Supporting Your New Consultant

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

Support is the main ingredient when striving for success.  We all need it, and more importantly, we all need to give it – especially, when sponsoring new Consultants. A lot of Consultants lose momentum and come close to quitting after only two months because they’re unsure of how to start and establish their new business.  As their sponsor, you want to make yourself available and let them know they’re not in this business alone.  Without smothering them, stay in contact weekly, sending friendly reminders via text or email about Consultant trainings and calls (i.e. “Walk the Talk”) that they can benefit from, while including simple tips that they can practice and apply. Sometimes, your new Consultant may need that boost of support to help their business get off the ground.

With your new Consultant, I highly recommend go through the Starter Kit with them.  When they pull out the product samples, steer them away from handing out samples to family members right away because most likely, their family will automatically support them by purchasing products, or even signing up as a Consultant. Instead, ask them to make a list of new people they can share Apriori Beauty with and hand those 5 people samples. Our goal is to turn those samples into sales, thus helping your new Consultant gain an instant return investment!  Our products are amazing and once people get them on their face, they’re going to purchase.  Get your Consultant excited and encourage them to step outside their box.  Share your stories and situations you’ve come across in your business – your lessons learned can be their guiding force.peercoach

Here are a few tips on how to support your new Consultants:
1. Walk them through the Consultant Back Office and confirm they’ve registered for their Apriori Beauty MasterCard so they can get paid.
2. Go through the Starter Kit together
3. Help them make their list of 5 people to share their first samples with (don’t share samples with family because they will already support you)
4. Show them how to register Clients and place Clients order via the Consultant Back Office
5. Help them earn “right now/weekly” money and immediately see financial results
6. Encourage them to “sponsor” a buddy – a friend who could join them on this new adventure

Your support and motivation will be the guiding force in leading your new Consultant to success.

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