Opportunity Awaits

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

I wanted to start off with how much I love this company.  Daily, I get the opportunity to connect with Clients and Consultants and I enjoy hearing how their lives have changed since joining Apriori Beauty.  We’re currently running a steal of a promotion right now where new Consultants sign up for only $59!  Where in the world can you start your own business for only $59?  You don’t have to spend another dime.  Granted, we rarely see that since our Consultants absolutely love the products and are continuously using them while sharing away.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to make right now money and support incredible products.  Since we started the promotion September 1st (continues for the first 100 Consultants who sign up in September), it’s been exciting to watch multiple Consultants grow their team and business.  If you’re contemplating signing up as a Consultant or are a Consultant and wish to share the Opportunity with someone, NOW is the time!SeptemberConsultantSpecial

With several businesses and years of experience, I consider myself a successful Entrepreneur.  Which leads me to the question, what should people know if they want to be an Entrepreneur?

1. Enjoy what you’re doing.  That must be why I’m a successful Entrepreneur, I love my job.  The more you enjoy your business and what you stand for, the more natural it will be to share the product/business with others.

2. Create something that stands out.  Without a doubt, Apriori Beauty products stand out in the market place.  Our products feel great, smell great, work great, and are safe.  I stand behind our products and know they’re the superior products on the market.

3. Speak from your heart.  Let your passion come through.  If you love the products and feel strongly about them, then chances are, you want everyone you know to experience these products.  Don’t stress about what you’re going to say.  Instead, just tell the person what you love and why.  Remind yourself that you have 10 minutes to obtain their attention and maintain their interest.  Ten minutes to tell this person what you’re passionate about and why.  I for example, love the Celloxylin® Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub.  I’m always taking advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal (Item #018F) as it’s a popular gift item of mine.  I have teachers at my kid’s school coming up to me all the time, telling me they can’t wait till Christmas because they know what they’re going to get!

4. Don’t give up.  I want to make sure you don’t fall victim to this trap.  Once you give up, you feel like you haven’t succeeded, which will likely lead you to do it over and over again.  We’ve seen Network Marketers who continuously jump from one company to another.  They give up on one company and jump to another, and then another.  They have to explain their new product and why it’s better than their old product.  Doesn’t that sound exhausting and come off as disingenuous?  Stay consistent and never give up on your dream or what you’re passionate about.  As an Entrepreneur, you must visualize your business as successful from the beginning.  It’s always about moving forward and if you’re in a slump, then expand your options and narrow in on what’s not working.  Remember, there are multiple avenues to approach your business, not just one.  Everyone has a different story with varying talents and schedules.  Just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  However, that doesn’t mean you’re in a hopeless slump.  Go back to what you’re passionate about and why.  In the end, passion is what will prompt you to work hard and hard work is what will lead to success.

To end, I would like to introduce you to Apriori Beauty’s new Opportunity Message.  I began this blog with expressing my love and gratitude for this company and I hope you can hear and see that through this message.

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Power Builder – Susan Shaheen

SusanSSusan Shaheen  |  Platinum Director from South Carolina
Total Downline:  475 — 9 levels deep
Front Line Consultants:  63

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”

I am so honored and humbled to be featured as Apriori Beauty’s Power Builder. To paraphrase Zig Ziglar, “there is a giant in all of us. The giant may be asleep, but it can be awakened when doing what someone loves.” Maybe this business isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone!

30 years ago, after college graduation, marriage, some graduate work, teaching and three small children, I discovered direct sales. I joined a skin care party plan company. It was and still is the ideal business for me. Apriori Beauty has all that I look for in this industry: a solid opportunity of right now money and an opportunity to build a career and earn unlimited residual income. This business and Apriori Beauty meet all the needs of being challenged, of serving others, of reaping the long term benefits, and enjoying the advantages of superior products. My philosophy is to do my best, create awareness for others who choose this company, and help them realize the giant that could be sleeping inside of them.

Thus, leading me to the question, what is a Power Builder? Someone who joins a network marketing company and immediately earns 100,000’s a year? Could be. Why not? Or, maybe someone who enjoys and reaps the benefits of long term residual income by consistent work and determination, all while devoting a certain amount of time each week consistently instead of 40 hours-a-week for 40 years?  At Apriori Beauty, a Power Builder has limitless opportunity through sales, sponsoring, and creating awareness of the many benefits of our Manager/Director opportunities.

I truly believe that personal retail sales open the door to building a power team.  In other words, lead by example. Sharing the product is the absolute easiest way to introduce the opportunity.  And the downside of sharing and selling — NONE!

And have you heard the expression “It is not who you know, it is who they know?”

How do we build and where do we start?  A 3-letter word is a huge step … A.S.K

I am sincerely interested to know about others, build trust and a relationship.

When my children were in grade school, middle school and high school, I was very involved in the school activities be it booster club, library mom, or field trip volunteer, etc.  My network was endless, and I held 2-3 personal appointments and parties each week. Now, I meet and share Apriori Beauty with a fabulous networking group that meets each week and I joined a local Chamber of Commerce.  In my networking group, we give weekly testimonies about the other members we have done business with.  Almost every week, someone recognizes Apriori Beauty and the wonderful difference in their skin.  They see me each week so once we have a one-on-one appointment, they are sure to try the samples because I ask them to let me know at the next meeting what they thought.

I do business with people who do business with me.  For example, I have an excellent hair stylist who has led me to wonderful people.  And I have referred many to him.  He has my products on his shelf and has his own Apriori Beauty account.  For one-on-one appointments, I meet at my office away from home whenever possible, such as Starbucks.  This way, I’m able to take the time to learn about my new contacts, find out about their business, how I can refer them to others, and to share what I do.  After the introductory meeting, I make a product appointment with them and I ask them to invite a friend or two to join us.  The appointment could be at their home, mine, an office, or my favorite place, Starbucks.

Even though many people become successful in our industry through various reach out methods, I have found that the most lucrative way of selling, sponsoring, and building teams is through group presentations.  We are not expected to hold parties, but believe me, they are well worth the effort.  The easiest way to book a party is to meet with someone, share our product, and ask them who they think would be interested or be impressed as she is in trying the product.  Once your party bookings start, each one can lead you to future parties.

In closing, I suggest that with this business or any other for that matter, one must be a very interesting person.  Seriously?  What if you are shy, reserved and not a bubbly talker? Great, Fantastic!  Because to be interesting, very interesting, one needs to be interested.  The best time you might have ever had is when you are asked questions.  Turn it around.  Be the interesting one by being interested.