Right Now Retailer – Beverly Sage

B.SageBeverly Sage | Executive Director from Florida
Joined: April 2012
Has 35 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: February 2013
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: August 2013
Top 10 Monthly PGVB: 9 times
Top 10 Monthly Power Builder: February 2013
MLB 2013 Award Winner for #1 Great Start Consultant

Sharing Apriori Beauty has become a joyful passion for me. Over a year ago, I decided that the word Sell does not work for me. I have no history in sales, but I have a lifetime of experience in Sharing!

Enthusiasm is my mantra. Excitement over the purity and excellence of our products is very contagious.
One of my Consultants recently told me that I am a walking testimonial for Apriori Beauty! I talk about the products all the time to anyone, anywhere.Apriori Capital Bank

It is so important to be generous with samples; they are our true calling cards. I have my samples on monthly Autoship.  The thought of running out of them is traumatic to me!  My Miami Consultants have been known to stop by the agency to purchase some because they know I keep a constant supply.

I believe in the Beauty Bars and our Symposiums for education and introduction, but the one-on-one between myself and a client is the most fun for me. I love to see their reaction to the feel of our products and the dramatic effects of our Celloxylin® MD 20EX Acid Peel and Celloxylin® Eye+Lip Age Eraser. It is great to watch a prospective client react to the taste of our Lifeoxylin® Cellular Defense Elixir! I always make them taste it, then touch my hair. Lifeoxylin® increased the volume and texture of my hair within four months of use. Now with Vivid Hair Therapy, it is such an easy Share.

Adding the esig Apriori BePaula and Bev Apriori Funauty Signature to my emails has helped me to promote also. Whenever I return an email or send a new one, my esig introduces Apriori Beauty to everyone without me speaking a word.

Facebook is a true Apriori Beauty friend. Some of my clients are high school friends, college friends and complete strangers. I comment often but carefully, and then always inbox anyone to send a sample.

An example of how easy our products are to share happened just the other day at the Container Store. I purchased 20 bottles to make samples of Vivid Hair Therapy. The sales woman asked me what I was planning to do with the bottles. I explained about ViViD and Apriori Beauty, and ran to the car to get her a sample!

Here are a few ads and promotions I have participated in:

Carla Magazine Adzoey prodermalin

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