Turn Your Sharing Into Selling

S.TwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

I’ve heard many of you state you’re not a sales person and that’s why you love being an Apriori Beauty Consultant because we don’t sell, we share!  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t utilize practical tips that are essential in turning our sharing into sales…right?  Using, loving and sharing Apriori Beauty is incredibly fun but also requires work and dedication for your business to stay consistent.  Here are a few helpful tips in guiding your sharing into incredible sales.

Persistence, not perfection is what gains sales.  A recent study was done and it found that 48% of sales representatives never follow-up with their prospective Clients.  With 2% of sales being made on the first contact, the odds are against you that a sale will be made unless you follow-up a second, third, even fourth time.  80% of sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact!  A majority of the time, it will take you several attempts with the same prospect before you make a sale.  It’s easy to quit on a prospect, especially when you’ve tried numerous times.  There will be individuals that will never buy from you, but never assume.  Perhaps it’s your best friend, family member, co-worker, even stranger you randomly bumped into and shared one time.  It could be that when you first approached them, the timing wasn’t right for them.  Maybe they were skeptical and needed proof the products work.  Possibly they were overwhelmed and skincare wasn’t their priority at the time…but it is now.  I can’t tell you all the times I’ve had a Consultant say to me, “I’ve been telling her about this for months and then suddenly she wants to place an order!”  The timing may be in your prospect’s court, but you control the steadiness of the tennis balls.  Before you put your racket down, whack a few balls into the court, reminding them you’re still there,waiting for when they’re ready.

One major selling tool is our return policy: 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on ALL product purchases!  This is your selling point, especially with products we don’t have samples of.  If a prospect is hesitant about purchasing because they don’t know if it will work for them, inform them of our amazing, 100% guaranteed return policy.  Say they purchase a product and unfortunately are not satisfied with the results, all they have to do is fill out a return form and we’ll reimburse them for the product.  Simple as that!

As I’ve stated before, Apriori Beauty Consultants don’t sell, we share.  When speaking to a prospect, converse with them, not at them.  In other words, keep your mouth shut and ears open.  Pretend you’re on a first date and take the time to get to know them.  How can you sell to someone if you don’t know what they’re skincare needs are?  Talk with them just like you would a family member or friend and ask questions that will provoke answers and segway into what you can offer them.  What skin issues are they currently dealing with?  Dry skin?  Age spots?  Acne?  Wrinkles?  Sensitive skin?  What products have they used and why haven’t they worked for them?  How fortunate for them that you use amazing skin care products and have something that can help them!

Our products speak for themselves and with the right delivery and approach, your love of using and sharing Apriori Beauty will sell your business into success.

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