women in my husband’s office for a special Mother’s Day treat. My husband had even purchased the Celloxylin® In the Bag Set for all the women. From that luncheon, I signed up and sponsored my first Apriori Beauty Consultant!

Since joining in March, my business has grown steadily. I always travel with samples and share at every opportunity I get. When it comes to samples, I like to make the extra effort and put them in lovely samples bags that include the product catalog and my business card. For me, packaging and presentation are vital when introducing the products, as it’s my potential Clients’ first exposure to Apriori Beauty. One valuable tip I’ve learned from fellow Consultant and Executive Director, Lisa Adam is to get the email address from the people you share samples with. That way, you can follow-up with them and get that much closer to a sale. In addition to handing out samples and developing a follow-up system, I’ve found that purchasing Apriori Beauty gift cards (you can get $25 gift cards for only $20 when you’re a Sr. Consultant/Manager/Director!) and using them to cover the cost of shipping for Clients has greatly benefited my sales. Spending a little on a luncheon or free shipping really does go a long way when you’re growing your business.

Along with being impressed with Apriori Beauty as a Company, I appreciate the standards by which the products are developed. There are a lot of skincare products on the market, but not all of them are safe nor effective. Being an Apriori Beauty Consultant has been an incredible journey that I’m blessed to be experiencing alongside my daughter Olivia. I’m excited to expand my business and continue Sharing products I Use and Love.

Great Start Consultant – Pamela Araujo

PamAraujoPamela Araujo | Sr. Consultant from Massachusetts
Joined: June 2014
Personally Sponsored Consultants: 1
Personally Sponsored Clients: 14

“When I love something, I tell everyone”

I used to be the woman with flawless skin who never gave much thought to her face. Even as a teenager going through puberty, my face was always clear of zits. And then three years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful son and everything changed. My skin became greasy and was constantly covered in acne. After going through an endless amount of products that no longer worked for me, I went on the search for a skincare line that was safe, honest, and worked for my face. And then, I came across Apriori Beauty.

A lot of skincare companies don’t want you to know the ingredients they use in their products. Sure, they like to feature the popular and safe ingredients; however, there’s hidden items in these products that we as consumers aren’t notified of. What initially attracted me to Apriori Beauty was the Science Center on the website because it lists and describes every single ingredient found in the products. They don’t hide anything because they don’t have to – all their ingredients are safe and healthy for you! I requested a sample and used it up … every last drop. This was it; Apriori Beauty was the skincare for me. My skin began clearing up and I was getting compliments on my skin, which was especially nice because it’d been a while.

I initially signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant just for the discount. If I’m using the products, why not become a Consultant and save some money? People notice when you do something different, and I was no exception. Friends, family, and even acquaintances started asking me what I was using because they were seeing an improvement in my skin. I soon realized that I could pay for my skincare simply by sharing my Apriori Beauty experience with others. Once I opened myself to the opportunity, people started purchasing and my business began growing. Even my husband jumped on board! He’s not only 100% supportive in my business, but he is also one of my best Clients (his current obsession is the ViViD Treatment Oil)! It’s not about selling and pressuring someone to buy; it’s about sharing what you use and love. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate Apriori Beauty into a conversation. If you’re talking about the weather, relate it to their skin (is the climate leaving their skin dry or oily?) and then discuss your skincare and how it works for you.

Want to know the secret to a successful business? Follow-up! If you don’t follow-up with people, they’ll put those products samples away in a drawer and forget all about them. One thing I’ve learned is that people aren’t annoyed when you follow-up with them. Instead, they’re actually quite grateful and appreciative. When I first started, I was afraid I was bothering them, but that’s not the case. They lead busy lives too and sometimes just need a little reminder.

I’m still new at this, and every day has been a learning experience for me. Between being a Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist, I see numerous Clients every week and they look to me for advice. It’s refreshing to know I can share Apriori Beauty with confidence and not feel insecure about my skin. When someone asks me about becoming a Consultant, I tell them, “If it’s something you use, it’s a great way to get a discount and if you share it with others, it’s an added bonus.” Use, Love, Share – yes, it’s just that simple.

Great Start Consultant – Christina LaDucaCosta

Christina_LaDucaCosta_72dpiChristina LaDucaCosta | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: April 2014
19 Personal Clients

I became an Esthetician because I wanted to help others look and feel good about themselves. People use skincare to enhance the quality of their skin and overall appearance, but unfortunately, there’s so many products allowed in the cosmetic industry that can harm instead of help you. What’s worse is that people have no idea about the side effects because these products are being labeled as healthy when in fact they’re anything but. I had heard about Apriori Beauty from a co-worker, but it wasn’t until a pregnant Client of mine came in and mentioned she was using a specific product, which I feared could be dangerous to her pregnancy, that I felt inclined to take action and become an Apriori Beauty Consultant.

