Apriori Beauty Radio — conversation with Linnea Wilson


AB_Radio_icon2As an Esthetician, you’re exposed to numerous skincare products and lines. In the past five years since Apriori Beauty opened its doors and launched ­­­the incredibly unique and effective anti-aging Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage line, we’ve seen a continuous increase of products appearing in spas and Estheticians becoming Independent Consultants. Since joining Apriori Beauty in 2011, Executive Director and Esthetician, Linnea Wilson from California has successfully incorporated Apriori Beauty’s products into her studio, creating signature facials using the Celloxylin® products. Tune in this month to hear Linnea speak on the benefits of using Apriori Beauty and how retailing as a Consultant can help grow and financially increase both your salon and Apriori Beauty business.

To learn more about Apriori Beauty’s products and opportunity, visit www.aprioribeauty.com or www.useloveshare.com today!

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