Right Now Retailer – Robin Cohen

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

RobinCohenRobin Cohen | Founder & Sr. Consultant from Alabama
Joined: March 2009
Personal Clients: 329
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 7 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 3 times

I am one of Apriori Beauty’s lucky Founders, but I got off to a slow start. During Apriori Beauty’s company launch, I was simultaneously going through a divorce and moving out of my home with my son and dog. I have to admit, Apriori Beauty wasn’t my 1st priority at the time. A couple of Independent Consultants joined my team and my personal sales were sporadic. There lies the beauty of our Company! Apriori Beauty allows Consultants to work their business at their own pace, without losing your position and rank. Throughout the next few years, my sales increased gradually and I started to become more comfortable with myself again. In the last few years, I’ve reunited with an old boyfriend from High School, fallen in love and was recently persuaded to move across the country to be with him. Since moving to a new state where there aren’t any other Apriori Beauty Consultants, I felt that the world was my oyster. I had a brand new forum in which to educate, enlighten and share our incredible products. How exciting, yet so incredibly scary! I was used to living just a few miles from the Apriori Beauty home office with such amazing owners and staff, a.k.a. “family,” that being so far away put me out of my comfort zone. Even my sponsor, who’s always been incredibly supportive and who I adore, was no longer in driving distance of me. What would I do all by myself? Despite being a little intimidated and uncomfortable, I dove right in.

I joined the local Chamber of Commerce, where I began attending meetings and creating new relationships. I worked on my short, concise, informative answer to, “what do you do?” When I get up to give my one-minute speech, I let my fellow Chamber members know what a good referral for me would be. For example, I’ll say “a fantastic referral for me would be anyone who is interested in learning more about experiencing non-toxic, chemical free, internal and external skincare products.” I also try to schedule a Beauty Bar to host the following week, which I’ve found to be successful for building my business. When I receive a fellow member’s business card, I always write something about them on the back of the card for me to remember them by. Business cards are great because it has all their contact information, so whether I’m emailing a Beauty Bar invitation or notifying my Clients about an upcoming Apriori Beauty sale, I know how to reach them. If a member isn’t able to attend a Beauty Bar or if they’re not responding to my emails, I give them a call and try to schedule a lunch or coffee date with them. Since joining the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve definitely become more confident and consistent when it comes to my Apriori Beauty business. In addition, through the Chamber, I’ve met a lot of people who have not only become good friends of mine, but have also become Clients as well. There are many mornings I don’t feel like waking up at 6am to attend a meeting; however, I make myself get up and go and have yet to regret it.

When I meet a potential new Client, I will inquire as to what they use for skincare and what their specific needs are. I like to use a lot of personal, Client, and Consultant testimonials as examples of how Apriori Beauty has helped others; it validates what I’m saying and they can see for themselves that others truly use and love these products. I then transition into our internal products (Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir, LifeoxyLean™ Weight Loss Accelerator, and LifeoxyDream™ Sleep Mist) and give them the analogy of, “if you fixed up the outside of an old car but didn’t repair the engine, how beneficial would that be?” Anyone who has ever met me, knows my love for Lifeoxylin. I mean, I even wore a headdress constructed of fruits and vegetables, and performed a song about Lifeoxylin at Apriori Beauty’s 2014 “Making Life Beautiful” Consultant conference! In addition to sharing testimonials, nothing closes a sale like a product experience. If I’m going to invest my money into something new, I want to know it works, which is why I either invite potential Clients to come over to my house (or meet at a Starbucks) for a product experience, or offer them a sample and set a date to follow up with them. If you want to grow your Clientele list and expand your business, it’s up to you to be the one to follow up and connect with your potential Clients. More often than not, people will either use the sample and not say anything to you, or not even use it at all. By being consistent and reaching out to them, you’re establishing that relationship and showing them you care about their skincare needs.

And speaking of potential Clients, Beauty Bars have become my favorite venue for introducing and sharing the products. Whether it’s only one person, or a room full of people, I make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. I arrange healthy snacks (except for my delicious cupcakes, which always get devoured), serve water with cucumber slices, and of course have wine on hand. My guests and I converse, allowing me to learn about their skincare needs, while we snack on small bites and indulge in some wine. Once everyone has eaten, we move over towards the display table, where guests are invited to take a seat, learn, and experience Apriori Beauty’s products. In the middle of the table, always sits a display, highlighting that month’s product specials. Use Apriori Beauty’s monthly and holiday specials to your advantages. If someone sees a product they’re interested in is on sale, it might help entice them to purchase. Each place setting has a wash cloth (to wipe off product samples after using), and a sample of the ViViD Hair Therapy products to take home with them. I’m never pushy, but instead encouraging and patient. I let my guests know that Apriori Beauty has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if they purchase a product and it doesn’t work out, they always have the option of returning it and getting their money back. I follow up with my guests after the Beauty Bar by sending them a thank you note for attending and for the items they purchased. If they took a sample but didn’t purchase, I ask them what they thought and see if there’s any questions they have. It’s a small gesture that leads to amazing results.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the great thing about Apriori Beauty is that this is your business, where you’re given the flexibility and freedom to work on your time, and at your own pace. I’ve come to learn how to incorporate this business into my schedule, even if I feel as if I don’t have time for it. Whenever I travel and stay a friend’s home, my hostess gift to them is always Apriori Beauty products. During my stay, I like to take advantage of that time by doing facials with them using the Pure Detox Masque or Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub. It’s fun, easy, and everyone enjoys it. Plus, more often than not, it leads to a new Client order. As you can see, I’m proof that with Apriori Beauty, it’s never too late to restart and build the business of your dreams.