Stop and Smell the Roses

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

We’re told to “stop and smell the roses” but how can you when you’re a full-time working mom with more lists running through your head than you can count?  There’s so many things going on around us that we’re not even aware of because we’re so occupied with the present and preparing ourselves for what’s next.  But, it’s in those minute times we’re waiting in the line at the grocery store or driving to our next meeting, that we encounter inspirational moments we can learn from.  The other day I was sitting in my car at a store parking lot and saw a little boy run into the street.  His mother immediately ran after him and instead of yelling “don’t ever do that again!,” she knelt down and explained to him why you look both ways before crossing the street and why he should never cross the street without an adult holding his hand. It’s moments like these that cause me to stop and think.  In a fit of rage or outburst of fright, our first instinct is to react instead of acting in the situation’s best interest.  We need to explain our emotions, not act out because of them.  That mom could have easily screamed and yelled at her kid because she was scared and frightened, but she didn’t.  She took the time to talk to her son and prevent similar situations from occurring.

Random inspirations and encounters don’t just happen to me, they come into your life as well!  Last week, we were up in Pleasanton, CA, hosting an Apriori Beauty Bar.  I spoke with a guest who had recently started walking to work in the morning.  Her husband and her only had one car to share and she decided that since her work was only a few miles away, she would make the commute to and from work on foot.  Instantly, she fell in love with her new commute and became aware of her surroundings.  Little acts of gratitude passed between strangers, the bright scenery around her, and new friends she’d come to make.

Next time you’re running errands or driving to work, try being aware and open to whats going on around you.  It’s the little random sequences in your day that make up this glorious thing called LIFE.

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