It’s interesting how everything is interconnected; the world is a lot smaller than you think. I first met my upline, Lisa Adam years ago when we worked for the same company. Due to the fact we were at different locations, we didn’t really know each other but were rather just acquaintances. It wasn’t until Lisa’s hairstylist (who works at the same salon as I do), introduced me to her and encouraged me to try Apriori Beauty. There’s some people you automatically click with and feel like you’ve known forever and for me, that someone is Lisa. She gave me a sample, which I tried and I loved! Before I made the commitment to bring the products into the salon, I thoroughly researched Apriori Beauty because I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit. I’m conscious of what goes on somebody’s body, how it’s going to help them, and the effect it will ultimately have on them. With Apriori Beauty, the products contain all-natural, pure ingredients, and they work! Back in December, I was burned on my face, near my eye. Being in the field I’m in, you want to look as good as possible. Clients expect to walk in and see someone who takes great care of their skin. At the time, I was using makeup to cover the burn, which was doing the job, but my skin wasn’t healing. Since I began using Apriori Beauty a few months ago, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Not only has the burned area improved significantly, but my overall complexion now screams radiance. As a fifty year-old, nothing says compliment like someone questioning your age because they can’t believe you’re older than forty!

Apriori Beauty has proven to be a great partnership. I feel confident in using the products on Clients and sharing with them the importance of a healthy skin regimen. So often, people ask me what they should use on their face, how they should use it, and how often. They need an at-home regimen that will give results. I live by the mantra “Do no harm,” and with Apriori Beauty, I can confidently help others look and feel their best without causing them harm. If it’s anything I’ve learned since joining in April, it’s that the sky’s is the limit, and I plan to get the word out about this incredibly safe and effective skincare!

Great Start Consultant – Brenna Lowry

Brenna.LowryBrenna Lowry | Sr. Consultant from Wyoming
Joined: February 2014
4 Personally Sponsored Consultants
5 Personal Clients

My sister-in-law, Angela Neifert-Kraiser, introduced Apriori Beauty to me last year with a Turn Back Time Capsule. At the time, I was using a different skincare line, which I had started using when my youngest son told me that my face looked cracked! I was happy with my current skincare, yet loved Apriori Beauty because it brought immediate results. Eventually, I purchased the Celloxylin “In the Bag” set and was given extra samples by Angela to share with others. While I was on a weekend trip with friends, I took the opportunity to share the Apriori Beauty samples with them. When one of the friends, who is a dermatologist was extremely impressed with the products, I asked Angela if she would come over and share the products and opportunity with all of us. At the time there was a Consultant sign up special, so my friend and I decided to jump on board and join Apriori Beauty as Independent Consultants.

I have to be honest, I did not have a plan when I first joined. I’m not a salesperson, and as a mother of 5 kids, 4 of whom I homeschool, I’m constantly traveling for speech and debate tournaments. The last thing I wanted was something new to take up my time. What has happened since joining though has been incredible. The most amazing thing was when my own sister signed up as a Consultant and purchased the All-In-One set because she was so impressed with the results I received after using the Derma Firm Illuminator for only two weeks. It really is Use, Love, and Share! Since joining Apriori Beauty, I have been encouraged in various ways: financial payback, friends who love the products, and constant support from my upline. It’s been inspiring to watch Angela grow as she continues to challenge herself and cultivate her Apriori Beauty business.

My business grew quickly in my first two months with several Consultants. Now I’m focused on developing my Clientele list and sharing with people I meet. I’ve learned that when you share out of a genuine concern for other people, it’s not difficult. I talk about my own experiences, which enables sharing to become effortless and natural. Whereas I’ve had a few rejections, I’ve learned that’s okay. Instead of dwelling on it, I remain focused on moving forward with my business and growing!

Great Start Consultant – Helen Falco


Helen Falco | Manager from Arizona
Joined: April 2013
4 Personally Sponsored Consultants
8 total in downline, 3 levels deep

Helen joined Apriori Beauty in April but kick-started her business in September by sponsoring 4 new Consultants in less than a month and going Manager the next month!  In addition, Helen earned a free iPad with Apriori Beauty’s “To the Point!” incentive program with all of this momentum!

