Stop and Smell the Roses

SusanTwellmanBy Susan Twellman, Co-Owner/Founder of Apriori Beauty, LLC

We’re told to “stop and smell the roses” but how can you when you’re a full-time working mom with more lists running through your head than you can count?  There’s so many things going on around us that we’re not even aware of because we’re so occupied with the present and preparing ourselves for what’s next.  But, it’s in those minute times we’re waiting in the line at the grocery store or driving to our next meeting, that we encounter inspirational moments we can learn from.  The other day I was sitting in my car at a store parking lot and saw a little boy run into the street.  His mother immediately ran after him and instead of yelling “don’t ever do that again!,” she knelt down and explained to him why you look both ways before crossing the street and why he should never cross the street without an adult holding his hand. It’s moments like these that cause me to stop and think.  In a fit of rage or outburst of fright, our first instinct is to react instead of acting in the situation’s best interest.  We need to explain our emotions, not act out because of them.  That mom could have easily screamed and yelled at her kid because she was scared and frightened, but she didn’t.  She took the time to talk to her son and prevent similar situations from occurring.

Random inspirations and encounters don’t just happen to me, they come into your life as well!  Last week, we were up in Pleasanton, CA, hosting an Apriori Beauty Bar.  I spoke with a guest who had recently started walking to work in the morning.  Her husband and her only had one car to share and she decided that since her work was only a few miles away, she would make the commute to and from work on foot.  Instantly, she fell in love with her new commute and became aware of her surroundings.  Little acts of gratitude passed between strangers, the bright scenery around her, and new friends she’d come to make.

Next time you’re running errands or driving to work, try being aware and open to whats going on around you.  It’s the little random sequences in your day that make up this glorious thing called LIFE.

Persistence is Required, Not Perfection

Instead of sharing my thoughts and insights this week, I would like to post Consultant Sheila Morrision’s essay she wrote, titled, “Persistence is Required, Not Perfection.”  Please take a moment to read through as it’s a powerful essay with key points we can all meditate on and learn from.  ~ Susan Twellman, Co-Founder/Owner, Apriori Beauty, LLC

Persistence is Required, Not Perfection

What an ‘aha’ moment for me this statement was yesterday.  My sister-in-law was visiting for Easter and we were having a conversation about our faith in God, her recent dealings with the youth at her church, and her daily devotions.  She shared one of the authors and opened the devotional book and read the following sentence, “persistence is required, not perfection.”  It was as though I had been struck with a lightning bolt.  Persistence, not perfection.  Persistence, NOT perfection!

I have struggled with network marking for years…YEARS!   I believe in the concept and business model of network marketing and have found the Company with the best management; yet, and I STILL can’t make it work.  Upon hearing that phrase, I felt immediate relief, like I had found the end of the rainbow.  Here was the pot of GOLD!   A burden was lifted, my eyes opened, and I could see my future.  It was bright, sunshiny, beautiful blue skies, birds, singing, flowers everywhere, and…a huge smile on my face.

I went to bed that night, tossing and turning into the early hours.  I woke my husband up and told him what I had discovered.  I thanked him for supporting me through all this and then tried to go back to sleep.  With no luck of sleep, I headed into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and began to write the following:

This business is easy once the light bulb goes off.  Apriori Beauty is so much more than a great line of skin care.  It’s a promise of hope, a guarantee of employment, a community of people striving for the top and pulling you up with them.  Where in corporate America do you get that?  Let me share with you the best of the best, the crème de la crème!

Stop looking for people who ‘need’ the business and start looking for people who ‘want’ this business. That person may be struggling financially, may be living down-trodden by a nasty boss or company, or even looking for something new to accomplish. So, you say, Sheila, how do I find them?  Ask!

For me, it always comes back to two things: questions and choices.  I choose to look for these people and when I find them, I ask questions.  The key is to listen.  What are they telling you?  What do you hear underlying their problems or issues?  NEVER assume you know what they want or need.  Keep asking the questions until you have drilled down to the deepest layer, you’ll know when you’ve hit it.

When you offer the opportunity and you are denied, smile, thank them for their time, and walk away.  Follow-up with them in six months to a year to see what has changed for them (which will probably be just more of the same or worse) and share with them what has CHANGED for you.  Remember this is where we get to choose the ones we work with!

Take the plunge!  What do you have to lose?  Wouldn’t you rather work when YOU want to?   Now hear this, you have to WORK for it. It’s called net-WORK marketing, not net-slack marketing.  This opportunity will give you additional income that comes out of thin air.  Currently, you’re a day-trader.  You trade your hours worked at a company for a paycheck and the company pays you exactly what you’re worth, right?  (Wait for the laughter to subside)  Oh, no?  And that raise you got, wow, you could hardly wait to get home to share that with your spouse and plan what you were going to spend that windfall on, huh?

