Right Now Retailer – Kathy DeRango

Recognizing outstanding retailing results!

K.DeRangoKathy DeRango | Executive Director from Illinois
Joined: May 2011
Has 107 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 3 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: 5 times
Top 10 Monthly Power Builder: 2 times

What I love most about my Apriori Beauty business is how easily I can share samples with people in my daily life. Our products are so fantastic that sharing them is fun! I never leave my house without at least three Celloxylin sample strips in my purse or in my Apriori Beauty bag, and have built my Apriori Beauty business primarily on samples. I’ve noticed that the most frequently discussed topics amongst women are aging, weight gain, and wrinkles; all those little complaints we make about ourselves as we sit with friends over lunch or coffee. It’s so easy to simply respond, “you have to try these samples.” I love sharing samples and explaining how wonderfully pure and advanced Apriori Beauty’s products are. Since the products speak for themselves, my focus is on my delivery and approach. A few of my “secret weapons” in sales are enthusiasm, generosity, personable customer service, and an extremely positive attitude.  These are all traits which draw people to the “Apriori Beauty Experience.”  Women want to find out what we have to offer and offering them the experience is the best part!

Another successful method I use to retail is one-on-ones over coffee. I prefer spending time with the person and getting to know them better. It’s during my one-on-ones where I take the opportunity to introduce the products and let potential Clients experience the products for themselves.  So, where do I start when speaking to someone new?  I always begin with Celloxylin® skincare because it’s 90% of my business and really is the basis to Apriori Beauty’s treatment line. The Client’s skincare needs and issues decide what products will be best for them. I always focus on the Client and their needs, never on myself or the size of the sale.  It is always their order, on their timeframe. Period. And my Clients appreciate that level of respect and positive interaction. While we are going through the products, we are enjoying our coffee and having a good time — even if we don’t know each other that well. By the time we part, I know all about their kids, their schedule, and their dog’s latest visit to the vet … you get the picture. I feel that the only way I deserve this person’s trust and their order is if I have a relationship with them. I am not kidding when I tell you that many of my clients (whom I never even knew before I shared products with them) are now some of my closest friends.

So, where can you meet these prospective clients? The best way is to just start adding opportunities in your life so you will meet people.  Don’t worry about whether they may or may not become a potential Client. I like to join committees, meet-up groups, neighborhood coffee/lunch get-togethers, etc. I continuously build friendships and relationships with people.  Sometimes the “sample drop” comes quickly, whereas other times it may take longer.  Regardless, the relationship is the foremost thing I am creating, so it is always genuine.

I would like to leave you with the importance of following up with your already-existing Clients.  Keep in touch, notify them about new products, invest in a mass-mailing and send all your Clients the new Apriori Beauty product catalog with a holiday card thanking them for their support in 2013 (maybe include a scrub sample with a tiny holiday bowtie on top for your best Clients).  Sit back with a cup of coffee in a quiet hour of your evening (yes, find one!) and think about what YOU can do for THEM.  Those are the things that set me apart, and will set you apart from those other “sales people” out there.  The best part?  Your Clients will not only feel appreciated, but will know they are a part of “The Apriori Beauty Experience.”