Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Connie Johnson


AB_Radio_icon2Armed with a lively and energetic personality, Founding Consultant and Executive Director Connie Johnson has started a tradition, which has become a staple of Apriori Beauty Bars: limo rides! Listen to Connie tell her story about the passion behind her decision to join Apriori Beauty and how her business has grown through the help of Beauty Bars, and especially limo rides!

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Great Start Consultant – Brenna Lowry

Brenna.LowryBrenna Lowry | Sr. Consultant from Wyoming
Joined: February 2014
4 Personally Sponsored Consultants
5 Personal Clients

My sister-in-law, Angela Neifert-Kraiser, introduced Apriori Beauty to me last year with a Turn Back Time Capsule. At the time, I was using a different skincare line, which I had started using when my youngest son told me that my face looked cracked! I was happy with my current skincare, yet loved Apriori Beauty because it brought immediate results. Eventually, I purchased the Celloxylin “In the Bag” set and was given extra samples by Angela to share with others. While I was on a weekend trip with friends, I took the opportunity to share the Apriori Beauty samples with them. When one of the friends, who is a dermatologist was extremely impressed with the products, I asked Angela if she would come over and share the products and opportunity with all of us. At the time there was a Consultant sign up special, so my friend and I decided to jump on board and join Apriori Beauty as Independent Consultants.

I have to be honest, I did not have a plan when I first joined. I’m not a salesperson, and as a mother of 5 kids, 4 of whom I homeschool, I’m constantly traveling for speech and debate tournaments. The last thing I wanted was something new to take up my time. What has happened since joining though has been incredible. The most amazing thing was when my own sister signed up as a Consultant and purchased the All-In-One set because she was so impressed with the results I received after using the Derma Firm Illuminator for only two weeks. It really is Use, Love, and Share! Since joining Apriori Beauty, I have been encouraged in various ways: financial payback, friends who love the products, and constant support from my upline. It’s been inspiring to watch Angela grow as she continues to challenge herself and cultivate her Apriori Beauty business.

My business grew quickly in my first two months with several Consultants. Now I’m focused on developing my Clientele list and sharing with people I meet. I’ve learned that when you share out of a genuine concern for other people, it’s not difficult. I talk about my own experiences, which enables sharing to become effortless and natural. Whereas I’ve had a few rejections, I’ve learned that’s okay. Instead of dwelling on it, I remain focused on moving forward with my business and growing!

Right Now Retailer – Jennifer Oxe

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

Jennifer.Oxe_PicJennifer Oxe | Sr. Consultant from California
Joined: October 2013
19 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: October 2013 and January 2014
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: January 2014

When I joined Apriori Beauty back in October, I sent an email out to 30 of my girlfriends, asking if they were interested in trying a new skincare sample.  I informed them that Apriori Beauty was an all-natural skincare line with incredible anti-aging benefits. I also shared my experience with using Apriori Beauty and my excitement for all of the improvements in my skin (more hydrated, less wrinkles, etc). I was amazed at how many ladies were using the toxic drug store products (just as I had been), because they didn’t know the difference between skincare products and had no idea what to use. I had a 60% success rate and of those ladies, a majority became Clients, even going on Autoship with the Celloxylin® “In the Bag” set. In addition to sharing with friends, I always ask for referrals. If you find a product you love, why wouldn’t you want to share it with everyone you come across?

When I meet a potential new Client, I offer them the Celloxylin® 5-step sample strip, relay that it will last them two days/nights, and that I will follow up with them in three days. The key in this business is follow-up and reminding them to TRY the sample.  People get so busy that a quick text or email to remind them to try the products is often appreciated. When it comes to keeping track and maintaining a log, I’m old school. I have a notebook with a list of names of everyone I’ve given a sample to and the date, along with a detailed explanation of my follow up with them. I have to thank my upline, Natalie Walsh for this amazing trick, which keeps me organized and on track.

I’ve developed a lot of contacts within my community. I’m on the PTA, involved in my kids’ sports, and also sit on the board for two non-profit organizations. This has helped me meet Clients at school, board meetings, sports games, and fundraisers.  For me, getting started with my business was not difficult. What I’ve found challenging is maintaining the momentum and motivation to hand out samples and share this incredible skincare with my friends and acquaintances. My goal is to give out two samples a day, but I don’t always accomplish this. Instead of allowing it to push me backwards, I just start over the next day and aim to hit my goal. As long as I keep moving forward and don’t give up, I’m succeeding.

Facebook has been an integral part in growing my business. It’s great for sharing products and I always post a “Thank You” note on a Client’s page whenever they place an order. I’m not only showing appreciation to my Clients, but I’m also spreading the word to all their friends on Facebook. I know not everyone is a fan of social media, but I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is for advertising your business, meeting new people, and breaking outside your comfort zone. Social media enables us to meet people we otherwise wouldn’t come across. Plus, you never know who may be interested in using Apriori Beauty, or even becoming a Consultant! Take the initiative and ask them to try a sample. The worst thing that can happen is they say “No,” but there’s a good chance they will say “Yes!”