How’s your retirement/401K/investment account looking these days? Oh, is that a sore subject, too?  Let me ask you this, would you spend $100.00 each month if you knew you were going to get a return on that money that would match your current monthly income from your j-o-b?  Now, don’t look at me that way!  Wonder how many months that would take you to accomplish?  Here’s the alternative.  You sign on to work for your present company for 40-45 years at their offer, making what you currently make, retire at age 65-70 and live on approximately 25% of your current pay. Do those sound like your ‘golden’ years to you?

The sad part is, we’ve been sold a bill of goods here in the US.  We were told to get a good job, work for a big company, and in turn, that company would take care of you for the rest of your life.  Think about that for a minute.  Where did that come from and where has that pipe dream gone?  The good news comes next, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the train bearing down on you.  You have an option, THIS is the option!  THIS business is the opportunity of your lifetime!  The person that brought you here or sent you here is your messenger.  He/she is your harbinger of hope.  Get them to tell you why they came into the network marketing business.  Listen to them. Ask them questions.  Just remember this one thing: it take persistence, not perfection! ~ Sheila Morrison | Consultant from Newark, OH

Right Now Retailer – Paula Yudelevit

P.Yudelevit RNRPaula Yudelevit, Manager | Mc Henry, MD
Joined: April 2012
Has 73 Personal Clients
Top 5 Weekly Retailer 27 times, with 14 times as #1, and 8 times as #2
Top 10 Monthly Retailer in 9 months out of 10, with 7 times as #1, and 2 times as #2

We celebrated Paula’s amazing activity in August 2012 as our Great Start Consultant. Since then, she continues to top the recognition lists, so it seemed more than appropriate to also recognize her for her amazing retailing efforts!

The end of this month will mark my one-year anniversary with Apriori and I still get excited sharing these amazing products that I use and love.  I love how my skin looks and feels and people notice! I especially love when my Clients tell me their friends want to know the secret to my Client’s skin and refer the friend to me.

I’m honored to be chosen as April’s Right Now Retailer (and learning it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke).  A major part of my success is the group of friends I’ve met through Apriori and our continual communication of sharing ideas, offering support, laughing at our crazy lives, cheering on each other, and yes, even bitching! I love these women as much as I love the products and I would encourage all of you to find a group of Consultants that you can be yourselves with and share your thoughts and ideas openly. It’s like a free visit to a motivational speaker and a shrink!

So as this month’s Right Now Retailer Poster Child, perhaps the best way to share with you my success is to bullet point the things I believe help me, in the hopes that some of these ideas may help you.

Find Yourself
Having come from the Brand Communications & Marketing world, I created my own brand personality and am consistent in how I present myself.  Once I was confident with myself and the products, I took the leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone.  And now I have fun.  I get very excited when a prospect wants to give it a try and then purchases our products!  As most people know, I am very enthusiastic about sharing Apriori!  Don’t compare that to being pushy. I let the products speak for themselves. And I am very honest, which my Clients appreciate.

Share Your Story
I began sharing Apriori Beauty by sending an email to some of my friends and family. I even added a photo after using the products on one side of my face! The email told my story and why I decided to share these amazing products. I didn’t send to everyone I knew, just people I knew I could be comfortable with sharing my story regardless of whether they were a good friend or an acquaintance.  It was a mass email, however I used “Friends and Family” (I created a new address book contact using my email address with “Friends and Family” as the name) and BCC’d the list.  I also sent an email to my old college friends.  Thereafter, I sent individual emails, personalizing and updating the original.  I continue to send emails about our specials, skin care safety, or a promotion I create, 3-4 times a month.  I always use images of the products, copying an e-newsletter or inserting from my image library.

Use Social Media
I posted my new career on Facebook, as all of you do. I changed my photo from my dogs to a photo of me (which for me was really out of my comfort zone)!  I immediately got comments on how great I looked! Of course, my reply was my new skin care – may I send you a sample?

When a Facebook friend does respond, I ask for their email address in addition to their address. I then will send the “my story” email usually adding the PDF of the brochure. I love to send the TBTC separately (I put a label right on the capsule) because it makes a great statement when received in the mail!

When I get a new friend on Facebook, I don’t immediately inbox them about trying Apriori. I will, however, post something about Apriori on my page so it’s the first thing they see after friending me!  Then after a few weeks, I’ll inbox them asking if they’d like a sample.  It doesn’t always work, but it’s always worth the try!

I don’t inundate my Facebook page with Apriori.  I stay active by sharing posts, adding photos and jokes, or even sharing and liking other friend’s network marketing information. I try to envision what my friends see on their wall. I will share a skin care post every so often or I will be ignored!  In all of my communications, I am very consistent about saying how much I love the way my skin looks and feels. And occasionally, I flaunt my age!

