Right Now Retailer – Connie Johnson

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

ConnieJohnsonConnie Johnson  |  Founder & Executive Director from California
Joined: March 2009
Has 204 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Power Builder: 2 times
Top 10 Monthly Personal Group Bonus Volume (PGBV): 2 times

From the first day I became aware of the Apriori Beauty concept to create products that were non-toxic and addressed the process of aging by focusing on protecting the longevity of cells, I decided to give my full support and commitment to making Apriori Beauty a reality by becoming a Founder and Independent Consultant.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made, as I have tremendous respect and admiration for the founding owners, Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck.  From day one, I shared the concept of Apriori Beauty by creating anticipation and excitement for the launch of this fabulous Company.  There were no products at the time to share, only my passion for healthy skin care products and the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing these amazing products.

I am passionate about life as a whole; I can’t help it! I exude enthusiasm when I am passionate about something that I truly believe in. A smile is my greatest asset.  It gives me an immediate face-lift that provides an introduction that words cannot convey.  Sincerity is another asset.  I truly want to help people feel and look their best at any age.  I am a testimonial of how great the products really are and an example of personal success through sharing and receiving.  I have never been a person who focuses on monetary gain, but it seems to follow me.  The more I focus on others, the more I gain.

I always receive more than I give.  This comes in various forms, such as lasting friendships, which are valued the most.  The feeling of passion and happiness makes me want to get up each morning knowing that there are people who love and need me.  I have a strong awareness that God has prepared my way and absolutely nothing that I experience is without purpose.

I have experienced amazing health benefits from Apriori Beauty products.  I cannot keep them all to myself, I must share them and help others receive the same benefits.  When I have access to something that helps me, I have to share it with my family and friends.  So, that is what I do: I give.  I give a testimony.  I give the experience of Apriori Beauty, whether it is by sharing a sample or inviting them to an Apriori Beauty Bar or through experiencing the full Apriori Beauty Experience in the privacy of my home.  I offer lunch and a 10-minute face lift.  Who can say “no” to that?  None of my friends!  My focus isn’t on if they purchase products or not, but rather the fact I shared something that I love, and that they leave with a huge smile on their face.  If at that time, they decide to purchase, I am happy with their decision to use products that will benefit them.  If I receive a reward for sharing these products, I am happy, as well.  Occasionally, someone will be so amazed with the results that they, too, will want to share these products by becoming an Apriori Beauty Consultant.  My success comes from helping others and being committed to our friendship and their success.

I meet clients anywhere and everywhere.  I consider every place I am as an opportunity to make new friends, who most often become Clients.  Many of my Clients refer friends, and I in turn provide excellent customer service to ensure they are always happy and satisfied.  I also have the most amazing team of Apriori Beauty Consultants who address the needs of my Clients if for some reason I am not available.

Most people know that I say, “I do not do anything that is not fun!”  In everything and anywhere, you can find a joyful experience if you really want to.  If not, make one.  I’ve become known for limo rides to the Apriori Beauty Bars in Laguna Hills.  People ask me how I afford to do that.  The answer is I can’t and I don’t.  I invite 10 friends to join me for an evening of fun.  I found an amazing limo service and driver with an excellent rate.  Every attendee contributes $20.00 to help pay for the limo.  The limo company stocks the limo with drinks, including wine, and I always bring additional snacks, wine and sparkling cider.  I only end up paying $100 myself for the limo.  We head to the Beauty Bar, where we laugh, talk, and get to know each other during the ride down.  Each person has the opportunity to network their business or share their passion.  I share my passion for Apriori Beauty and what to expect when we arrive at the Beauty Bar.  We are always assisted from the limo by our driver, David, who makes us feel like movie stars.  When we arrive, we’re always greeted by Susan, Elizabeth, Apriori Beauty Consultants and guests.  We have a fabulous evening of food and wine, while we experience the Apriori Beauty Bar.  Most times, my guests win a prize given by Susan and Elizabeth, and they always go home with handfuls of samples.

I look forward to 2014 and what the New Year brings my business and my team.  When I began my journey to Make Life Beautiful with my friends at Apriori Beauty nearly 5 years ago, I remember writing my list of friends and family with which I would share Apriori Beauty.   My list went from 50 to 350, rapidly and I still have more friends to meet.  Apriori Beauty is a never-ending list of opportunities that continues to grow and expand with every year.