Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Jami Taguchi


AB_Radio_icon2What is hypnosis? Do affirmations really work? How do my repetitive actions hurt my business, and more importantly, how can I reprogram those negative thoughts into positive and productive actions? On this session of Apriori Beauty Radio, Manager Jami Taguchi, who is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, delves into these commonly asked questions and explores the significance of the subconscious mind and therapeutic hypnosis. Tune in to learn how you can achieve great success with positive affirmations, and hear how Jami has integrated her background in holistic health with Apriori Beauty’s Internal + External approach to making life beautiful.

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Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Susan Shaheen



AB_Radio_icon2Platinum Director Susan Shaheen joined Apriori Beauty back in February of 2011 and came to us with over 30 years of experience in direct sales.  A continuous top retailer and business builder, Susan has played an instrumental part in not only introducing Apriori Beauty to numerous Consultants, but helping them start and expand their own businesses.  In addition, this past year, Susan Shaheen has taken on the role of Apriori Beauty Trainer and Mentor by visiting various locations in the U.S. where she has assisted local Consultants in hosting Beauty Bars and has led Consultant Trainings.  Join us as Susan discusses the 3 main components of her Apriori Beauty business: Retailing, Sponsoring, and Business Building.

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Right Now Retailer – Suzanne Clark

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

SuzanneClark_profilepicSuzanne Clark | Consultant from Connecticut
Joined: April 2014
33 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: May 2014

“You will succeed in anything you believe in”

Four years ago, a lifelong friend of mine approached me about Apriori Beauty. Despite my initial interest, I declined because I felt like it was just another one of “those” companies. You know what I’m talking about – another mlm company solely focused on pushing products on everyone. Time passed and my friend, Val Anderson asked me again if I was interested in sampling skincare products. This time around, I decided to give it a chance and accepted her offer. Immediately upon receiving the Turn Back Time Capsule, I ran to the bathroom and began sampling it. As I applied the products to my face, my excitement and eagerness for them grew. What started off as a trial basis soon became an unforgettable experience as Apriori Beauty proved to be a saving grace for my skin. Having had acne most of my teenage years and into adulthood, I’ve always struggled with skin complexion and marks on my face. Needless to say, I was never a big fan of my face … until now. The next morning, I signed up as an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant and purchased the All-in-One set – I had to try out every single Apriori Beauty product!

My passion and excitement for Apriori Beauty has been the basis of my retailing success. I’ve always wanted to get back into network marketing, but it wasn’t until Apriori Beauty that I felt confident in the products being sold. These are incredible and effective products, which I believe everyone needs to at least be made aware of. My tool for getting the word out? Social Media, mainly Facebook! I like using this type of platform because it allows you to grab a wide and disperse group of people with one single post. Whether I’m “liking” an Apriori Beauty post or others are commenting on my posts, my friends and their friends are seeing the post! It started off with me reaching out to friends and family and has since expanded to their friends and family and even colleagues. Facebook has given me the ability to access Clients I wouldn’t otherwise have met. I’ve gained Clients because they saw a post of mine on their friend’s page! I’m constantly instant messaging or posting on Facebook because it’s free, easy, and highly accessible.

In addition to social media, I’ve been visiting local salons and specialty shops, and introducing Apriori Beauty to them. Whether you’re interested in the ViViD Hair Therapy, Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage line, or Celloxylin Treatment, these products are life changing and have helped so many people, including me. I’ve come across individuals looking for anti-aging products, as well as teenagers battling acne. Apriori Beauty is for everyone and both my daughter and I are true testaments to this! I’m extremely goal orientated and my focus for my business is to expand my downline to 6 Consultants within the next few months and this means finding people with a passion and drive for Apriori Beauty that not only meets, but hopefully exceeds mine. I’m in love with Apriori Beauty and my journey sharing these extraordinary products has only just begun.

Great Start Consultant – Christina LaDucaCosta

Christina_LaDucaCosta_72dpiChristina LaDucaCosta | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: April 2014
19 Personal Clients

I became an Esthetician because I wanted to help others look and feel good about themselves. People use skincare to enhance the quality of their skin and overall appearance, but unfortunately, there’s so many products allowed in the cosmetic industry that can harm instead of help you. What’s worse is that people have no idea about the side effects because these products are being labeled as healthy when in fact they’re anything but. I had heard about Apriori Beauty from a co-worker, but it wasn’t until a pregnant Client of mine came in and mentioned she was using a specific product, which I feared could be dangerous to her pregnancy, that I felt inclined to take action and become an Apriori Beauty Consultant.

It’s interesting how everything is interconnected; the world is a lot smaller than you think. I first met my upline, Lisa Adam years ago when we worked for the same company. Due to the fact we were at different locations, we didn’t really know each other but were rather just acquaintances. It wasn’t until Lisa’s hairstylist (who works at the same salon as I do), introduced me to her and encouraged me to try Apriori Beauty. There’s some people you automatically click with and feel like you’ve known forever and for me, that someone is Lisa. She gave me a sample, which I tried and I loved! Before I made the commitment to bring the products into the salon, I thoroughly researched Apriori Beauty because I wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit. I’m conscious of what goes on somebody’s body, how it’s going to help them, and the effect it will ultimately have on them. With Apriori Beauty, the products contain all-natural, pure ingredients, and they work! Back in December, I was burned on my face, near my eye. Being in the field I’m in, you want to look as good as possible. Clients expect to walk in and see someone who takes great care of their skin. At the time, I was using makeup to cover the burn, which was doing the job, but my skin wasn’t healing. Since I began using Apriori Beauty a few months ago, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Not only has the burned area improved significantly, but my overall complexion now screams radiance. As a fifty year-old, nothing says compliment like someone questioning your age because they can’t believe you’re older than forty!

Apriori Beauty has proven to be a great partnership. I feel confident in using the products on Clients and sharing with them the importance of a healthy skin regimen. So often, people ask me what they should use on their face, how they should use it, and how often. They need an at-home regimen that will give results. I live by the mantra “Do no harm,” and with Apriori Beauty, I can confidently help others look and feel their best without causing them harm. If it’s anything I’ve learned since joining in April, it’s that the sky’s is the limit, and I plan to get the word out about this incredibly safe and effective skincare!