I started changing my Facebook picture every few months. Not every day, because you lose the impact, but when I take a good photo (which isn’t very often), I’ll change the picture. I want to show me, because it’s my skin that’s selling the products! I get quite a few compliments and of course post why my skin looks so great!

Be Generous with your Samples
Since I live in a rural area, almost all my samples are mailed, but regardless of mailing them or handing out a sample, just do it. You never know who will love it and use it. I am constantly surprised! Make sure you receive their contact information! I’ve made that mistake more than once!

Always have your samples with you!
When I do have an opportunity to share in person, I’ll invite the people over for a mini-facial. Of course there’s wine and appetizers! I will send them home with a sample so they can start using the skin care while waiting for their order to arrive. I also have just started sending home ProDermalin samples for those who have teenagers.

Thank your new Clients
I send thank you cards in the mail to all new Clients and I add a post script asking if they know of anyone interested in trying these amazing products.

Keep An Open Line of Communication
I now get lots of referrals from my clients – they are excited to share them with me too! So keep the communication going!

Great Start Consultant – Renee Joffe

R.Joffee PicRenee Joffe, Sr. Consultant | Phoenix, AZ
Joined: November 2012
Downline Consultants:  4

My Apriori Beauty story started almost a year ago, when my childhood friend, Karen Fishman sent me a packet of skincare samples.  I loved the Celloxylin products; however, I’m not really big on hair, makeup, nor skincare products, so I didn’t have an urge to buy them.  A few months went by and I began to get the urge to start something new.  Something for me, where I could be my own boss and make my own decisions.  You get to a point in your life, where enough’s enough.  I’m in my mid-forties and want something I’m passionate about and where I set and achieve my goals, not someone else’s.  Whereas it’s taken me years to feel comfortable again to sell something, last fall, I was ready and I signed up under Karen Fishman as an Apriori Beauty Independent Consultant.

As a wife, mother of two teenagers, and part-time employee, scheduling in my Apriori Beauty business is a must!  Every night while my husband is downstairs making dinner, I’m in my office, making follow-up emails and calls.  It’s hard trying to juggle it all, but my end goal is to quit my “day” job and do my Apriori Beauty business full-time.

Back in February, my patience and perseverance in growing my business paid off.  I set goals for myself at the end of January, for what I hoped to accomplish during the month of February. My theme for the month was, “Focus on Family and Friends,” and that is exactly what I did. Know your family and friends — what are their needs and wants? Would they be a good fit? — Be persistent, but not pushy.  Honesty is always the best policy.

I sponsored my first two Consultants early in the month. When I asked the first one why she decided to join me and Apriori, she said “the proof is in Apriori.” We offer products that work and have a budget friendly start-up cost, and she saw a business opportunity. She also said you have to believe in the products.

The second Consultant that I sponsored was a Client and she was interested in purchasing the DFI (Derma Firm Illuminator Treatment System) when it was on sale. We had talked a little bit about joining my team and what benefits she would receive. She is retired and volunteers once a week at the synagogue where I work. I knew she was looking for something to do and to make her own. I shared the opportunity when she called to order her DFI and she took it, along with an All-in-One! When I asked her why she joined, she simply answered … Renee.

Since February was a short month, I found myself half-way to one of my goals and needed to get two more Consultants signed up before the end of the month. I spoke to my Mom who is always there when I need her. I said, I know you like to help me out whenever you can and I have an idea where you can make some money and so can I! All the while, you will be using Apriori and telling your friends about the business we are in together! Just like my 2nd Consultant, my Mom too is retired and volunteers once a week at the synagogue for me. When I asked her why she joined, she said “I needed something to do, and who am I to turn down my daughter!”

Sponsoring number four took me to the last day of February. Here is where honesty truly came in. I sent text messages and private Facebook messages to several friends who had expressed an interest in Apriori and who I thought would be a good fit for my team. I said in my message that I had until the end of business day to reach my goal of sponsoring four Consultants in the month of February and that I was trying to win a prize worth $775. Within minutes, my neighbor and friend called and said, “Okay, I’ll do it!” I was shocked! She had originally told me she would be a Client, but don’t expect her to sell. She purchased a DFI from me when it was on sale and after using it a few times, she had someone comment on her face. There is a pretty good chance she will be selling a DFI to someone very soon herself.

On my desk sits my Father’s (rest in peace) name plate and on one side it reads, “If it is to be, it is up to me … make it happen.” My Father was a wonderful sales manager of something intangible, insurance policies, and I am trying to become Manager of something that is tangible and an insurance policy for your skin.