Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Candace Dye


AB_Radio_icon2***This is a rebroadcast of an interview first aired on Entrepreneurial Women Radio***
Apriori Beauty’s favorite business coach and mentor Sharon Michaels visits Apriori Beauty Radio to guest host and speak with Founder and Executive Director, Candace Dye.  What do you think of when you hear “Customer Service?”  How do you feel when that one employee goes the extra mile with assistance, leaving you feel extra special as a customer?  As Consultants, it’s important to make Clients aware of how appreciative we are of them and be there when they need our help or have a question.  In this special episode, Candace examines the significance of exceptional customer service and how it’s become the cornerstone for her successful Apriori Beauty business.

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Power Builder – Linda Altergott

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

L_Altergott_1Linda Altergott | Founder & Executive Director from California
Joined: March 2009
Total Downline: 63
Front Line Consultants: 13

When I was introduced to Apriori Beauty in 2009, I was at the intersection of “Needs and Wants” and wondered how I would ever find a way to achieve the balance, flexibility and job satisfaction I was longing for. I was clear that I needed to use my gifts and passion in a way to benefit others while earning money for my efforts. The path to this crossroad had been paved by marriage, motherhood, a 35-year career as a Dental Hygienist and 8 years in Direct Sales … but I knew there was still something missing. Then the “Ah Ha” moment of Opportunity came through via a new startup company called Apriori Beauty. They were building a bridge to “Making Life Beautiful” under the strong integrity, business experience and leadership of Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck. Expanding on my direct sales experience would be fun, and the new freedom to work alongside like-minded women through Network/Multi-Level Marketing with an amazing compensation plan seemed like a dream come true. It didn’t take long for me to discover that I not only wanted to become a Consultant, but that I also wanted to take part in leadership as a Founder. Five years later, I’m still jut as proud and happy to extend this opportunity to others, by sharing our incredible company with effective products, an exemplary vision, and limitless potential.

I vividly remember the first time I received a compliment on my skin after I had used the first set of Apriori Beauty skincare samples available only to Founders at the time (pre-launch of products). I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t told anyone about my new venture and was not prepared for compliments … but they came! After my 3rd compliment in one night, I turned to the woman and said “thank you” and quickly added, “It’s my business.” She asked what my business was and I told her that I was representing a new boutique skincare company, which focused on pure products that worked. She replied with what would become my first order! It doesn’t always work that way, but when it does, my response is the same – I keep it simple. I’ve found that the less I say, the more curiosity it creates. Women by nature are curious and want to know what your secret is. Apriori Beauty is the best kept secret in an industry based on hype and unfulfilled promises. Use it to your advantage in a classy and confident way. Whereas other skincare products don’t always deliver the results they pledge, Apriori Beauty is different in that our products not only give you fast and effective results, but are also all-natural, chemical-free, and safe.

I give out skincare samples on occasion but have learned that the Celloxylin® 5-step Cellular Age Advantage set can be overwhelming to new people. By breaking apart the sample strips (Crème Cleanse, Activating Tonic, Firming Serum, Eye+Lip Age Eraser, Day Defense Plus SPF 25, and Night Repair 3Deep) instead of handing over the entire strip, you’re allowing the potential client to select the product(s) they’re most interested in. I like to focus on the featured product specials of the month and always make sure my clients are in the loop with regards to sales because it’s the perfect time for them to purchase if their favorite product happens to be one of the specials. If I can help my Clients save money and get the best opportunity possible, then I’ve done my job as their personal Consultant.

“Who do you know?” is the most effective question you can ask your Clients, friends, and family. Referrals are key to not only expanding your Clientele base, but your downline as well. Have a Client who uses, loves, and shares the products? Why not get paid as well? Turn your Clients into ambassadors and recognize them for their efforts, whether it’s advertising their skincare results, referring others to Apriori Beauty, or even just being a consistent Client. You are a resource for your clients and their go-to for all things beautiful. Take the opportunity to continuously plant seeds and reap the harvest you desire.

It’s a privilege to be working “for myself but not by myself.” I’ve been blessed with a dynamic team, where everyone has the flexibility to achieve their own success as they have defined it. The relationships we develop with Apriori Beauty help expand our outlooks, as well as encourage us to continuously grow and stay committed to our business and each other as a Company. Apriori Beauty has provided the vehicle to access a highway to success. The road you choose to take is up to you. There is no short cut or secret passage that will get you there ahead of anyone else. You’ll need a full tank of gas, and choose your travel companions wisely because there’ll be speed limits, stop signs, and possible repairs along the ride. The journey to success is beautiful and rewarding, so buck up and enjoy the ride!

Right Now Retailer – Sandra Do Nascimento

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

SandraDoNascimentoSandra Do Nascimento | Consultant from Connecticut
Joined: February 2013
18 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: May 2014

“Apriori Beauty has opened the door to connecting with people”

When I became an Apriori Beauty Consultant, my intention wasn’t to share the products with others. I loved the skincare and was only purchasing for my own personal use; however, that quickly changed when people started approaching me and commenting on how great my skin looked. I realized that if they were loving the results I was getting from Apriori Beauty, there was a good chance they might be interested in trying it out. I began asking friends if they wanted to sample a new skincare product and from there, my business took off.

The driving force behind my retail success is Beauty Bars. When I made the decision to share Apriori Beauty, I hosted several Beauty Bars, which allowed friends, family and acquaintances to come together and socialize in a fun and low-key environment. Women are always ready for a girls’ night out and when you add skincare to the mix and advertise it’s free admission, you’re guaranteed to get a good turnout! There’s no pressure to buy, but rather enjoy yourself while experiencing the products. It’s a great avenue to attract new customers because guests are enticed to order when they see the products themselves and witness the results first-hand. I provide mini facials using the Derma Firm Illuminator and encourage my guests to take a “Before” and “After” photo. I make it known that these photos are for them so they can see the difference in their skin after using Apriori Beauty. Whether the “Before” and “After” photo is one hour apart or 3 days, guests are always impressed with the outcome. It’s become a popular selling avenue of mine and helps close the sale. The luxury of Beauty Bars is that you can turn them into birthday celebrations or bachelorette parties – basically any event can become your Apriori Beauty Bar!

I firmly believe that my honesty and integrity has also been a significant component to my business success. When I tell Clients I would never try and sell them a product I wouldn’t use on myself, they know I’m speaking the truth. My teenage daughters were constantly at the dermatologist because of their acne. Since they began using the ProDermalin® Gentle Cleanser and Calming Moisture, their faces have cleared up! A few weeks ago, I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Her first words to me were, “Do you ever age?” She immediately ordered the Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage Set and Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment system. I love the fact that my face is the selling point behind my Apriori Beauty business and that I can help others by sharing my passion for these incredibly safe and healthy anti-aging products!