My Professional life is somewhat varied in that I switched gears and changed careers in my late 20s/ early 30s. My Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish, from a private liberal arts school, didn’t exactly provide what I was looking for in my professional career. I worked on various political campaigns in Arizona, internships at the Secretary of States office, two different positions for the State of Arizona, with the Department of Education, and a rewarding but dead-end job with a Food Bank, managing their community relations. I was also very active on the Board for Breast Cancer Research, having lost my mother in my late 20s to this wicked disease. My resolve to be an advocate for Women’s Health issues and to make a difference in peoples’ health, wellness and fitness, was stronger than ever.

I have always been pretty active (track, dance, pom squad in high school), but really discovered fitness in college. Fast forward to 1997, my quest to make Fitness a lifestyle and profession began with my certification in Group Fitness, leading various formats of classes.  I then received my certificate as a Personal Fitness Trainer, which ultimately lead to my comprehensive Pilates Certification.  My Fitness Career has been extremely rewarding, but I was looking for something to supplement my income that I could use to help raise my daughter and our quality of life.

I was introduced to Apriori Beauty by Kathy DeRango, my longtime childhood friend, who I had reconnected with on Facebook.  Kathy sent me a lovely and classy sample in the mail and I soon signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant.  My start as a Consultant was somewhat slow as I started to learn more about the business and build my clientele.  As my business started to grow and develop, the following women have all played an integral part in my success:

  1. Kathy, my sponsor and childhood friend is amazing.  She possesses excellent managerial and strategic goal setting skills.  In addition, her unending support 24/7 and encouragement has helped me tremendously.
  1. Sharon Michaels’ “Mastermind” series helped me believe in myself and push past my fears. Sharon gave practical solutions that taught me how to change my thought patterns.  Suddenly, I had power, focus, and control over my destiny!
  1. Lettie Hutki, a Personal Training Client of mine and dear friend was my first Consultant.  Lettie immediately turned my momentum upside down with her rock star attitude, genuine love for the products and Opportunity, and amazing business acumen.  Lettie is a true gem and one everybody would want on their team!  She is my angel from up there and I am forever grateful for her!

These three integral people and their contributions to my life catapulted me to the next level of self-employment.  My true dream is being realized!  I am now ready to start my own Pilates studio business, where I can share daily this beautiful opportunity: Apriori Beauty! The thing that makes me the happiest about owning my own business is knowing that you have the option to do things however you would like to on your own schedule.  The pace of your business fits the pace of your lifestyle and dreams!

Great Start Consultant – Chiranda Perez

C.PerezChiranda Perez | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: June 2013
Personally-sponsored Consultants: 5

When I signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant, I didn’t know that much about the Company, except what my sponsor, Nathaly Diaz told me.  I’m a Hairstylist and Nail Technician and was working with Nathaly when I learned about Apriori Beauty.  After listening to her and Lisa Minogue talk about Apriori Beauty’s opportunity, I was amped and ready to get started.  I brought it up to my husband and he told me, “If you want to try it, then I will support you.”  I joined because I was excited about the products and the potential income I could earn.  I have 5 children, so the idea of earning supplemental income on my schedule is ideal for me.  I didn’t start out with a plan; instead, I just went for it and knew that if this was the Company for me, it would work.  I immediately started talking to everyone I came across, sharing this amazing opportunity with them all.  They were just as excited as I was and signed up!

I have been with other companies before, but it was different.  I wasn’t motivated nor did I put in the work and effort with them like I have with Apriori Beauty.  All of them required a lot of time that I didn’t have the energy to give.  With Apriori Beauty, it comes naturally to me.  I love the products and can’t stop sharing them with my family, friends, and Clients.  As a Hairstylist, I always use the ViViD Hair Therapy products on all of my Clients and am constantly uploading “after” pics on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I’m sure some might think I’m obsessed with ViViD, and yes, I probably am, but finding a Hair Therapy line that works on all types of hair and is cost efficient has been hard to find.

My secret for success is simple: if you want to get to the top, it’s going to require hard work and consistency.  Slacking off is not an option or your business will be the result in the same.  Being consistent is key and my goal is to get my business to the point where it’s working on its own.  I’ve learned that if you work, it will work for you!

Great Start Consultant – Lisa Adam

L.Adam_GSC_picLisa Adam, Sr. Consultant | Webster, NY
Joined: February 2013
Downline Consultants: 7 (all personally sponsored!)

It all started with a Facebook message from Lisa Minogue.  We had both worked at a previous Network Marketing company together and Lisa wanted to know if I was interested in trying an Apriori Beauty skin care sample.  For the past year, I had been exploring and researching various skin care companies I might want to join; however, none of them seemed appealing.  At the time, I was open to trying out Lisa’s samples, but didn’t want to get my hopes up in case the skin care turned out to be like the rest I’d be trying: ineffective.

