Founder Profile — Sue Forster

Sue Forster
FOUNDER  | Lake Forest, CA

“Before moving to California I was a school teacher for twelve years in Illinois. I taught junior high physical education and followed my passion of coaching athletics. I have coached all levels from junior high to college and a variety of sports from volleyball to gymnastics. My love for sports and passion to teach others made every day enjoyable.

“When my husband Tom and I decided to move to California with our first born, I soon became pregnant with my second son. The choice was made to stay home and raise the children. It is not like me to be stagnant in anything and I found a flexible marketing research position that I was able to do while raising my boys. One opportunity led to the next and my marketing experience brought me to Cold Stone Creamery where I did all the marketing for 42 stores for ten years. Once again another opportunity presented itself, never looking back I accepted a position at the San Diego blood bank, where I am still at today.

“My family, the people who know me best, would describe me as an energetic, hard working, driven individual. My self-motivation and willingness to help others is something I take pride in. I have included these characteristics in all aspects of my life and have made a conscience effort to spread my positive attitude on to others.”

“My first Apriori Beauty opportunity meeting came in 2009. I had never before taken a chance in network marketing, but I soon became very intrigued by the presentations made by the three partners. I went home that night and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a new opportunity and a new challenge to take on. On the last day of pre-registration, I decided to join as a Founder. I took this chance before there were products, because I believed in the values of the company and knew it was for me.

“Knowing that retirement was just around the corner, I was intrigued by the thought of running my own business and the freedom that comes with it. Building my own business, while helping others build their own business was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up! If I can share and help someone else, that’s a win-win for me. Whatever I can do to help other people.”

“My Mom inspires me. Growing up as the 4th child of 9, the focus was always about taking care of everyone else. It was never about me. She’s my inspiration for wanting to help others.”

“The Celloxylin Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and Eye+Lip Age Eraser are my favorite products. The scrub is just amazing. I love how the sugar melts on and cleans my face. And the Eye+Lip helps my dry skin around my eyes and lips. It’s the perfect product for me.”