Keep Calm and Carry On

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

With six kids and a business to run, people are often amazed that I’m not some crazed woman, running around like a chicken with its head cut off. My life can be crazy and chaotic; however, giving into the chaos would only make my life a constant stress battle.  I’ve found that the way to power through everything is to be calm.  When there’s chaos, it causes chaos around you.  You start jumping into it and everything gets out of control.  When chaos unloads, I ask myself how much it really matters to me.  Will it affect me 5 months from now?  5 weeks from now?  What about 5 days, or even 5 minutes from now?  Taking the time to really think about and analyze the situation will help give you a clearer perspective.

Calmness is the glue that will hold your business together.  It’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going the way we want them to go.  Especially during the summer when business is normally slow, leaders might get upset that their team hasn’t been as proactive in their business as they wish them to be.  Stay calm and be in control of yourself so you can be the leader that your team needs and deserves.  Set the example and show them through your actions of productivity, motivation, and calmness.

Another vital key to success is listening.  How can you motivate someone if they’re focused on something else that is bothering them?  Read between the lines and keep your eyes open.  Maybe your Consultant needs more information, has questions, or is feeling like their own business is at a standstill?  In order to know what they’re missing or not understanding, you need to have great listening skills and hear the things that aren’t being said.  This morning, I was going through and explaining Apriori Beauty’s Compensation Plan to a Consultant and dear friend of mine.  I had gone over the plan with her in detail and she still wasn’t understanding it.  I began to get frustrated until she said, “I don’t understand numbers like you do.”  It hit me; I needed to find a different and effective explanation of the compensation plan.  My frustration quickly turned to remorse as I was reminded that I wasn’t listening to her as I should have.

The next time a person or situation triggers you, ask yourself this, “Will this matter in 5 days?  Why is this upsetting me?  What is the outcome I want and how are my attitude and actions contributing to that?” Staying calm is something we should practice daily and the more you practice it, the more positive outcomes you’ll see.  Common sense, being calm, and handling situations in a productive manner are the keys to success.

Right Now Retailer – Jennifer Christophel

J.ChristophelJennifer Christophel | Sr. Consultant from Maryland
Joined: December 2012
Has 9 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer: 3 Times
Top 10 Monthly Retailer: February 2013

What is your secret for such high and consistent sales volume to Clients?         
I consistently follow-up with my Clients after ordering to gain their feedback and to share in their excitement after experiencing great results. I also share information on the products they enjoy and encourage them to be disciplined with their skincare regimen to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. Whenever specials are offered, I’m also sure to advertise them, as they’re a great way to bring in new Clients!

When you meet a potential new Client, what product do you share with them … what’s your approach?
I always start with the Celloyxlin® Cellular Age Advantage set because I see it as the foundation product for my business, because it creates the most consistent repeat sales for me.  It’s a consumable product that Clients can’t live without once they start using it. I explain to Clients how it delivers results just as good (or better) than high-end skincare lines, plus it is all-natural with no toxic chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. We can look younger and be healthier at the same time!

How do you meet Clients?
I own two Fitness/Pilates studios and I am a professional Ballroom/Latin dancer. With both businesses, I’m fortunate to be around and meet new women all the time. Sharing my love of Apriori Beauty comes up organically in conversations!

Great Start Consultant – Chiranda Perez

C.PerezChiranda Perez | Sr. Consultant from New York
Joined: June 2013
Personally-sponsored Consultants: 5

When I signed up as an Apriori Beauty Consultant, I didn’t know that much about the Company, except what my sponsor, Nathaly Diaz told me.  I’m a Hairstylist and Nail Technician and was working with Nathaly when I learned about Apriori Beauty.  After listening to her and Lisa Minogue talk about Apriori Beauty’s opportunity, I was amped and ready to get started.  I brought it up to my husband and he told me, “If you want to try it, then I will support you.”  I joined because I was excited about the products and the potential income I could earn.  I have 5 children, so the idea of earning supplemental income on my schedule is ideal for me.  I didn’t start out with a plan; instead, I just went for it and knew that if this was the Company for me, it would work.  I immediately started talking to everyone I came across, sharing this amazing opportunity with them all.  They were just as excited as I was and signed up!

I have been with other companies before, but it was different.  I wasn’t motivated nor did I put in the work and effort with them like I have with Apriori Beauty.  All of them required a lot of time that I didn’t have the energy to give.  With Apriori Beauty, it comes naturally to me.  I love the products and can’t stop sharing them with my family, friends, and Clients.  As a Hairstylist, I always use the ViViD Hair Therapy products on all of my Clients and am constantly uploading “after” pics on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  I’m sure some might think I’m obsessed with ViViD, and yes, I probably am, but finding a Hair Therapy line that works on all types of hair and is cost efficient has been hard to find.

My secret for success is simple: if you want to get to the top, it’s going to require hard work and consistency.  Slacking off is not an option or your business will be the result in the same.  Being consistent is key and my goal is to get my business to the point where it’s working on its own.  I’ve learned that if you work, it will work for you!