Power Builder – Tricia Baumgardner

Recognizing strong Team Leaders who have embraced the power of team building

T.BaumgardnerTricia Baumgardner | Founder & Silver Director from California
Joined: February 2009
Total Downline: 160 – 8 levels deep
Front Line Consultants: 13

I’ve been in Direct Sales since 2001. I quickly found that Network Marketing was where I wanted to be.  It allowed for a flexible schedule, plus I could earn money while building new relationships.  I have a very strong belief in multi-level marketing and was drawn to Apriori Beauty because of the Opportunity, and more importantly, the integrity of its Co-Founders and Owners, Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck.  Before there were any products to sell, I was on-board, not just as a Consultant, but a Founder as well.  I reached out to family and friends who all had experience with Direct Sales, and was quickly joined by many of them as Apriori Beauty Founders and Consultants.

Since signing up in 2009, I’ve built a solid team and expanded my Clientele base.  I believe business building and retailing intersect, both requiring perseverance and a positive attitude.  I love watching my team gain confidence as they begin to grow and promote.  The same with my Clients – when they feel good about themselves, I feel good.  This is definitely a relationship-based business.  Before I approach a prospective Client, I get to know them and build a relationship with them.  For example, throughout the day I’m constantly meeting new people, whether it’s at my kids’ sporting events, or through friends.  I am likely to see those people again so I take advantage of the situation and make it a point to get to know them.  Once I feel comfortable and have an established relationship with them, I ask if they want to try a great product I’m using.  If the answer is “yes,” I hand them a sample and then I’ll either call them (if it’s not certain I’ll see them again in a week) or follow-up in person while we’re watching our kids’ sporting event.  It’s easy to share when you love the products and company, because you’re enthusiastic and people can tell how excited you are about what you’re sharing.  With enthusiasm and a positive attitude, comes perseverance.  It’s up to you to call your prospect.  You can’t just give someone a sample and expect they’ll call you asking to place an order.  You may hear “no” more than you hear “yes,” but don’t take it personally.  It’s not about you or how you’re sharing the products.  Maybe that person is already using skincare they love and it’s working well for them.  Move on and think of who else you can share the products with.

As a Silver Director, I take leadership very seriously, and constantly make it known to my team that I am here to support them.  To those on my team that want my support and accountability, it’s a team effort.  As I’m asking them what they’ve done this week for their business, they’re asking me the same questions.  Apriori Beauty provides support for our Consultants in various ways: Consultant Trainings, Beauty Bars, and countless tools in the Consultant Back Office.  Because of Apriori Beauty, it’s easy for me to be there for my team.

The bottom line is, there is no secret to success.  With Apriori Beauty, you’re rewarded for your efforts. If you don’t put in the time and commitment, you won’t get rewarded – simple as that.  Believe in what you’re doing, be passionate about the products and Opportunity, and stay committed to your goals.  This business is something you will constantly have to work at, but if you love what you’re doing, it’s worth the time and effort.  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s your business and if you want to continue to reap the benefits, you will have to commit to being here for the long haul.  I say this often, but Apriori Beauty is such a young Company that there’s even more Opportunity for all of us in the future.  I look and see the future as bright and positive.  If you continue to believe in yourself and commit to your passion, you’re going to be very successful.

One thought on “Power Builder – Tricia Baumgardner

  1. Glad that you are My Leader Tricia. Very inspirational message. Happy for your success and happy to be building with you. Together we are Making Life Besutiful for ourselves and many!

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