Right Now Retailer – Jami Taguchi



Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

Jami Taguchi | Manager from California
Joined: November 2011
Has 220 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer (2013 – Present): 17 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer (2013 – Present): 11 times

I was excited when I started Apriori Beauty back in 2011, and now 2 years later my passion and enthusiasm for this company has grown even stronger. How wonderful it is to be able to share a line of healthy, non-toxic, anti-aging skin care products. I’m not only making a difference in the appearance of someone’s skin, but I’m also offering benefits to their health, which is my number one priority. I love being able to tell someone these products are as safe for you as they are for the environment. What great peace of mind that is!

USE – LOVE – SHARE … this is what it’s all about. I use and fall in love over and over again with Apriori Beauty and I GET to share them with others. Our Turn Back Time Capsule and Celloxylin® Sample Strip are both fabulous business tools to share with others. I say, “This is what I do for extra money; it’s so much fun!” It peaks people’s interest without bombarding them with information.  In other words, I have planted the seed in their mind that Apriori Beauty is a fun and doable business, with the opportunity to provide extra income and make their life more comfortable in whatever way that means to them.

Prospective Clients are everywhere; pay attention to the people you run into in your daily lives. You next customer could be the woman in line at the supermarket, or the woman who just sold you a piece of furniture. I’m always prepared to share, but I never release a sample to anyone without getting their contact information to register them as a Client and to follow up. I ask when they will start the 3-day regimen and then contact them accordingly. Follow up is key – most people have very busy lives, so chances are they won’t call you, which is why it’s vital you keep your word, follow up, and continue to do so until they say otherwise. I’m not afraid to pick up the phone.  In fact, I’ve often been complimented on my passion and persistence, and have even gained orders because of this.

I stay in contact with my Clients monthly by using Constant Contact. In addition, I make a personal phone call every few months to see how they are doing with their products, ask if they have any questions, or to interest them in trying another Apriori Beauty product they aren’t currently using. I’ll also inquire if they know of anyone that could benefit from using a healthy skin care regimen. It’s all about the passion and excitement when discussing the products.

I am truly blessed and proud to have found a Company that I can represent who shares my values of health, and that has a community of amazing women. I’m looking forward to many years with this fabulous Company, Apriori Beauty!

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