To put it simply, the results exceeded my expectations.  I was squeezing out every lost drop I could get from the Celloxylin 5-step strip.  Immediately, I was noticing a difference and so were others!  My husband commented on how my skin was glowing.  Right after receiving the samples, I had to rush my husband to the ER, who was suffering with a bad case of the flu.  While waiting with my husband to see a doctor, I was on my phone messaging back and forth with Lisa.  “I want the entire set,” I stated and asked, “What’s my best option?”  Lisa mentioned that if I signed up as a Consultant, I would receive a 30% rebate on all the products I purchased.  As she further explained the compensation plan, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It was perfect and unheard of!  How could I say no?  I wasn’t in the business mindset, but knew it could be a valuable option down the road. I was determined to try every single Apriori Beauty product and then I could retail to my friends and family.   It was there in the ER that I decided to sign-up as a Consultant and order the All-in-One set.  I wasn’t going to wait any longer, I’d found my ideal skin care company!

The next few days was like a kid waiting for Christmas, unbearable.  I waited eagerly for my Starter Kit and products to arrive and checked the mailbox every hour.  The day they were scheduled to arrive, I was leaving on a girl’s trip with my friends and our daughters.  I refused to leave without the products and literally chased down the mailman, fearful he would forget to drop off my packages.  I received my products, shoved them in my suitcase and left for vacation.  That night, I couldn’t resist opening up my package from Apriori Beauty and ended up lining up all the products in the hotel bathroom for me and my girlfriends to share.  From there, everyone used and loved it, placing their orders faster than I could open my Starter Kit.  Upon arriving back home, I mailed out samples to friends and family, asking for their opinion.  Even friends of mine who had never ordered from me at my previous company, were now placing orders and asking about Apriori Beauty’s business opportunity.  I honestly wasn’t expecting everything to happen so fast, especially since I had told myself I didn’t want to sell anything till I had tried every single product.  I didn’t realize that just by sharing what I loved, I would not only be helping others by introducing them to healthy skin care, but I would also be growing my business.  It really sunk in when my mom came to visit me and upon trying the Celloxylin samples, told me that she wanted the full set and that I had to share these products with others.

Mid-March, I decided to go full-swing and launch my business.  My sponsor, Lisa Minogue and Nathaly Diaz flew in to help me throw my first product experience.  We didn’t even ask guests if they wanted to order because we didn’t get a chance.  My guests were grabbing brochures and filling out order forms.  I still can’t believe how simple this has been.  All I’ve done is share with others and post new profile pictures on Facebook, which always garner attention from friends, exclaiming, “What are you using?  Your face looks amazing!”   The products do most of the work, all I do is share.   I find it funny that in the two months I’ve been with Apriori Beauty, I’ve been more confident than I ever was at my previous company.  I currently have 60 samples sent out to people all over the country.  I always tell people, “try this, I promise you will not regret it!”  If someone puts the products on their face, they’re going to fall in love.  Whether they place an order now or later is not the point.  I’m more concerned about educating and sharing healthy skin care.  So many people aren’t aware that what they’re using is harmful to their body.  It scares me that most products out there are incredibly dangerous, yet no one knows about it because they’re not informed.  All I can do is share Apriori Beauty and let others make the best decision for themselves.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since being at Apriori Beauty is something my 6-year-old daughter taught me: make the best out of a bad situation.  My daughter’s imagination is as wild as they come and recently, she got in trouble and as a lesson, my husband took away all her toys.  Expecting her to get upset and bored, I was left speechless when I saw her making up new imaginary toys to play with.  I called my husband and said, “you won’t believe this, but she’s created an imaginary world now that she doesn’t have toys to play with.”  We both laughed as we were quickly reminded how it’s impossible to take away our daughter’s imagination.  She made the best out of what she was presented with and turned a bad situation into something good.  We focus on teaching our kids lessons when in fact they’re often the ones teaching us.  On days (or even weeks) when I’m feeling frustrated and that I can no longer grow my business, I think of my daughter and use that positive energy to explore new outlets.  My daughter has quickly become my Apriori Beauty mini-me, sitting next to me on her toy phone and asking, “Would you like the face wash with that?”  I’m definitely raising future Apriori Beauty Consultants!

