Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Sheila Morrison



From CorporatAB_Radio_icon2e Pilot to Apriori Beauty Sr. Consultant, Sheila Morrison has worn many hats in the business world. 

Voted Apriori Beauty Queen 2013, Sheila’s popular motto “persistence, not perfection” has not only helped her grow both personally and professionally, but has  also helped her fellow Apriori Beauty Consultants as well.  Coming from the belief that Networking Marketing is about “building relationships” and that we can achieve more together versus alone, Sheila speaks on the importance of having the right frame of mind when building your Apriori Beauty business and “getting paid to do what you love!”

To learn more about Apriori Beauty’s products and opportunity, click to http://www.aprioribeauty.com or http://www.useloveshare.com today!

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Apriori Beauty Radio – conversation with Lisa Adam



AB_Radio_icon2Welcome to Apriori Beauty Radio – where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

Tune in to our special Beauty Bar segment featuring Apriori Beauty Manager Lisa Adam from New York.  Instead of selling a product, why not invite someone to “experience” Apriori Beauty?  It can be as simple as inviting a few girlfriends over to your house for a pedicure or hosting a larger event a local wine bar.  Lisa has hosted Beauty Bars both big and small, at her house and at local vendors, and has found success both ways.  Join us as Lisa goes over her Beauty Bar ‘To-Do’ list with helpful tips on hosting events, as well as follow-up guides to gaining new Clients and even new Consultants!

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Right Now Retailer – Linnea Wilson

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

L.Wilson PicLinnea Wilson | Executive Director from California
Joined: August 2011
Has 93 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer since 2013: 24 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer since 2013: 12 times

Linnea Wilson was first featured as a Right Now Retailer in May of 2012 and has since achieved Apriori Beauty’s #1 Right Now Retailer for 2012 and #2 Right Now Retailer for 2013.

There is no magical formula or secret to success when it comes to sharing Apriori Beauty. It’s following the simple system that Apriori Beauty lives by: USE LOVE SHARE! I USE our products every day. Actually, I don’t just use but rather, I “experience” the products. The smells, textures, and sensations I feel when each product touches my skin is truly an experience. Plus, the appearance and tone of my skin on my face and body is dramatic. The internal and external approach to caring for the body’s largest organ is brilliant! Can you tell that I LOVE this product line? Since I use and love Apriori Beauty, how can I keep these wonderful products to myself? I can’t. I SHARE with everyone, both inside and outside my esthetician office.

When it comes to sharing Apriori Beauty, my approach has never changed. The samples and tools designed by Apriori Beauty do most of the work for me. When I spoke at our annual Making Life Beautiful conference two years ago, I described my samples as being my salesmen (aka worker bees). Since the products speak for themselves, your job is following up and seeing how your worker bees performed by asking questions, listening to feedback, and inquiring to see if the prospect would like to continue using Apriori Beauty.

As an Esthetician, I use the products in both my treatment room and as a main staple in my retailing. The Derma Firm Illuminator and PSR Next are incorporated into my facial after I do extractions and before I apply masks. My clients love the sensation of the DFI on their skin and tell me that this treatment is their favorite part of the facial. When I’m doing a full body exfoliation, my go-to product is the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub. The Micro Scrub is great to use prior to a spray tan or other applications of self-tanning products because it leaves the skin freshly prepped for tanning products – no oily residue like other scrubs.

I have had people comment that it must be easy to be an Apriori Beauty Consultant because I’m an Esthetician, however, that is not my advantage. My advantage is having the mindset of sharing Apriori Beauty. I believe these are products people should be using if they want healthy, beautiful skin. You can believe this if you are an esthetician or a stay-at-home mom, or an attorney, or a grocery clerk or any other profession. Once you have that belief, then you’ll want to share. I share while sitting in the bleachers at my daughter’s volleyball tournaments, at Bunko, while at lunch with friends, and even when I’m getting my hair done. I believe in our products and want to tell everyone about Apriori Beauty.

Power Builder – Angela Neifert-Kraiser

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

A.Neifert-KraiserPicAngela Neifert-Kraiser | Manager from Colorado
Joined: November 2011
Total Downline: 22
Front Line Consultants: 13

When I first heard the statement “you can’t fail unless you quit” at Apriori Beauty’s Making Life Beautiful conference back in 2012, something in me just clicked. I love this statement because it keeps me moving and pushing through with my business. Being part of a fun company and watching it grow from the ground up has been an incredible joy for me. I love the fact that I’m not only experiencing personal and professional growth, but that I’m also helping in changing peoples’ lives. Whether it’s improving their skin or growing their business, there’s a bigger picture … it’s not just about me.

When it comes to Apriori Beauty, I keep it simple. First and foremost, I love and use the products, which in turn makes it easy to share them. I’m constantly sharing Apriori Beauty everywhere I go and only hand out samples if the prospect I’m sharing with is willing to give me their name, email, and phone number so I can follow-up with them. When I give them a sample, I always include my business card and say, “I would love to share this incredible sample with you, but I will need your contact info so I can follow-up with you and see how much you love them.” In addition, I inform them that they’ll be added to my e-newsletter list so they can get the inside scoop on monthly specials.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid this, I break my goals into daily activities. I’m usually up before the sun rises, so I take full advantage of this time to structure and set my plans for the day. I begin by checking my Sample list to see if I need to follow-up with any prospects. I know I can’t call someone at 4:30 am, but I can send them an email, planting another Apriori Beauty seed and inquiring about their results with the samples I gave them. Then, before I leave the house for my Corporate J-O-B, I make sure I’m armed with samples and business cards in case the opportunity to share arises during the day. A lot of times, I utilize my lunch breaks by making follow-up calls or sneaking in training, such as reading a Sharon Michaels’ book or listening to a webinar of hers. The beauty of working a full-time job and having a FUN Apriori Beauty business is that I can fit both into my busy life. It might only be a five minute conversation with someone, but every little bit counts when it comes to growing my business.

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your business or are a seasoned owner, know that being an Apriori Beauty Consultant is an incredible gift because you’re not only earning extra income, you’re working toward your dreams. The one thing I didn’t expect when I first started was that I’d constantly be learning about who I am and what I’m capable of. You’ll surprise yourself about what you can accomplish when you refuse to quit. Apriori Beauty is not a get-rich-quick business; it’s a people business, and for me, it’s about building relationships and having fun! I don’t sell, but rather, I share because it’s about giving people the opportunity to know and love the products. I’m not in a race, nor am I competing against anyone. Instead, I am working my business slow, steady and consistently to fulfill my own business and personal dreams!