Right Now Retailer – Sheyanne Shanks

S.Shanks (1)Sheyanne Shanks | Sr. Consultant from California
Joined: February 2013
Has 24 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 3 times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: July & September 2013

I am not a salesperson. I am a full-time wife, mother, teacher, caregiver to my mother, friend, and Apriori Beauty Consultant. It’s exciting to be part of a company that provides a fantastic model for networking. Use Love Share is exactly how I became involved in Apriori Beauty. It started with “Use,” after being introduced first to the Celloxylin® face products, then the body products, which I “Loved.”  Naturally, I “Shared” with others that I loved these skincare products. After encouragement by Linnea Wilson, my upline, I began to sell these amazing products and now I enjoy representing the company. It truly was a simple process for me.

When I first signed up, I presented samples with a beautiful and personal presentation, and asked friends, colleagues and neighbors if they would give the products a try and provide me with their opinion. My efforts and follow-up with each prospect became my first loyal Clients. Now, nine months later, I’m spending a lot of time with women in their early fifties and the subject of aging always comes up. Naturally, this opens the door for me to share Apriori Beauty. Many times the potential Client has never heard of Apriori Beauty. I share my website address and have them sign-up as a Client with “no- strings” attached.

I provide the product samples for their experience, the products speak for themselves, and the potential Client does the rest. It is fun and fulfilling and all I have to do is Use, Love, and Share!

Great Start Consultant – Helen Falco


Helen Falco | Manager from Arizona
Joined: April 2013
4 Personally Sponsored Consultants
8 total in downline, 3 levels deep

Helen joined Apriori Beauty in April but kick-started her business in September by sponsoring 4 new Consultants in less than a month and going Manager the next month!  In addition, Helen earned a free iPad with Apriori Beauty’s “To the Point!” incentive program with all of this momentum!

My Professional life is somewhat varied in that I switched gears and changed careers in my late 20s/ early 30s. My Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish, from a private liberal arts school, didn’t exactly provide what I was looking for in my professional career. I worked on various political campaigns in Arizona, internships at the Secretary of States office, two different positions for the State of Arizona, with the Department of Education, and a rewarding but dead-end job with a Food Bank, managing their community relations. I was also very active on the Board for Breast Cancer Research, having lost my mother in my late 20s to this wicked disease. My resolve to be an advocate for Women’s Health issues and to make a difference in peoples’ health, wellness and fitness, was stronger than ever.

I have always been pretty active (track, dance, pom squad in high school), but really discovered fitness in college. Fast forward to 1997, my quest to make Fitness a lifestyle and profession began with my certification in Group Fitness, leading various formats of classes.  I then received my certificate as a Personal Fitness Trainer, which ultimately lead to my comprehensive Pilates Certification.  My Fitness Career has been extremely rewarding, but I was looking for something to supplement my income that I could use to help raise my daughter and our quality of life.

I was introduced to Apriori Beauty by Kathy DeRango, my longtime childhood friend, who I had reconnected with on Facebook.  Kathy sent me a lovely and classy sample in the mail and I soon signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant.  My start as a Consultant was somewhat slow as I started to learn more about the business and build my clientele.  As my business started to grow and develop, the following women have all played an integral part in my success:

  1. Kathy, my sponsor and childhood friend is amazing.  She possesses excellent managerial and strategic goal setting skills.  In addition, her unending support 24/7 and encouragement has helped me tremendously.
  1. Sharon Michaels’ “Mastermind” series helped me believe in myself and push past my fears. Sharon gave practical solutions that taught me how to change my thought patterns.  Suddenly, I had power, focus, and control over my destiny!
  1. Lettie Hutki, a Personal Training Client of mine and dear friend was my first Consultant.  Lettie immediately turned my momentum upside down with her rock star attitude, genuine love for the products and Opportunity, and amazing business acumen.  Lettie is a true gem and one everybody would want on their team!  She is my angel from up there and I am forever grateful for her!

These three integral people and their contributions to my life catapulted me to the next level of self-employment.  My true dream is being realized!  I am now ready to start my own Pilates studio business, where I can share daily this beautiful opportunity: Apriori Beauty! The thing that makes me the happiest about owning my own business is knowing that you have the option to do things however you would like to on your own schedule.  The pace of your business fits the pace of your lifestyle and dreams!