Great Start Consultant – Renee Joffe

R.Joffee PicRenee Joffe, Sr. Consultant | Phoenix, AZ
Joined: November 2012
Downline Consultants:  4

My Apriori Beauty story started almost a year ago, when my childhood friend, Karen Fishman sent me a packet of skincare samples.  I loved the Celloxylin products; however, I’m not really big on hair, makeup, nor skincare products, so I didn’t have an urge to buy them.  A few months went by and I began to get the urge to start something new.  Something for me, where I could be my own boss and make my own decisions.  You get to a point in your life, where enough’s enough.  I’m in my mid-forties and want something I’m passionate about and where I set and achieve my goals, not someone else’s.  Whereas it’s taken me years to feel comfortable again to sell something, last fall, I was ready and I signed up under Karen Fishman as an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant.

As a wife, mother of two teenagers, and part-time employee, scheduling in my Apriori Beauty business is a must!  Every night while my husband is downstairs making dinner, I’m in my office, making follow-up emails and calls.  It’s hard trying to juggle it all, but my end goal is to quit my “day” job and do my Apriori Beauty business full-time.

Back in February, my patience and perseverance in growing my business paid off.  I set goals for myself at the end of January, for what I hoped to accomplish during the month of February. My theme for the month was, “Focus on Family and Friends,” and that is exactly what I did. Know your family and friends — what are their needs and wants? Would they be a good fit? — Be persistent, but not pushy.  Honesty is always the best policy.

I sponsored my first two Consultants early in the month. When I asked the first one why she decided to join me and Apriori, she said “the proof is in Apriori.” We offer products that work and have a budget friendly start-up cost, and she saw a business opportunity. She also said you have to believe in the products.

The second Consultant that I sponsored was a Client and she was interested in purchasing the DFI (Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment System) when it was on sale. We had talked a little bit about joining my team and what benefits she would receive. She is retired and volunteers once a week at the synagogue where I work. I knew she was looking for something to do and to make her own. I shared the opportunity when she called to order her DFI and she took it, along with an All-in-One! When I asked her why she joined, she simply answered … Renee.

Since February was a short month, I found myself half-way to one of my goals and needed to get two more Consultants signed up before the end of the month. I spoke to my Mom who is always there when I need her. I said, I know you like to help me out whenever you can and I have an idea where you can make some money and so can I! All the while, you will be using Apriori and telling your friends about the business we are in together! Just like my 2nd Consultant, my Mom too is retired and volunteers once a week at the synagogue for me. When I asked her why she joined, she said “I needed something to do, and who am I to turn down my daughter!”

Sponsoring number four took me to the last day of February. Here is where honesty truly came in. I sent text messages and private Facebook messages to several friends who had expressed an interest in Apriori and who I thought would be a good fit for my team. I said in my message that I had until the end of business day to reach my goal of sponsoring four Consultants in the month of February and that I was trying to win a prize worth $775. Within minutes, my neighbor and friend called and said, “Okay, I’ll do it!” I was shocked! She had originally told me she would be a Client, but don’t expect her to sell. She purchased a DFI from me when it was on sale and after using it a few times, she had someone comment on her face. There is a pretty good chance she will be selling a DFI to someone very soon herself.

On my desk sits my Father’s (rest in peace) name plate and on one side it reads, “If it is to be, it is up to me … make it happen.” My Father was a wonderful sales manager of something intangible, insurance policies, and I am trying to become Manager of something that is tangible and an insurance policy for your skin.

Great Start Consultant AND New Manager – Anita Lewis

AnitaMarch 2013

Anita Lewis, Manager | Elmira, NY
Joined: August 2011
Downline Consultants:  6, one level deep

A majority of my career has been an uphill climb; but, through my determination and perseverance, I’ve been able to break against the harsh waves and continue my journey.  I’m currently the Vice President of Community of Donor Relations for the Economic Opportunity Program, an action agency that supports the community through various programs.  In addition to holding my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I am currently studying to obtain my Master’s in Management and will have my degree by the end of 2013.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband of 16 years and two amazing kids, who continuously keep grounded and humble.

Apriori Beauty is my second network marketing company to work with; however, my experience with Apriori has greatly differed from past companies.  I enjoy learning about our healthy products and especially love the incredible results they bring!  My journey to manager was a ride, but from the wonderful support of my upline Jacqueline Agostinelli, how could I not make it to manager?   My determination and excitement to build my Apriori business is a goal that I remind myself daily, one day and one person at a time.  As the popular statement says, “Each one Teach one”.   While working with my team of new consultants, my focus is on supporting them and raising awareness of their Apriori business.  I look forward to expanding my business and achieving more success with Apriori Beauty.  I’m thankful that an opportunity like this exists.  With a team that is constantly supporting me and products that produce remarkable results, Apriori is the business for me.  If my determination and perseverance have proven anything, it’s that I don’t believe in giving up and know that there is always something more I can achieve.