Supporting Your New Consultant

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

Support is the main ingredient when striving for success.  We all need it, and more importantly, we all need to give it – especially, when sponsoring new Consultants. A lot of Consultants lose momentum and come close to quitting after only two months because they’re unsure of how to start and establish their new business.  As their sponsor, you want to make yourself available and let them know they’re not in this business alone.  Without smothering them, stay in contact weekly, sending friendly reminders via text or email about Consultant trainings and calls (i.e. “Walk the Talk”) that they can benefit from, while including simple tips that they can practice and apply. Sometimes, your new Consultant may need that boost of support to help their business get off the ground.

With your new Consultant, I highly recommend go through the Starter Kit with them.  When they pull out the product samples, steer them away from handing out samples to family members right away because most likely, their family will automatically support them by purchasing products, or even signing up as a Consultant. Instead, ask them to make a list of new people they can share Apriori Beauty with and hand those 5 people samples. Our goal is to turn those samples into sales, thus helping your new Consultant gain an instant return investment!  Our products are amazing and once people get them on their face, they’re going to purchase.  Get your Consultant excited and encourage them to step outside their box.  Share your stories and situations you’ve come across in your business – your lessons learned can be their guiding force.peercoach

Here are a few tips on how to support your new Consultants:
1. Walk them through the Consultant Back Office and confirm they’ve registered for their Apriori Beauty MasterCard so they can get paid.
2. Go through the Starter Kit together
3. Help them make their list of 5 people to share their first samples with (don’t share samples with family because they will already support you)
4. Show them how to register Clients and place Clients order via the Consultant Back Office
5. Help them earn “right now/weekly” money and immediately see financial results
6. Encourage them to “sponsor” a buddy – a friend who could join them on this new adventure

Your support and motivation will be the guiding force in leading your new Consultant to success.

Introducing Apriori Beauty Radio — conversation with Natalie Walsh



AB_Radio_icon2Welcome to Apriori Beauty Radio – where we share conversations with independent Consultants experiencing entrepreneurial success by simply Using, Loving and Sharing their favorite products.

AB Radio launches with a conversation with Founder & Manager, Natalie Walsh from California.  Natalie has been with Apriori Beauty since the beginning in 2009, and has built her business slow, steady and strong. She recently decided with her husband to make Apriori Beauty her full-time focus. She shares her excitement for the business and how she’s transformed herself along the way. She also lets us in on a secret surprise she recently shared with her husband, made possible by her Apriori Beauty success.

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Right Now Retailer – Jami Taguchi



Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

Jami Taguchi | Manager from California
Joined: November 2011
Has 220 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer (2013 – Present): 17 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer (2013 – Present): 11 times

I was excited when I started Apriori Beauty back in 2011, and now 2 years later my passion and enthusiasm for this company has grown even stronger. How wonderful it is to be able to share a line of healthy, non-toxic, anti-aging skin care products. I’m not only making a difference in the appearance of someone’s skin, but I’m also offering benefits to their health, which is my number one priority. I love being able to tell someone these products are as safe for you as they are for the environment. What great peace of mind that is!

USE – LOVE – SHARE … this is what it’s all about. I use and fall in love over and over again with Apriori Beauty and I GET to share them with others. Our Turn Back Time Capsule and Celloxylin® Sample Strip are both fabulous business tools to share with others. I say, “This is what I do for extra money; it’s so much fun!” It peaks people’s interest without bombarding them with information.  In other words, I have planted the seed in their mind that Apriori Beauty is a fun and doable business, with the opportunity to provide extra income and make their life more comfortable in whatever way that means to them.

Prospective Clients are everywhere; pay attention to the people you run into in your daily lives. You next customer could be the woman in line at the supermarket, or the woman who just sold you a piece of furniture. I’m always prepared to share, but I never release a sample to anyone without getting their contact information to register them as a Client and to follow up. I ask when they will start the 3-day regimen and then contact them accordingly. Follow up is key – most people have very busy lives, so chances are they won’t call you, which is why it’s vital you keep your word, follow up, and continue to do so until they say otherwise. I’m not afraid to pick up the phone.  In fact, I’ve often been complimented on my passion and persistence, and have even gained orders because of this.

I stay in contact with my Clients monthly by using Constant Contact. In addition, I make a personal phone call every few months to see how they are doing with their products, ask if they have any questions, or to interest them in trying another Apriori Beauty product they aren’t currently using. I’ll also inquire if they know of anyone that could benefit from using a healthy skin care regimen. It’s all about the passion and excitement when discussing the products.

I am truly blessed and proud to have found a Company that I can represent who shares my values of health, and that has a community of amazing women. I’m looking forward to many years with this fabulous Company, Apriori Beauty!

Power Builder – Carolyn Glade

C.Glade_2014MARCH 2014  |  POWER BUILDER

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

Carolyn Glade | Manager from Arizona
Joined: April 2009
Total Downline: 36 – 3 Levels Deep
Front Line Consultants: 14

“A cookie-cutter approach to this business wouldn’t be rewarding.”

I love having a business that can be customized to anyone’s needs and lifestyle.  I was raised in rural Nebraska and appreciate the value of community I learned from being a small town girl.  When I joined Apriori Beauty as an Independent Consultant, I had just moved to Arizona and knew only one person in the state.  I learned I couldn’t build the business I wanted by picking up the phone and blindly making cold calls – I tried that.  Instead, I found several local organizations and became involved in my new community by attending meetings, volunteering, and even hosting events.  What happened first was friends were made, not just business leads.  Apriori Beauty may have been the motivation for joining several groups, but I am happy to say that quickly changed.  Friends supported my business early on with Client and business referrals and I did the same for their business.  My Apriori Beauty team was soon quickly growing.

The more experienced I became at networking, the more I saw that people were attending networking events in hopes of gaining new business right then and there; however, that’s rarely the case.  Rather than going in with the intention of conducting business at the event, the goal should be to meet two or three new people and spend your time getting to know them.  Make it a point to establish a reason to follow-up, and make sure you have their contact information so you can begin the relationship.  Any future business will probably come from a referral – someone they know who might love our products or business opportunity. I encourage everyone to get off the computer, go outside and into the real world, and act on the chances presented to meet new people.  This business will challenge, push and stretch you.  Embrace that and you will see your Apriori Beauty business develop.

It is important to remember there is a balance to what we do: helping people address their skin concerns while discussing the business opportunity when there is interest.  Apriori Beauty has raised the bar in the network marketing industry.  This is not a Company based on high-pressure pitches where only a few individuals have a true opportunity to create personal success.  Apriori Beauty’s Owners Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck have created a unique and healthy product line, and have paired it with a business model and compensation plan that supports everyone.  My team focuses on training to the $300-$500 a month additional income.  It’s realistic and an achievable amount to earn within just the first two levels of the Compensation Plan. If someone is interested in building a larger business, it can be attained from just increasing the same activity it takes to reach the $300-$500 goal.

I’m having a blast!  The products are warmly received and the results make Clients very happy!  I love working with my team and seeing their confidence grow as they build their business.  I am so fortunate to count the founders of Apriori Beauty as personal friends whose strong commitment and passion for helping so many individuals is something I greatly respect and admire.